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  • Chris - In Reply on Jeremiah 3:3 - 3 years ago
    I think that this would apply to the verses preceding verse 3: about the husband divorcing his wife, she re-marrying & then returning to her first husband. This is likened to harlotry.

    In like manner, Judah had committed harlotry with God by departing from Him & serving idols & doing wickedly. They carried the image of a "whore's forehead" (a whore) who pranced about unashamedly & as if nothing was wrong. For this behaviour, God had withheld rain from them & punished them in other ways.
  • Ellen on Jeremiah 3:3 - 3 years ago
    Please explain to me what does "a whores forehead mean"?
  • Let talk about this on Jeremiah 3:15 - 3 years ago
    To Every man there is a pastor
  • Jeffrey P Barrett - In Reply on Jeremiah 3 - 4 years ago
    Yes it is adulatory to have sex with some one after you are married and Jesus said further if you even look with lust on another it is adulatory or fornication. Jesus came to transform us into his and God's mind and heart of Divine Nature. God through St. Paul says to Christians and God helping me fight the flesh lusts :" There is no flesh in heaven but spirit only and in heaven their is no male or female but wholeness restored in the spirit like Jesus and God so better to speak with God in prayer and tell him your sin and ask hi to forgive you and make your heart pure again, now. Being Perfect is God's hands on goal so these sins must be completely overcome in your flesh with God's presence
  • Mickey - In Reply on Jeremiah 3:8 - 4 years ago
    Sadly a lot of people donate their Bibles to Goodwill or Salvation Army. I have found many nice Bibles there. Make sure it's a King James Version.
  • Kendra Johnson on Jeremiah 3:8 - 4 years ago
    No I do not have a bible I would like one
  • Bornagain rasta on Jeremiah 3 - 4 years ago
    God was not happy to the people of Israel because of their evil deeds
  • Obbie Beal on Jeremiah 3 - 4 years ago
    WOW, WOW, WOW! the above reminds me of the letters written to the 7 churches in the book of Revelation.
  • Sharon Franklin on Jeremiah 3 - 5 years ago
    Jeremiah 3 God was not pleased lot of sin going on backsliding
  • Sharon Franklin on Jeremiah 3 - 5 years ago
    A lot of sin was going on and backsliding and Box w AS not pleased
  • Israel on Jeremiah 3 - 5 years ago
    To me it seems god is urgently pleading with the black community to return unto him.
  • Velma Dailey on Jeremiah 3 - 5 years ago
    in a perspective way I would have to say from what I've read that trouble doesn't last always
  • Asha .Suvarna on Jeremiah 3 - 6 years ago
    I have question :JERMIAH"chapter 7-- "But she returned not
  • Geraldine Cole on Jeremiah 3 - 6 years ago
    U no it sad the way we treat Jesus he came and he died for us his father sent himhis only son to die in our place when I look around at the world today we did not appeciate what the father God did for us from the church to the school to the white house to our house some of us even now dont love him its crazy all I can say is we did not bring out selves in to this world we need to check our life
  • Irene123 on Jeremiah 3 - 7 years ago
    V.1 - has got to be almost the STRONGEST scripture of highlighting God's love in the whole Bible; but no, His crucifixtion in His body as Jesus was the strongest (I'm tired, can't think of the word I need, sorry).
  • BSP on Jeremiah 3 - 7 years ago
    Verse 22 shows how merciful Jehovah God truly is. He invited those who wronged him to come to him and he would heal them.
  • Marsha on Jeremiah 3 - 7 years ago
    I left God and the faith and want him to take me back, I did evil against him and toward him. I can not get back. I do not want God wrath
  • Irene123 on Jeremiah 3 - 7 years ago
    2 Chron. 7:13 - If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people; Jer. 3:3 - Therefore the showers hath been withholden, and there hath been no latter rain;
  • Kurt C. on Jeremiah 3 - 7 years ago
    These verses show a blessed nation under God (Israel) that became world driven. They trade evil lusts and deeds for the one true God. Now under Satanic influences this danger cannot be overstated. God pleads with them to come back to him.The USA is now under these same forces. God blessed our country and now our leaders are the harlot who needs to come back to God. Pray for our government!
  • Irene123 on Jeremiah 3 - 7 years ago
    When I first read v. 1 - I wept. A picture of a man who so loves his wife, that even though she is unfaithful to him - he will take her back. Jeremiah was the 'weeping' prophet - and he made me cry.
  • Anne on Jeremiah 3 - 7 years ago
    This chapter reminds me of 1 Jn. 1:9 "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
  • Stephen F. Zielski on Jeremiah 3 - 7 years ago
  • William claggett on Jeremiah 3 - 9 years ago
    this book is very rich and powerful
  • Rev. Autrey on Jeremiah 3 - 9 years ago
    We can 't understand the Lord 's Prayer until we understand that Jesus is talking about himself as the God the Jews knew as their Father. They called him YHWH GOD or the I AM, based on the knowledge Moses Gave them. But Paul said that that God was Chirst. 'For they all drank from the same miraclous rock that followed them, and that Rock was Christ. ' Listen to what Jesus as God said to the people in Jeremiah 3. 'I thought to myself, I would love to treat you as my own children! I wanted nothing more than to give you this beautiful land, the finest inheritance in the world. I looked forward to you calling me Father. ... ' The point is, Jesus is telling the Jews, and us, too, that he is God, coming to save his people. And until we accept him this way, we can have no salvation. Then what of THE FATHER? THE FATHER was not known to us until Jesus made him known during his ministry. Jesus was saying to us that there is another personality of God besies me. He is THE FATHER, and I want you to know him. But tell him I sent you. He loves you dearly and cares for you just as much as I do. But do not try to use him to bypass me. I am the way God speaks to you and always will be. Come unto me to be saved. Yes, call on my name and I will save you. Jesus loves you!
  • Michael on Jeremiah 3:15 - 9 years ago
    Only God knowns
  • Leonilo Lerielle on Jeremiah 3 - 10 years ago
    No comment coz I LOVE JESUS . . . . . .
  • Andrew on Jeremiah 3 - 10 years ago
    To Ian
    I do not agree Sunday is not the Lord's Day. It is clear from New Testament - "First day". In Hebrews, with a change of priesthood, it is but necessary also a change of the law also - Saturday being changed to Sunday (for the Lord's gathering) is just one of them. Cheers.
  • Andrew on Jeremiah 3 - 10 years ago
    Repent of your sins, and we have a forgiving God. A remnant of Israel will finally repent, and be saved.
  • Victor on Jeremiah 3:15 - 10 years ago
    It means that God will continue to use people who are formed in his image and likeness to look after his people
  • KATHERINE on Jeremiah 3:22 - 10 years ago

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