Jeremiah Chapter 50 Discussion

  • Chris - In Reply on Jeremiah 50:34 - 2 years ago
    Eric, the sins of Babylon were many making them worthy to fall under God's Hand of punishment. You can check out the following:

    Jeremiah 50:2 (sin of idolatry. Bel & Merodach were their chief idols. Bel = Baal, of the Canaanites & others).

    Jeremiah 50:11 (sin of being destroyers, or plunderers of God's heritage, Israel).

    Jeremiah 50:31,32 (sin of arrogance & pride).

    Jeremiah 50:38 & 51:7 (sin of rampant idolatry & seducing the nations into such worship).

    Jeremiah 51:51 (sin of defiling God's Temple).
  • Eric Lopez on Jeremiah 50:34 - 2 years ago
    This chapter doesnt specify what Babylon sin is for God to want to destroy them.

    Thank you DAISY for clarifying this on the discussion forum. Maybe next chapters will disclose this?
  • Preston on Jeremiah 50 - 2 years ago
    Putin ( Jeremiah 15:8) boasts even if Russia had sunk HMS Defender it would not have caused WW3 because West 'can't win that war'

    Putin's getting bold, like he has 200M horses ready for battle. He becomes strong with a small people, and after thousands of years being held back. The cockatrice will crow, and you can say I told you so.
  • Gertrude Hasmaris on Jeremiah 50 - 2 years ago

    Do you know the wisdom of ( Jeremiah 50) & ( Jeremiah 51)?

    It has a relationship with ( Revelation 17) & ( Revelation 18)

    Mystery Babylon is the new Rome with a powerful army.

    I will tell you, the first time I heard about Jeremiah was from my dad when he overheard me singing "Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was a good friend of mine". The spirit gives me a special and distinct feeling from all others, gives me great satisfaction.
  • Chris - In Reply on Jeremiah 50:28 - 3 years ago
    As with many of these epistles, the authors were wanting to impart both teaching & warning about intruders into the Church. Paul's letter to the believers in Galatia (whether to the Churches in the north or south of Galatia can't be ascertained) also came as both a warning & teaching.

    The Church there had false teachers among them (1:6-9). They were teaching that Paul's teaching was false & that he wasn't a genuine apostle of Christ (Paul gave a defence of this in 1:11-24). So their teaching, as with Judaizers, brought in a merit-based salvation, i.e. that there needed to be a strict obedience to Mosaic Law as well as faith in Jesus. Paul's answer to them, as it is to us now, that salvation in Christ can only be by God's Grace through faith in Jesus' death & resurrection, chapters 3-5.

    So Paul preached that we are justified only by faith in Christ plus absolutely nothing else. If anything is added to faith, then faith ceases & it becomes works (making justification by human effort or contribution or even cleaving to the old Law which failed). Paul even had to rebuke the Apostle Peter (2:11-21) who suddenly stopped eating with the 'uncircumcised Gentile believers' when pressured to do so by some Hebrew Christians. This was hypocrisy that Paul took Peter to task over as Peter & others weren't practising the Truth when they also identified with Jewish requirements.

    This Book, along with Romans, gives much theological teaching on this matter of Law & Grace though Faith & they form much of what we know & teach, so that others in the Church may know how important it is to separate the two (only because of Christ's death).
  • Chris - In Reply on Jeremiah 50:28 - 3 years ago
    I feel that I've misunderstood your first question, but I do recall a sickness that is associated with uncontrolled laughter. I had to look it up, & its called 'Pseudobulbar', which is a nervous disorder that brings on this effect or may even cause uncontrolled crying or anger. So medical (psychological) help is certainly required as it would be a problem to both self & others.

    Both extremes of negativity & positivity demonstrate an imbalance in one's perceptions. Personally speaking & after self-examination, I am one who would be categorized as leaning towards negativity. Being introspective & testing myself under various situations that bring on this effect, I find that this arises when I have critically examined a matter & come to a conclusion that the result of it could lead to more distress or loss, rather than a positive outcome. Therefore, based on that, a decision is made. Am I always correct in my response? No. I then learn where I went wrong in my calculations & hopefully learn from them.

    Then again, if someone is continually a 'negative' person, whether as part of his personality or as a result of being subjected to situations that has caused him to be so, then again, help is needed to educate & restore that person to a correct, balanced view of people & situations. However, when we see those who are overflowing with positivity and when things don't work out for them, the fall is great & sometimes devastating. In that case, the 'negative' person seems to cope much better in adverse conditions. Just my thoughts from my own experiences & observances.
  • Erin on Jeremiah 50:28 - 3 years ago
    Can you please explain Zion vs Babylon? I believe knowing the difference will be even more imperative in the coming days, if not now. Thank you
  • Wayne R Grant on Jeremiah 50:12 - 3 years ago
    The Hebrew word for 'hindermost' is acharith and here seems to mean 'last' but hindermost is a good translation. Some of the translations use 'least' but this is misleading because Babylon will be entirely destroyed according to Jeremiah 50,51 and never be a nation again. So 'least' would suggests continuance. Babylon is the last of the nations to come up. She is called the daughter of Babylon in Jer. 50:42; 51:33,35. The last of the nations will become a wilderness, a dry land and a desert. Many believe since America has come up last, she is this daughter of Babylon. This I also believe. The wildfires in America are from drought, suggesting she is already becoming a desert.
  • Daisy on Jeremiah 50:39 - 3 years ago
    Indeed Babylon of old is a total desolation after being one of the ancient wonders of the world. In the book of Daniel chapter 4 we see how Nebuchadnezzar himself confessed that

    God is he who puts up kings and takes them down. He himself bears witness to how God humbled him He praised and extoled and honored the King of heaven. He gave witness that the Lord is able to abase the proud.

    His grandson forgot all that and when he became king og Babylon, blasphemed and exhalted himself above the God of Israel. So the destruction of Babylon that

    is prophesied by Jeremiah in chapter 50 of his book came in one night. (see that account in Daniel, chapter 5.)
  • Jack - In Reply on Jeremiah 50 - 4 years ago
    Hi Richard: If America isn't end of days Babylon, then America has about 102 coincidences:1. Came up a wilderness, 2.Has a mother Great Britain 3. The people have a voice in the government. 4. Has many lakes, rivers, and rivers that divide the land.5. Becomes the Hammer of the whole Earth. 6.The people as a whole have a better standard of living than other nations peoples. Ran out of characters
  • Charley on Jeremiah 50 - 5 years ago
    babylon is in rev 17 the harlot church rome and the apostate churches
    the rome catholic church will play a big part in prophecy in these
    last days the stage is being set 1 world church 1 world religion
    jesus christ is the way the truth and the life. john 14-6
    test the spirits many false churches preaching a different
  • Corey on Jeremiah 50 - 5 years ago
    God uses animals and symbols for a reason. Read all lions together and search for a man with the symbols. When he the lion roars! 2 Kings 17:25 And so it was at the beginning of their dwelling there, that they feared not the LORD: therefore the LORD sent lions among them, which slew some of them. - daughter of Babylon!
  • Solomon on Jeremiah 50 - 6 years ago
    To Norm and Richard and in reference to Jp, much as the bible is the living word of God, and could speak about the future well ahead, it is important not to create another meaning to what the word is actually saying. From careful reading of the chapter and in particular reference to vs23 and 39, the scripture states that Babylon will be a desolation and no man will live in there
  • BSP on Jeremiah 50 - 6 years ago
    In previous chapters we saw that the Israelites refused to listen to Jehovah God. Here in verse 4 we can see that they repented and humbled themselves to the point of weeping.
  • Norm on Jeremiah 50 - 8 years ago
    There is truth to what Richard has heard regarding the US with NYC being the ignition. See Revelation chp 17 and 18 for more on NYC and ultimately the US. Why ancient? This is not a man-made text book but is the living Word of God. God is not the God of the dead but the God of the living even to this day! Nor is He the author of confusion. Do not be deceived but pray in truth asking the LORD JESUS CHRIST to interpret His Word for you by His Holy Spirit. Be blessed in Christ the Saviour and hear His voice. Amen.
  • JP on Jeremiah 50 - 8 years ago
    Hi Richard. I'd start with a plain reading of the text. This is plainly about Jeremiah's prophecy foretelling the ruin of (ancient) Babylon. I'm not sure how it could be applied to the U.S. today, as that would go way beyond any obvious context found here. Perhaps you'd like to expand on what ideas you've heard? Many thanks
  • Richard Harris on Jeremiah 50 - 8 years ago
    I wish I knew more about Jeremiah 50.

    I was brought up in a prophecy home and Church and have so many speculations and conjectures that I have have not been able to make a solid conclusion of chapter 50 and 51. I have heard that Babylon is the United states, I have heard that is is a spiritual entity etc.....
    Does anyone really have a good answer, your comments would be readly accepted.
  • Ellen on Jeremiah 50 - 9 years ago
    I really believe that America is at this point right now. We are believing everything except what God has to say. We have lost the meaning of sin, because everything is so acceptable except believing in God.
  • Daniel Snedden on Jeremiah 50:39 - 9 years ago
    This appears to be connected with Isaiah 13 22 Isaiah 34 14 Very interesting mention of strange beasts such as dragons, satyrs, doleful creatures etc. I would like to know what the beasts of the desert and beasts of the island are. The authors must assume the readers back then understood what these creatures are.
  • Pastor Keldah on Jeremiah 50 - 9 years ago
    i want know that if i will get the bible
  • Chidinma Eziyi on Jeremiah 50 - 9 years ago
    This great chapter reveals the need for our total obedience to God not taking him for granted trusting that our God is able to do abundantly exceedingly more than we can ever dream He owns the universe and is the king of the earth and has the final power to build and tear down any nation or people who refuses to obey his will and commandments no matter how strong they appear being righteous God and able warrior as no power can stop him we need to believe this and trust once for all learning to please him and prayerfully wait upon him in all situations many at times we think our God is weak and can t fight battles we tend to go our own only to fall back into his hands for judgements or destruction depending on how much sin we attracted be a nation or a people our God rules and guides the earth which is just a doth in the universe so even when God is using as he did with babylon be careful resist pride and he will lift you up never think you have arrived keep seeking him in spirit and in truth and he will build you up and preserve you as all power of heaven earth belongs to him Amen l am very encouraged to surrender all and trust him totally today l wish you the same be bless
  • Andrew on Jeremiah 50:38 - 10 years ago
    Babylon is a land of graven images, of idolatrous worship. Mystery Babylon in Revelation is a representative of this image.
  • Garyloyd on Jeremiah 50 - 11 years ago
    In verse one."rise up against me". Last letters come first. This statement means individuals go against God in confusion from the deception. Or you could say converted chaldeans.(2) speaks of the elect.(3) brigandine is armor. Elect and truth run it off the earth.(4) is when they realize the truth.on to (6) come out of Babylon or meaning confusion.(7) Revelation 17:4 ,5 to understand the one world religion so pretty all are drunk in deception loving their new god.(8) can't be healed.(9) Zechariah 5, the dirty bird stork, the woman and she sitteth in the midst of the ephah and that ephah means religion. (10) Gods work. (11) seeing shields I think of Syrus chosen from before his birth. Also it shall come to pass.(12) truth prevails.(13) the hidden truth and that white wash washed away and we will see the more deception.(14) caterpillers/locust. And then the honest people will swarm them like they did us.(15) Isaiah 45:18,19 and Proverbs 8:22 to 31. Father with His wisdom created a beautiful earth and is in controll.(17) is man is stupit make false religions and playing church. They didn't read the word and learned one verse a week and chase after an antichrist and were decieved.(18) only the good are left.
  • Adewunmi Okupe on Jeremiah 50 - 13 years ago
    I stumbled across Jeremiah 50, two weeks ago, and God began to open my eyes to see certain prophetic messages for this end-time. I then started to share the message in our Tuesday meetings.i have only been able to share on three lines in verse 2 viz (a)FIRST MEETING TOPIC: Declare among the nations (b) SECOND MEETING TOPIC: Proclaim , set up a standard. The passage is so loaded with revelation that i cannot finish delivering messages on it in a year! it`s awesome. I will post these messages on my blog for other brethren aall over the world to share this new JOY with me. Jeremiah 50 is trasfrorming my life everyday!
  • Evelyn on Jeremiah 50:34 - 13 years ago
    i think it is powerfull.praying for Salvaton of husband and sons and scurge of alcohal abuse to be eradicated.

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