Jeremiah Chapter 44 Discussion

  • Chris - in Reply on Jeremiah 44:16
    Hi Eric. Are you referring to Jeremiah chapter 44? If so, verse 16 speaks about the Jews living in Egypt refusing to listen to the words of Jeremiah, but would rather sacrifice to idols as their lives were better off (vv17,18). Maybe you missed the words "we will NOT hearken unto thee (Jeremiah)". They should have remembered how the Lord destroyed Jerusalem earlier because of their idolatry & their land became a curse (vv 20-22).
  • Eric Lopez on Jeremiah 44:16
    We are so stubborn. The jews reached out to Jeremiah to pray for them and will do as the Lord says then rejects the answer. As God said in this chapter, you will see I'm telling the truth and by then it will be too late. You will see evil and not good from God.
  • Lynda on Jeremiah 44
    Reading Jeremiah 44:17, do you think this was where the hail mary (catholic) use began?. To me it looks like it, confirm.
  • Seventh day is sabbath - in Reply on Jeremiah 44
    Chuck-The Sabbath is just as important today as the day it was instituted during creation week...There is a reason that God has this one commandment starting with the word Remember, He knew it would be forgotten and wanted to remind us that it does make a different as to what day you worship on. Commandment #4 tells us to worship the creator of this earth..and in Acts 5:29 the instruction of It is better to obey God than man is given..I choose to obey God!
  • Joseph Ferrari on Jeremiah 44
    Obedience comes after redemption those beforeredemption are still blind and captive by sin
  • Obbie Beal on Jeremiah 44
    If we are not blinded we will learn from them the results of boldly not obeying JEHOVAH....well they did not learn though they knew their history with GOD very good.
    2020 is a repeat of the above because we know their history very well. Nevertheless any day sooner or later a ORDER will be issued from HEAVEN and one of them SEALS found in the book REVELATION will result in the whole earth feeling the POWER of ALMIGHTY GOD but most will not hearken... Through John 3:16-21 my eyes are on THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB because TIME is clearly seen and we are 8-months 3-weeks shall come to pass.
  • Obbie Beal on Jeremiah 44
    2018 and again the hour has come and we the people has become rebellious against Jehovah, just like the people above; thank you for Mercy and have Mercy and protect the remnant of 2018. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord GOD Almighty; the heavens and earth is full of thy glory and to You be all glory honor and praise.
  • A disciple on Jeremiah 44
    Ren and Andrew; Angels are not male or female! Angels are spirits and cannot die nor reproduce.
  • Ren on Jeremiah 44
    @Andrew lf all angels are males then explain Zecharian 5:9. Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women, and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork: and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven.
  • Chuck on Jeremiah 44
    lets get off the bandwagon with the Sabbath read Colossians 2-16
    revelation1-10 about your legalistic Sabbath day which is every
    day. you need to be born again or hell awaits you the Sabbath
    cannot save you only Jesus Christ and him alone acts 4-12.
    the pagan religion blended in
    with Christianity satan masquerades as an angel of light'
    wake up church .repent
  • Andrew on Jeremiah 44
    God never change, and will not change: those who chooses not to obey, to hasten after another god - curse to them but those who obey his commandments, blessing and grace -- that is the "remnant ". A believing remnant shall be saved.
  • Forest Brooks Hall on Jeremiah 44
    I think these verses are good for the day they were spoken as well as for today, as today 's people turn their backs on God-Christ and kill their unborn not because it is the law which makes it okay, but because it is in their hearts to do evil in the sight of their Maker. Further more, the evil government which has promoted the laws by which this country lives by has developed into an evil ruling party to not only pass such a law to approved such a crime against God-Christ, but to tax the people for monies to help pay for their crimes. There will come a rebellion against this form of government, possibility during my lifetime or that of my children 's time and it will be good against evil...hopefully I and my family will be of the warriors descending from above with our King! However, I disagree with how the commentary make the statement that "whatever evil comes upon us it is because we have sinned against the Lord " evil came upon Job and he was righteous before God. It is true that the sinner will have God 's wrath to come upon him, but Satan can plague us even when we live for God, or have I misunderstood His Word?
  • This verse teaches the human reasoning that causes the addict to return to his life style. He is not accustomed to having his needs met by God so he returns to his former devices. It is deception he needs help with from those who support him in his recovery
  • A.B. Jacobson on Jeremiah 44:25
    This is the modern day Mother Child Catholic religion and all her daughter churches that teach a Sunday first day of the week Sabbath and teach a Winter birth of our Savior, plus a one and half day burial and resurrection of Messiah. ALL heretical!
  • Andrew on Jeremiah 44
    To BSP
    Yes, some obey the Bible only selectively according to their whim.
  • Andrew on Jeremiah 44
    Love of money is the root of all evil. But here, it is idolatry as the root of all their evils. No conflict really because the root of their idolatry is love of money. Idolatry - the worship of fallen angels. Since angels are males only, this Queen of Heaven is actually a fallen angel masquerading as female.
  • The strange thing in regards to this verse is that earlier in Chapter 42 the people asked Jeremiah to pray in their behalf for direction. When Jeremiah told the people what Jehovah's reply was, the people did not like the answer they received so they made up their mind to completely ignore Jeremiah and thus disobeyed Jehovah God. If the people had showed respect for the answer they had received, they could have been spared when Egypt was invaded. The lesson I learned from this verse is that even if we do not like what something says in God's Word, it was written in the Bible for a reason and we need to strive to obey those words.

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