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  • Tbwright
    My pastor is currently speaking on this word. She is reminding us that God has a plan, a purpose, and a role for each of us just as He had for Jeremiah.
  • Claire
    This chapter was brought up when I googled "What is more important, your family or soulwinning?"
    It seems very important that God's work comes first! If not at least at the same time!
  • Irene123
    V. 22 - we cannot save ourselves through our own works - BEFORE we repent; THEN by faith in Jesus we do the works of salvation, i.e. witnessing, church attendance (Heb. 10:25), love, not condemnation to our fellow man, righteous living, prayer for souls, reading His Word daily. Jas. ch. "If a man have faith and not works, can faith save him? For ye se that faith without works is dead."
  • BSP
    God gave the Israelites nothing but good things when He brought them into the Promised Land but they showed an unappreciative spirit and repaid Jehovah God's loving kindness with badness.
  • Jdironman for verse 12
    It could possibly mean he was talking to things greater than man. Possibly the angels was his audience, those who know the goodness and truthfulness of the Lord while those below them turned their back upon him.
  • Jdironman for verse 11
    It seems to me it is saying look at those who believe in Gods other than me. Have they changed their ways? Do they not yet still believe? Why have you forgotten me and why do you stray from me? Especially knowing all that he has done, and what he has commanded them.
    I think the prophet Jerimiah was a man called by God;
    He was chosen to deliver the message to God's chosen people
    who had turn from God's ways to the things of the world. Even
    thought he had proven his love time and time again, they continue
    sin against Him.
    God pleaded to them to turn from their wicked ways; but instead they
    try to justify themselves that they were not doing any wrong.
  • Ian munashe murapa
    Christ method alone is necessary in trying to win souls for Christ.Jesus preached as one who desired their good supplied their needs .Thus he won their confidence.The bible assures us that the widespread of the gospel will precipitate (speed) the second coming of Jesus Christ.Remember Mathew 28 "THIS WORD OF THE KINGDOM SHALL BE PREACHED TO AL THE WORLD AS A TESTIMONY THEN THE END SHALL COME".
  • Moses Zulu
    This is the truth, I am blessed by the commentary, forsake not the grace of God it is peace, life and beyond life internal. Surely, let me run for my life, return ye Moses to the original love, pure and ready to answer God's call, whether I understood or not I was there for God. Return ye, remember where thou have fallen. Plead with your soul, the loving kindness of God is hear today to save.
  • Amoy
    Is true that we're all human being? That's why they call us human being because we're all half animal and half human. Nobody's perfect in this world except Jesus! We will learn how to be a perfect human until we die still we won't be perfect.
  • Deborah
    Suresh, I believe what verse 21 an 22 are referring is, they were given the word to know right from wrong and were cleansed in 22, but still chose to do wrong.
    i need clarification on Chapter 2 verse 21 and 22
  • David
    God made Israel victorious expanding their borders so they can protect Israel from their enamies
  • Conorh for verse 7
    When they had nothing they sought after God. Know God brings them to a land of plenty n they turn to idolatry
  • Insight 777
    Verse 18, Sihor is the name given for the river Nile. Perhaps this verse is asking Israel why they drink waters from nations that are not theirs. This can have both a spiritual and a physical meaning both being symbolic in presentation. Jesus is the living water which Israel rejects and does not drink. That is spiritual. When one drinks water physically, the water is consumed and taken into ones body. I think this verse is speaking of expansion into areas that do not belong to Israel to bring those areas into the nation of Israel. Israel attempts expansion on the basis of self protection while rejecting the fact that it is GOD that is Israel 's protection. The very act of expanding their borders puts Israel in peril. They are not putting their faith in GOD to protect them but in their own military positioning security instead.
  • Janice Bocot for verse 7
    God is saying, I blessed you, I 've taken you into the land of milk and honey, and you turned away from me, to serve other Gods.
  • Kyei Ernest for verse 20
    The main reason as Christians, we under deliverance is to become pure and serve Him whole heart , we are not delivered to go free , we are delivered to become slaves of serving Him. Because when your in the world you 're strongly slave , after deliverance you become slave for Christ too.
  • Leonard england
    chance after chance GOD had given them a chance to repent, he pleads with them, like hes doing with AMERICA,and all unbelivers
  • Jonah kaamusiime
    to my understanding of the chapter, God is reminding us that there is no other god who can save on earth and in heaven apart from Him.
  • Shirly
    I believe Jeremiah Chpt 2 23 is talking about being lost and not knowing it. Like a camel wandering without a guide who swiftly runs away without any direction. Lost!
  • Rebecca Fleming for verse 23
    I was wondering what this passed jeremiah 2 23 till the end ment I still dont have a clear understanding
  • Cekarhye swanson
    This is great for kids
  • Andrew
    To continue in sin, yet expecting the Lord's blessing is what this chapter is all about.
  • Alfred
    verse 32:can a maid forget her ornaments? this verse tells us that we should forget about God in whatever situation we might be in but we should remember the Good things God has done to us.
  • Deloires
    God is so merciful that He's pleading with us to change our ways and return back unto Him before It's too late. His mercy has given us chance after chance.
  • Grace ogero
    Jeremiah now sees what the Lord had called him for.
  • Elder, Rodriguez for verse 11
    It sounds like a people, who have forgotten upon whose name we called and forgotten who it is that has delivered us. Yes right after God has showed his mercy and grace we spit in his face. We disregard all the hurt and pain we were in until we called upon the name of the Lord and he answered but now that we are out of what seems to be immediate danger we for got all about God. The term when the cats away the mouse will play seem to be how we are, yes we've turn are backs on God and started following that other great God the World, all of which man can not serve both. Being true to God will shelter you from a multitude of problem that you will find just living in this wicket world. The reason for the Ten Commandments was to point out the wrong the sin that was in the world and show us what did not please God. We have went right back to where we were suppose to have come out from, God can never be happy with this for the God we serve is a Jealousy God , he deserves the Glory, and as long as we follow him we'll have Glory as well.
  • Anonymous
    remember your first love. sin will bring you down
  • Sounds like the US in headed in the same direction.
  • Pastor faron
    Verse 32, forget not how God has clothed the church as a bride is clothed with honor. When we worship other gods we dishonor ourselves and God.

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