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  • Pastor Austin Akpewhero on Jeremiah 3:15 - 10 years ago
    Dat mean God love his children so much dat he dnt want tham go aganst his will.and also mean dat to every man there is a pastor.
  • PO on Jeremiah 3 - 11 years ago
    Good for you for pointing out what is obvious. Jesus knew that also.
  • Ian on Jeremiah 3 - 11 years ago
    Anyone here picking up on the green trees? It is also mentioned in Jeremiah 10:2-4. The Catholics adopted Tummuze�s birthday and called it Christ�s. The green trees we are warned about here are today called Christmas trees. This is a historical fact easily researchable. All preachers keeping Sunday and calling it the Lord�s day are false prophets. Mark 2:28, Jesus clearly calls himself Lord of the Sabbath. Again the Catholics in 364 made the Canon Law XX1X that punished Christians by death for keeping God�s/Jesus� Sabbath and not worshipping on Sunday. About the 1260 years called the dark ages, Ezekiel 8:12-18 warns us about worshipping Tummuz and facing east, when the sun comes up. Tammuz is the Baal sun, god�s son. It's his birthday the pagans observed and the Catholics adopted. All I have written is historical fact and most Christians like me don't know. God blessed me just this year with eyes to see and ears to hear how most Christians including myself are deceived. Jesus warns us many times how many will call him Lord but he won't know them. He is talking about Christians, atheists and other religions that don't call him Lord. Revelation 22:18-19 warns us about what will happen to those who add or take away from scripture. Sunday is not the Lord�s day and it has never been hallowed and commanded to be kept holy and rested on. Anyone wanting websites with proof both from the bible and other websites, I will gladly forward from my email if you respond here. Be a Berean, and prove all things.
  • Amy on Jeremiah 3:16 - 11 years ago
    Daniel 1:2 "The Lord gave him (Nebuchadnezzar) victory over King Jehoiakim of Judah and permitted him to take some of the sacred objects from the Temple of God. He took them back to the land of Babylonia and placed them in the treasure-house of his god." After 70 years , the Jews were set free in 539 BC, the Jews brought back some of the temple items, but the ark was not with them. Though it was an important artifact, the Jews were able to build their new temple without it. So, because Nebuchadnezzar ransacked the temple with fire, it�s likely that the ark burned up in the fire, and the gold of it was chipped out of the rocks. (Just like the Romans did with the temple in AD 70) If they could not find it in 539 BC, they surely will not be able to find it today. Because it's gone.
  • Chris on Jeremiah 3 - 12 years ago
    Sparrow - You do know that Creflo Dollar is a false prophet right? The man teaches false doctrine with his "tithe doctrines" garbage. It's all about the money with him. What he teaches the tithe is, isn't what the Scriptures says the tithe is. He teaches that Christ was rich, when Scriptures says He was poor. Creflo teaches that God wants you to be rich and to pray for "blessings" in the form of money. Yet Scriptures says "labor not to be rich." Creflo Dollar said in a sermon that non-tithers should be shot in the front of church with uzzi's by the whole congregation, buried in the back, then everyone else can go in and enjoy church. Type in "pay thithes or get shot creflo dollar" on youtube if you doubt it.

    There is much more, but in short, that man is a wolf in sheeps' clothing. Avoid him.
  • Gerbelg on Jeremiah 3 - 13 years ago
    TO EBSON...would you consider yourself to be a good person?
  • Sparrow on Jeremiah 3 - 13 years ago
    Another thing Sweetie; Please if it's you that's going through this or your friend.... I would adives to seek christian Consoling. Another thing is look up a sermon by pastor named Creflo Dollar-called= Subconscious Mind, it has 4 parts too it & you look it up on youtube. P.s. Your in prayers Sweetie. Sincerely Opal Sparrow.
  • Sparrow on Jeremiah 3 - 13 years ago
    Also another good song is #4.)by Addison Road=This Little Of Mine.
  • Sparrow on Jeremiah 3 - 13 years ago
    Yes it is. Exodus=20:14, & Matthew=5:27-28.
    Remember how you want to treated first & for most. A relationship especially a marriage is a commitment; No matter what kind of situation, we need to treat our relationships as if they were a delicate object because they are. [This unfortunately is something we've gotten away from; (I believe it's change of the times)]. You never want treat someone in a way that you wouldn't want to be treated...[I know this is old school but trust me we can still use this method through out our lives no matter the age]. Because remember we affect others, weather we realize it or not. We're not promised tomarrow my friend so we must try to make our actions & each day count...God forbid something was to happen, We need know that we've made peace in some way. Here's another old school method for you=[Talk] believe it or not it really does help. You want to know the key to making a relationship work?=[There's the big secret=(It's a trick question) (kind of like back in school (lol); IT TAKES WORK]. (The world isn't gonna to tell you that cause they want you to buy their versions of "self help book & ect" but all they are is over priced empty promises & quick fixes); except for people who really love you they'll tell you the truth. Another thing is You can't go into an equally whole relationship if you first aren't a whole individual. A relationship also needs to built on a strong foundation+Here's where God, Jesus & The Holy Spirit come in(It's kind of like that old fabel about the two men building their houses/1 on sand & the other on a strong foundation). In this whole new aged world or ours the youth of our nations have really no idea what Wooing is really all about;... Love is more then just sex. (Please don't misunderstand I'm not belittling you or judging you). It's just back in my day if it was about love it was about courtship, (Watch some good old fashion classic movies like My Lady & An Affair To Remember). (I know you may have heard this but it's true); Remember you have two people who truly love & care about you & if you ever need reassurance you can always ask [God= your father] & [Jesus="kind of like a big bro"] for wisdom. P.s. Music always helps me. Listen to these songs #1.)by Mercy Me=Beautiful. , #2.)by Francesca Battistelli=It's Your Life. & #3.)by Sanctus Real=Lead Me. Reading also helps me please read those scriptures & a poem called=Footprints by Mary Stevenson.
  • Ebson E. bautista on Jeremiah 3:3 - 14 years ago
    hello, can i ask something this is a christian website right? this is my qestion if u merry a girl or a man in many years and have sex and u fall in love to another guy or girl and have sex again does it commit adultery? please reply

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