Jeremiah Chapter 2 Discussion

  • Adam - in Reply on Jeremiah 2:7
    I think we have seen a partial collapse of society in the last 3 years. A huge amount of lies and deception around the virus and lots of financial incentives for people to capitalize on it. Some were intentionally profiting off death, even killing people for money. Hiding of evidence, tampering with statistics and graphs to make things seem different than they are. People trusted their leaders and were deceived. People are more divided than ever and hate their governments, which have become more controlling and more communist than ever.

    It does seem like these are precursors to the end times. Wars and rumors of wars. US congressmen are pushing war so hard, they are almost lusting for war with Russia. It's absolutely sickening. The war would have been over long ago if it weren't for the US giving Ukraine billions in weapons. Tax dollars are being used to murder people. That is evil. We have never been closer to WW3 than right now and they act like they badly want that. They are willing to spend your money in order to send your kids into battle to die, so they can fulfil their religious vendetta against their bogey man Russia. A lot of the news propaganda hides how evil and corrupt Ukraine is and how the current administration has private business dealings over there they may be giving them money to help cover up. The corruption and evil is deep and sadly I think nearly everything on TV news is a lie these days.
  • YahawahBahashamYahawashi777 - in Reply on Jeremiah 2:7
    Deuteronomy 28:61

    "Also every sickness, and every plague, which is not written in the book of this law, them will the LORD bring upon thee, until thou be destroyed."
  • Crystalfaithe on Jeremiah 2:7
    Melody Williams, It has been 3 years since you asked your question if we think this virus is a plague. I can tell you after living through it for 3 years that yes, it is. We are living in the end times and Jesus will be returning soon. These are the times of Noah and Christians are being persecuted very strongly! These are times to get your heart right with God and pray for forgiveness for all your sins. Peace be with you and God bless
  • SkipVought - in Reply on Jeremiah 2:3
    Blessing, Josephine, in Jesus' Matchless name.

    Emerods are painful sores. God told His people, the Israelites, that if they obeyed His laws, they would receive blessings and safely in The Promised Land, but if they disobeyed Him they would receive curses from Him that includes emerods. Deu 28:27The LORD will smite thee with the botch of Egypt, and with the emerods, and with the scab, and with the itch, whereof thou canst not be healed.

    These weren't ordinary boils or hemeroids. These were much, much worse.

    When the Philistines defeated Israel in a battle, they captured The Ark of The LORD and put it in the temple to their god, Dagon. You can read about it in 1 Samuel 4, 5 & 6. Their false god, Dagon, got trashed!!! Cool stuff! Don't mess with The One and True God! All the men of city and the environs were plagued with emerods from God. It was not just annoying but it was devastating. The Philistines had 5 cities so they each volunteered to take the Ark but when they did, the men of the city got plagued with this terrible deadly scourge.

    And chapter 5 ends, 1Sa 5:12And the men that died not were smitten with the emerods: and the cry of the city went up to heaven.

    In chapter 6, the Philistines send the Ark back to Israel along with some golden images to appease The God of Israel.

    The take away: When Israel sinned against God, they paid a terrible price and that also affected the nations around them. When we believers sin, even though we are forgiven by Jesus' death and resurrection, we bear the consequences of sin and often those around us are affected as well.

    Eph 5:8For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light
  • Josephine H Holcomb Pike on Jeremiah 2:3
    what are emeroids
  • Kasai on Jeremiah 2:3
    I love jesus praise the lord

  • Abraham on Jeremiah 2
    Is malachi 4- 5 &6 fulfill or to be fulfill
  • Lisa on Jeremiah 2:23
    weather people like president trump or not weather he knows it or not he has already fullfilled one of the last propheciesin the bible prior to jesus return. Moveing the U.S Emabassy in isreal back to Jerusalem and recognizing jerusalem as the capitial of Isreal is one of the prophecies that must be fullfilled no other president in history was able to do that.In case anyone wants to know where i stand it isnt with biden thats for sure. this pandimic natural desaters and courrpution isnt nothing compared to whats about to happen Read your book of revelationis unfolding right before our eyes. everyday the bounderies of sin are being pushed futher and further i for one is wqnting to go with my Father to heaven.
  • Chris - in Reply on Jeremiah 2
    For years, both Israel & Judah continually turned their faces from serving God to serve idols & commit other sins. For this, they went into captivity as punishment. But the Lord promised them to bring them out of captivity & so we read (of Judah) in Jeremiah 29:10-14, where the Lord said that after 70 years He will visit them again & they will once again call upon the Name of the True God, they will pray to Him, & He will listen to Him; they will seek Him & find Him when they search for Him with all their heart.
  • Carrie franklin on Jeremiah 2
    what verse in chapter 2 i find whenhad they sought GOD
  • Chung Lam - in Reply on Jeremiah 2
    1. I do believe the Corona Virus was made by mankind, and then gotten released by the Chinese Communist Party leaders and there is no honest reporting in how the corona Virus was released accidental. The matter was released, covered from the world, and even the World Health Organization covered for the C.C.P. leaders. Where did this Corona Virus come from, what countries had the Corona Virus, was this Corona Virus part of Bio-chemical Research Warfare or released to find or do a cure research? The rich and Pharmacy Market are going to profit by getting a successful cure. The C.C.P. had this type of Corona Virus secretly, and in due time it was accidental released with no official civil or legal consequences. This Corona Virus spread world wide, millions have died by a accidental release, the Globalist must be happy the world's population has gone down somewhat. Maybe the Globalist will use Biochemical to depopulate systematic. There are yet 7 vials, bowls or judgements or plagues to come upon this earth ending in Rev..16:17-21; 2. It is written brethren can only be righteous still or holy still in Rev.22:11; I have never met a holy Christian that claim he or she was perfect, and did not sin anymore. I have heard some Christian talk about love a lot, but they do not love in word or deed. They claim to love God, but they do not obey God. You would think someone that sinned much would love or obey God more.-read Luke 7:40-47; They love to sing songs of love, but they also sing foolish songs or songs that make no sense. Like the words in the song, Friend of Jesus or Friendship with Jesus. People meet in church, in a darken room, with dim lights, shaken their heads with their hair following their head shaken in the same direction. It is like you are in a dim light rock and roll concert, people moving to the flow of the fast music.
  • Jeffrey P Barrett on Jeremiah 2
    #1 You say this Corona 19 Virus is not a plague, but it is a deep thorough sifting of the whole world, those that are loving God's presence are sure that God is not looking to kill them. As the Enslaved Jews had to vow their pledge to the living God in putting Lambs Blood on their door mantle which kept the destroyer from killing their first born. That blood represents the nature and word of Jesus that when you have your personal Pentecost experience speaking in heavenly tongues You also are acting IN Christ and God himself now is dwelling in you to finish to sinless perfection the full nature and relationship of Jesus manifesting God from your soul. So if you think to call the Virus not a plague Oh well you may hold to that God is love and yet tornados and storms come but a Perfected Christian like Jesus tells them to cease. But as in Revelations and through this Plague we see God has shut down all public churches for preaching against His and Jesus strange new thing to make us Perfect able to hang with God in our sins until those sins are no more by God's speaking to the believer and thru the reading of the bible and Perfected ministers preaching. But these God told John the Divine do not measure these false Christian churches because they are in the outer court not part of the Kingdom of God because they are saying all NO ONE IS Perfect meaning Jesus died a failure if so God wants to create Christ in each of us. They washed their garments with fullers soap and where wearing white robes meaning no sin nature of Jesus manifesting the Fathers heart mind and presence from their souls. The glory of God.

    #2 to believe that Jesus 2nd Coming refers to a time at the end of the Grace Age work of God to make you in Jesus image, sinless Perfect is a one time thing is quite unscriptural Jesus coming in the clouds refers to clouds being Ministers Perfected. Then they preach Perfection in Christ throughout the entire Grace Age starting with the apostles, thus sayeth the Lord
  • Chris - in Reply on Jeremiah 2:16
    Angela, from research, I've learned that Noph & Tahapanes were cities in Egypt; afterwards called Memphis (for Noph) & Alcairo, or Grand Cairo (for Tahapanes). At the time of Jeremiah, these cities were allies with Israel & in whom Israel put their trust when attacked. However, something happened in this alliance & these Egyptian cities turned against Israel (it may have happened when Pharoahnecho, king of Egypt went to war against the king of Assyria, & Judah's king Josiah went to help but instead was killed & his son Jehoahaz was eventually taken captive to Egypt after being temporarily crowned. You can read it in 2 Kings 23:29-35).

    So that these Egyptian cities "have broken the crown off thy head", refers to Pharoahnecho's slaying of Judah's king & making Israel subservient to Egypt.
  • Angela on Jeremiah 2:16
    How did o the children of Noph and Tahapanes break the crown of thy head?
  • Alfred Gurney - in Reply on Jeremiah 2
    I don't believe this virus is a plague, but man made. When Jesus comes a second time a great trumpet will sound. This has not happened. Mat 24:31. Also we are warned that false profits will tell us that this is a sign of end times. Not true Mat 24:31/ Rev 1:7.
  • Melody williams - in Reply on Jeremiah 2
    yes, hello, I am curious; who thinks that this virus that is going around is possibly a plague?
    considering were living in the last days!! Oh by the way; God is Good!!! I am thankful for my salvation, thankful for where God has brought me from, abusive childhood, he set me free from a very abusive ex husband; He has made mw whole...
  • Obbie Beal on Jeremiah 2
    In this chapter we again learn from GOD. We learn sins were sown by those called by GOD. After a serious consideration of all the above we should be able to reach a conclusion that in 2020 we have repeated all of the above sins. Yes, in 2020 sins again has being overwhelmingly sown globally either individually or collectively where applicable according to THE ENTIRE BOOK OF REVELATION. Therefore as GOD dealt with sins back then so shall GOD deal with sins today. Nevertheless thank GOD for John 3:16-21 the best investment ever offered to mankind. Thank GOD for life on earth and especially ETERNAL LIFE in HIS KINGDOM according to the BOOK OF REVELATION.
  • Tbwright on Jeremiah 2
    My pastor is currently speaking on this word. She is reminding us that God has a plan, a purpose, and a role for each of us just as He had for Jeremiah.
  • Claire on Jeremiah 2
    This chapter was brought up when I googled "What is more important, your family or soulwinning?"
    It seems very important that God's work comes first! If not at least at the same time!
  • Irene123 on Jeremiah 2
    V. 22 - we cannot save ourselves through our own works - BEFORE we repent; THEN by faith in Jesus we do the works of salvation, i.e. witnessing, church attendance ( Heb. 10:25), love, not condemnation to our fellow man, righteous living, prayer for souls, reading His Word daily. Jas. ch. "If a man have faith and not works, can faith save him? For ye se that faith without works is dead."
  • BSP on Jeremiah 2
    God gave the Israelites nothing but good things when He brought them into the Promised Land but they showed an unappreciative spirit and repaid Jehovah God's loving kindness with badness.
  • Jdironman on Jeremiah 2:12
    It could possibly mean he was talking to things greater than man. Possibly the angels was his audience, those who know the goodness and truthfulness of the Lord while those below them turned their back upon him.
  • Jdironman on Jeremiah 2:11
    It seems to me it is saying look at those who believe in Gods other than me. Have they changed their ways? Do they not yet still believe? Why have you forgotten me and why do you stray from me? Especially knowing all that he has done, and what he has commanded them.
  • RANDOLIN on Jeremiah 2
    I think the prophet Jerimiah was a man called by God;
    He was chosen to deliver the message to God's chosen people
    who had turn from God's ways to the things of the world. Even
    thought he had proven his love time and time again, they continue
    sin against Him.
    God pleaded to them to turn from their wicked ways; but instead they
    try to justify themselves that they were not doing any wrong.
  • Ian munashe murapa on Jeremiah 2
    Christ method alone is necessary in trying to win souls for Christ.Jesus preached as one who desired their good supplied their needs .Thus he won their confidence.The bible assures us that the widespread of the gospel will precipitate (speed) the second coming of Jesus Christ.Remember Mathew 28 "THIS WORD OF THE KINGDOM SHALL BE PREACHED TO AL THE WORLD AS A TESTIMONY THEN THE END SHALL COME".
  • Moses Zulu on Jeremiah 2
    This is the truth, I am blessed by the commentary, forsake not the grace of God it is peace, life and beyond life internal. Surely, let me run for my life, return ye Moses to the original love, pure and ready to answer God's call, whether I understood or not I was there for God. Return ye, remember where thou have fallen. Plead with your soul, the loving kindness of God is hear today to save.
  • Amoy on Jeremiah 2
    Is true that we're all human being? That's why they call us human being because we're all half animal and half human. Nobody's perfect in this world except Jesus! We will learn how to be a perfect human until we die still we won't be perfect.
  • Deborah on Jeremiah 2
    Suresh, I believe what verse 21 an 22 are referring is, they were given the word to know right from wrong and were cleansed in 22, but still chose to do wrong.
  • SURESH PETER on Jeremiah 2
    i need clarification on Chapter 2 verse 21 and 22
  • David on Jeremiah 2
    God made Israel victorious expanding their borders so they can protect Israel from their enamies

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