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  • Edwin saunooke on Jeremiah 7
    who was the queen of heaven?
  • Chris - in Reply on Jeremiah 7
    The mention of Queen of Heaven in Jeremiah chapters 7 & 44 refers to an Assyrian & Babylonian goddess, also known as Ashtoreth & Astarte by other groups. She was thought to the wife of the false god, Baal & women were particularly inclined towards her, as she was known to be a 'fertility goddess' as well. Sadly, Israel, who often was severely accused & punished by the True God for their embracing these false gods & goddesses, are seen here in Jeremiah actually giving much of their time & importance to this goddess, thereby bringing on God's Anger again through the prophet.

    And though Israel largely rejected such worship later on, & certainly Christians are careful not to introduce idols & worship of them into our faith, Roman Catholics still practise idolatry & venerate & worship Mary, even referring to her in one of her titles, as the "Queen of Heaven & Earth". I wonder where this belief & worship of anything else but the True God emanated from?
  • Ongom Samuel on Jeremiah 7:19
    Question. Which is the best Bible translation?
  • Mishael - in Reply on Jeremiah 7:19
    You'll have to ask Chris that. He's had a lot of experience with translations.

    I've marked up about 10 Bibles. I'm waiting on a new one to arrive :D

    I like a King James Version with the center of the pages column (cross referencing, prophesies, meanings); with dictionary and large concordance.

    There are Commentary reference books too. That's one you'll want to ask Chris which is best.
  • Chris - in Reply on Jeremiah 7:19
    Thanks Mishael: I think you would have done quite well, as others, to answer this question.

    Ongom, your question can receive many answers according to people's research, their understanding & preference for a particular version. As you are asking on this Site, the obvious answer will be that the King James Version is more preferable to all others. I only read from it, though I believe that if someone simply can't understand its English & if suitable helps are not available to them, then it's better to read from another translation (e.g. NASB, NKJV), than not read or understand the Bible at all.

    So to the KJV. Even though it was translated from later Manuscripts (& not the older ones as some would give preference to), the translators found that these Manuscripts were much more reliable (for consistency, accuracy & from checking with other Manuscripts) than the others, such as the Sinaitic & Vatican Manuscripts, which contained significant errors.

    As well, there were many scholars (about 47 of them), highly skilled in Hebrew & Greek who were involved in this work of translating & they constantly checked, re-checked & assessed their work before the Bible was published. In fact, they worked for several years (about six years, I think) to ensure total reliability.

    Yet, I must also say, that by just reading the Bible (as many do for its olden history), will be of limited value unless God's Spirit Who inspired the writers of the Bible books, is also involved in helping the reader to understand it & learn from its many precious lessons. So, we pray that God's Spirit will help you to decide on the right version of the Bible & then to understand & apply the Truths of His Word to your life.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Jeremiah 7:19
    You have much more experience than I do in all versions of the Bible. I only have King James Bible and KJV Bible commentaries; Dictionary. I knew you have recommended the NAS too. I just thought you'd do better to answer that questioner. I meant no confusion.

    Although I have a Dakes, I really only look at the lists or their concordance. I just ordered a new KJV large print concordance so I can see it; which I am very excited to get.
  • Chris - in Reply on Jeremiah 7:19
    Mishael, with the advent of the internet, there's so much information on the Bible & Bible helps there, that the old hard copies are now near to becoming redundant. Anyway, we older folks still prefer to flick through its pages & enjoying searching the Word systematically. Yes, the NASB is said to be a very good translation as well, & a good option to the KJV.
  • Obbie Beal on Jeremiah 7
    After reading the above chapter it is clear like the Sun on a cloudless day, therefore it cannot be denied. How did we make it to 2020 when all the earth mankind are the above chapter..... We made it because GOD gave us a extension through HIS MERCY. Thank GOD for extending us HIS MERCY again, and especially thanks for SALVATION through JESUS. John 3:16-21 direct us to SALVATION today because tomorrow may not arrive but the day of judgment is promised.
  • Obbie Beal on Jeremiah 7
    Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty! Thank you for Salvation throuh your Son and I pray for thy Peace for me / us as 'Thy Willl' be done once again. Amen.
  • STEPHEN on Jeremiah 7
  • Brother carl on Jeremiah 7
    Then and now the people do the abominations that God hates only to come to their places of worship to appease their consciences. This is useless God sees all of this. They worship other God's which they spend their time and money on. instead of justice and mercy they oppress. God is not in their places of worship but is on the outside knocking on the door waiting for them to open it up to him.
  • Sis Anna on Jeremiah 7
    Bring it on up to 2017 into our times. Idols now are our tablets, computers and mobile devices of any kind. Although synonymous, we can use it for good or bad. We can go on it 3 minutes a day and give God first fruits of our day and week or we can use the high technology for IDOL WORSHIP. As Christians, we must be very careful not to offend God. We must put God, through Christ Jesus First.
  • Jon on Jeremiah 7:3
    this is the warning to us now if we repent of our sins he god will come to us he is near .closer than you think
  • Insight 777 on Jeremiah 7
    Verse 28, Israel rejects Jesus. They rely on the building of the new temple on temple mount, verse 4, which is not required by Jesus. They think that if they rebuild the temple and begin the animal sacrifices again that the Lord will protect them. Verse 10 says the Lord is expected to forgive their sins if they continue in their old ways of worship verse 24. But they are not going forward accepting Jesus but instead they are going backward and the Lord will reject them for that as shown in verse 15. The result of the actions and insistence in their old ways of worship will cause war to come to Israel. Verse 30 might be speaking of expansion of territory to enlarge Israel. Verse 31 is talking about their children being sacrificed as a result of war which GOD did not ask them to do.
  • Ermilita G. Ampo on Jeremiah 7:23
    Obedience to His will is the only way to unlock the blessing that must be poured upon our lives..
  • Guda ukum guda on Jeremiah 7
    Is all about self control,lets amend our ways and doing for HE says!he that is in you is greater than he that is in the world!
  • Hubert on Jeremiah 7:24
    I believe that even today men hearts are continuelly on evil,man call right wrong and wrong right.therefore jer.7:24 is just as true today,going backward instead of forward.
  • Garyloyd on Jeremiah 7
    What Mugabi says is truth and I add this, stay in the word and away from them that God says is houses of dung and the scribes that twist the scriptures and tha goes for any Bible that's not the good old King James and stay away from preachers that preach out of their own mind. Best just to hear Gods voice and that is by picking up a Bible and listening to His words by reading and asking Him to help in the learning. Oh, repent as it says and come back to Me God says and He will be there. Walk in His way as the Word says.
  • Mugabi Peter on JEREMIAH 7
    1 For the lord our God is not pleased with pagan worship dishonoring his temple and name.
    2God is more concerned to his temple to be kept holy.
    3Sinners have no chance in dwelling in God's presence, repentant is a must.
    4We should yarn to hear,understand and haken to the voice of the lord so that we don't become disobedient,

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