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  • Obbie Beal
    2020 is a repeat of the above and the whole world is there again. The hour has arrived Just as a women who is 8-months, 3-weeks, 6-days it shall come forth.... so shall all GOD said come to pass. If on desire SALVATION John 3:16-21 will guide all to SALVATION. SALVATION KEEPS from the lake of fire. Thank GOD for SALVATION.
  • Marlo
    Just a thought, but verses 22-26 sound like a prophecy fulfilled when Great Britain cam against the Abyssinian Kingdom of King Theodore in the late 1800's. For the Brits did indeed spoil them.
  • Crystal Leach
    Saints as we get ready for our Groomsman our Saviour Jesus Christ and sound the alarm to the lost stay strong and know that the Lord is with you. We need to keep in the righteous ways and stay on the narrow path in all our ways. Keep going my brother keep going my sister. Please continue to read Jeremiah 6:18 in Jesus name may the Lord guide us in all we do.
  • Vanessa
    you cant except the Lord and repent your sins, and then think you can go back to sinful ways, thinking your covered in the blood of Christ. When you except Christ you walk in his light, you choose a righteous path, otherwise it was only done in vain, outwardly not internally .. God Bless all, and pray for the lost always
  • Obbie Beal

    Verse 13, "For from the least of them even unto the greatest of them 'everyone' is given to covetousness; and from the prophet even unto the priest every one dealeth falsely"...

    At that point in 'Time' God pasted a awesom judgement on that city/nation... in 2017 the cities / nations of the world has quilified for the same judgement... WOW, WOW, WOW!
  • A disciple
    Well, we read it like this: a real man or woman of God will not trivialize any part of what it means to be saved, or how one gets saved. The Holy Spirit uses holy Saints to convict the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment. God commands all men everywhere to repent and believe the Gospel. Men of the world posing as Christian Pastors and Teachers water down the words of God to please men!
  • A disciple
    "They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people *slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace." - Slightly - Hebrew; qalal' - a prim. root; to be (caus. make) light; lit. (swift, small, sharp, etc.) or fig. (easy, trifling, vile, etc.) - abate, make bright, bring into contempt, (ac) curse, despise, (the) ease (-y; -ier); to make or esteem lightly, etc. How do you read this?
  • Irene123
    The church in Rev. that left it's first love was - Ephesus, not Laodacia. God spewed Laodacia from His mouth. Ephesus was salvageable; not so Laodacia.
  • BSP
    God expressed his displeasure with the nation of Israel because they weren't sincere in their worship. Jehovah is not pleased with hypocritical worship.
  • Karen Ridgeway
    Lovely thoughts!
  • Geraldine cole
    God is OWSOME and he have a plan for us all if we are rebellious we will go to hell if we obey him we will see him one day really it up to us he is not going to take our free will away. Be careful how U treat the Lord Jesus Christ U no he he was sent by his father God so that we may have life everlasting it up to us to recieve what he have for us the bible say the day that u hear his voice hard not your hart .some of us really don't believe That there is a God U have a religious spirit which mean u have a form of Godlyness but u don't live for God u live for Satan u only have God in your mind not in your hart nor or u saved and u do not have the holy Ghost wake up don't let the devil trick u Repent ask Jesus to come in your life and truly live for him recieve ye the Holy Ghost Act chapter 2 verse 28 read the whole Chaper study the Bible and u will fine rest and u will get to know Jesus more start reading the bible from the Begining to the end pray that Jesus will direct u to a Church that preach his Holy Word Amen
  • Stefanie
    God shows His Graciousness Patience in this chapter, for although His Children deserved His Wrath and Judgment God sends His Prophet Jeremiah to woo His chosen land, Israel,back to their Heavenly Father despite their constant rebellion.
  • Barbara for verse 16
    This is the mind set of the world system and some who say they are Christians. God's Word is very clear on how and where He requires His children to walk. How in obedience. Where in His unchanging Word. In doing this we find His peace and enjoy His promised blessings. When we disobey we find our lives in untold disorder even as the people of Jeremiah's day.
  • Janjan
    Let no man deceive you, follow the word of God it will keep us all on the right path. It may not be easy but God walks with us, we may have to go through but God directs us. We hang on to every word and promos of God, in Jesus name.
  • Gideon for verse 16
    Its a warning to false teachings ,the church has been corrupted by this teachings
  • Evang Ajanaku Mayowa Joshua for verse 16
    When we look at the things criticaly,especialy the way things were going on in this world,we can believe that nothing can give man a rest,money,position,children,power,even civiliasation doesn 't give 's us a rest,that is while Jesus said in matthew that will should come to Him and have rest for our selves,Jesus is the only way for who ever seek for rest
  • Christians we must stick to the word of God n be aware of the fake coming gods Satan .We should praise our Lord the same way at first and know
  • JAlabama for verse 16
    Just as in Jeremiah 's day, the church has left the old paths, trying to covert souls without repentance and no conviction. We are worried more about what music or style of worship will attract people and less about calling for repentance. No wonder today 's committed Christian remains committed only until the commitment becomes inconvenient. If you want revival, surrender all to Christ and let Him direct you in the "old paths ". We are like the church of Laodecia in Revelation, we have left our first love.
  • Ruelrofel for verse 16
    dont just jump into one decision . God has greater plan stored for us its up for us how to surrender our life to him God has a lot of options for us to follow seek him and you will find
  • Bob
    to those who have been called by his name, hear the voice of God and obey.
  • Natasha Johnson for verse 27
    Jeremiah 6 27 "I have made you an assayer and a tester among My people. I believe that God is making someone to be a tester among his people, just like an assayer would test metal but God 's talking about Spiritual testing. He wants them to see and feel what he does, so they can know what he feels about his people. Which is their stubbornly rebellious all of them and their all corrupt and much more.
  • Jerald Semar
    Obedience is better than sacrifice and, the Lord loves a humble and contrite spirit however, it is not in man to walk uprightly before God except by the Holy Ghost but, these people could not walk in spirit by reason of their sins, they had become so carnal that, like their idols they had ears but, could not hear and, their hearts had become hard as stone. They could not blush or feel shame..they were lost in their sins and could not repent by reason of their uncircumcised hearts. Lord may we never stray so far that repentance becomes a stumbling block and an insult to our exaggerated pride.
  • Welemina for verse 16
    His word is so powerful; we must trust, if you ask he will give anything in his name.
  • Tinashe
    Lets repent & walk in the old ways for the Holy Lord dislikes offerings or participation from a heart that refuses to repent and hearken his word (Jeremiah 6 v 20).
  • Anthony for verse 16
    There is clear warning to us in that we have deviated from the ways of the LORD and not living like our fore fathers.God is providing a solution which is optional i may choose to or not to however there are consequences for of either way.I thank God because when we choose His ways there is promise of peace in our souls
  • LEMOGANG for verse 10
  • Candy for verse 16
    This verse was referred to in a card given to me by my father's Bible group when I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time. I believe the verse says that if you walk in the path of the Lord as the Lord has told us for centuries, that you will be at peace with yourself and what life has handed you. God gives us all a path to follow in life. If we follow these paths in a way that honors The Lord, we can overcome any obstacles put before us.
  • Florence Justine
    I think God calls us to repentance before it is too late. There is destruction if someone does not listen to God's timing for repentance.
  • Anonymous for verse 2
    Except for the King James Version, all other bible versions have added one or two extra statements to this verse 2. The original verse in the King James Version, did not say anything about "cutting off or by his hand."
  • André
    You may not be receiving daily verses in your email box yet, but you can get them on your Facebook page. All you have to do is to go to the bottom of this page, and click at Home. When on the home page, you click at Facebook "like" icon, at the right hand top of the page, just beneath the opened Bible. God bless you."

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