Jeremiah Chapter 35 Discussion

  • Gilbert G Berdine on Jeremiah 35:11
    Is there a typo in this verse?

    Shouldn't 'Nebuchadrezzar' be 'Nebuchadnezzar'?
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Jeremiah 35:11
    Yes, type setters are human too.
  • Killer on Jeremiah 35
    I don't get it
  • Adigun on Jeremiah 35
    God is a rewarder of those who diligently follow and obey him.
  • Jeanniev on Jeremiah 35
    Sorry I misread/misunderstood about the Rechabites. Thanks to 'a disciple' for explicit explanation. May God continue to bless us as we help each other to understand His words.
  • Killer - in Reply on Jeremiah 35
    You are right
  • A disciple on Jeremiah 35
    Jeannie; The LORD sent Jeremiah to speak with the Rechabites to show them as an example of faithfully keeping the words of their father, and keeping themselves separate from the pollutions of the world and the flesh: for a rebuke to Israel, because they would not hear the words of their Father and their God! So too all those who fear the word of the LORD and love Jesus; our obedience convicts men.
  • Jeannie on Jeremiah 35
    Have I misunderstood this chapter35? - God sent instructions via Jeremiah to the Rechabites who did not adhere. God was not pleased because they were faithful to man and not Him. Therefore God pronounced evil upon them. But I notice comments and Commentary are saying otherwise.
  • Word on Jeremiah 35
    The Rechabites come from the house of Hemath and are kenites, sons of Cain and THEY DRINK NO WINE! Their father is not our Father. Check out Jonadab cause this bunch is bad.
  • Andrew mochama on Jeremiah 35
    God the father realy honored the choice of the rechabites who were faithful to human concepts and so much worried coz we have not amend our ways to remain faithful forever to his commandment. Shall we have spiritual rechabites who will stand firm in faith. Rememberit 's was 300 years after jonadab their father had died but they were able to rem the living often do we want to sin by not being willing to listen to God 's voice and keep his commandment,
  • Alicia on Jeremiah 35
    God always keeps His holy few.
  • Nimo muiru on Jeremiah 35
    The Rechabites were faithful and were firm on the words of their fathers. This was to show that if Judah was willing to repent n follow God,they would never lack one to reign in their descendants. This was to illustrate that God needed Judah to be faithful to his commandments. To today's church faithfulness and obedience is the key to Gods blessings and favor.
  • Jacob on Jeremiah 35
    If God can reward those who obeyed human directives then how marvelous is He going to bless us who obeys Hos words and follow.
  • Jissy jacob on Jeremiah 35
    Obedience of Recabite family, no worldly things can change them
  • Sylco kogo on Jeremiah 35
    Itís a good chapter because it tells how can we obey the commandments of our God.
  • Zachariah N Varghese on Jeremiah 35:7
    why jonadab commanded this way ?


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