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4/01/2020, 10:40pm by "Adam": God created everything with his hand. Each living thing is a testimony to God existing. Feel your heart beating right now- there's no reason it's beating. It's a muscle and it doesn't have to beat- it can stop at any time. We take our lives for granted sometimes. God is in control.

4/27/2015, 3:53am by "MockingBird": The Lord work : and who shall hinder Him .The way of the Lord is right : there is no unrighteousness in Him. God is God that cannot lie.

1/28/2014, 7:36pm by "Brent A.": The Bible is the word of God.

1/28/2014, 4:31pm by "Joseph Gakura": I like ,every happenings Elohim is ever present watching us. Job's history starts and ends in wellness. What about me and you?............ Can God? God can.

1/28/2014, 1:38pm by "Glory BM": This verse teaches me that no matter what the enemy throws at me or my family, Jehovah's great and mighty Hand will always be there to hold us up. Cheers!

1/28/2014, 12:03am by "julia": The book of job teaches us bout faith its all bout a man who endured pain and his faith kept him going..this book has made me keep my faith at work and nw my faith produces results

1/27/2014, 11:28pm by "Connie Chatmon": This verse invokes humility! It not so subtly reminds us that God is sovereign!

1/27/2014, 10:43pm by "Rossy": Job is really a man that knows d plan of God no matter d situation he stirked to God he has a stoborn faith

11/27/2013, 10:18am by "Belinda K. Williams": First i give honor to my Lord Jesus Christ in heaven above. U know my family meaning children/ 2 grandchildren i have been through quite an ordeal ourselves in last three months til we were almost homeless because where were we had to move within 30 days due to fact of the home had health hazards of mold real bad inside of walls n other problems i have two disabled sons with very bad asthma that we had to rush to ER behind it. So being on fixed n moderately small income we couldn't find any thing because of what landlords require upfront, it seem like some of our closes friends n family went MIA...but God stepped in on time ad always hours before n sent us a Godly Christian family landlord that worked with us n opened a home they had just purchased 3 weeks before than n rented us the house with what should have cost bout 2200.00 to move into with only 500.00...

8/16/2013, 8:22am by "john b.": I love the book of job, always have.. It speaks of a man who has no matter what, keeps his faith through hard, hard times. I can only learn and grow my faith by this....

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