Job 5:16

“So the poor hath hope, and iniquity stoppeth her mouth.”

King James Version (KJV)

Other Translations

So the poore hath hope, and iniquitie stoppeth her mouth.
- King James Version (1611) - View 1611 Bible Scan

"So the helpless has hope, And unrighteousness must shut its mouth.
- New American Standard Version (1995)

So the poor hath hope, And iniquity stoppeth her mouth.
- American Standard Version (1901)

So the poor man has hope, and the mouth of the evil-doer is stopped.
- Basic English Bible

So the poor hath what he hopeth for, and unrighteousness stoppeth her mouth.
- Darby Bible

So the poor hath hope, and iniquity stoppeth her mouth.
- Webster's Bible

So the poor has hope, and injustice shuts her mouth.
- World English Bible

And there is hope to the poor, And perverseness hath shut her mouth.
- Youngs Literal Bible

So the poor hath hope, and iniquity stoppeth her mouth.
- Jewish Publication Society Bible

Bible commentary

Wesley's Notes for Job 5:16

5:16 So - So he obtains what he hoped for from God, to whom he committed his cause. Iniquity - Wicked men. Stoppeth - They are silenced and confounded, finding that not only the poor are got out of their snares, but the oppressors themselves are ensnared in them.

Discussion for Job 5

  • Lydia
    Job's relationship with the Almighty God and Father is there to encourage our hearts and mind in Christ Jesus. His trials inspires us to continue on in Christ our loving Saviour for the trials that we encounter though it makes us weak Job's experiences makes us strong.
    I was surprised that upon all the evil that befell Job, he refused to recognize the existence of satan the devil. Devil was not mentioned by him all through the chapters of the Bible. It was God everywhere and even when his wife and friends itched to make him deviate from God, he did not agree. Job is worthy of emulation and a mentor to anyone that wants to believe in God.
  • No one can know the full account to the Providence of God.
  • Robert blanding
    Job 5 to me is one of the the great chapters encouraging holy living, promise of a long God fulfilled life. I have committed it to memory. The point made about sin is that it doesn 't originate from dirt but man that the Creator formed with the dirt. Adam was first spiritual in chapter one, but in chapter two when he got his soul body in chapter two when he became a living soul, he lost his spiritual connection with God- and couldn 't get it back until Christ the second Adam. Job said in 19:26 though worms destroy my flesh I shall see God and lived to a ripe old age to over 900 years. About the 3rd or fourth to live past nine hundred years.
  • Marian
    Job 5 makes me understand and know that no matter what we go through as children of God, God will bring everything to a perfect finish for us. It 's all about trusting in him and not wavering.
  • Mpho motlhasedi
    I love verse 12 14, that every man who plans evil against us shall be disappointed, his businesses of causing pains and misery to the saints shall collapse, the tools he uses shall become blunt.He will be confused, darkness shall befall him and search like a blind man during the day...his day will be covered by a dark cloud of darkness and he will not be able to locate the whereabouts of the saints.I am prophecying somebody here.

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