Jeremiah Chapter 36 Discussion

  • David on Jeremiah 36
    The WORD of the Lord will endure forever. Thank you Father for your love for us and blessings you give us that we may be a blessing unto others.

    May we be faithful in our prayers for the leadership of the USA as well as for your hand of mercy unto the conflict in Ukraine.

    March 6, 2022
  • Mary on Jeremiah 36:1
    Since beginning of lent prayer god has shown me several "i am the lord all powerful"each time i open the bible especially in battles but it recalled to mind 3 characteristics of god:omniscient:all knowing,omnipotent all powerful.and the one i was most thankful for:omnipresent!!! thank you jesus+++mary?
  • Stanjett on Jeremiah 36
    We have now advanced from tables of stone to parchment paper. And from chisels to pen and ink.
  • Clint on Jeremiah 36
    This also shows that God was the author of the bible. And he told man not to add to his book or to take away from it so if we are to be his people we must be carfull what we say or quoat . also what we call his word and what we call his Bible he only wrote one.
  • Andrew on Jeremiah 36
    Deleting or adding to the word of God is what this chapter is about -- not even a king is exempt from severe punishment.
  • Frank on Jeremiah 36
    Doubting God is fatal. Jehoiakim doubted God, the Prophet (Jeremiah) and the Scribe (Baruch), and acted harshly by burning his own life and safety on the fire. Be ware of prejudice.

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