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  • David on Jeremiah 13
    This could be a defeating verse and line....obviously,people and animals can t can t change themselves without really messing up the rest of their genetics, so in that parallel the answer would be NO. Must be read in context.Except If manuscripts truly render verbiage as can be changed the answer is Yes....but only by the Almighty,through Christ Jesus, in both physical and spiritual changes.
  • Bradley on Jeremiah 13
    praise the Lord!
  • Right on time on Jeremiah 13
    Help me Lord Jesus, to listen to You only, to keep wearing the garment of Praise, and to walk in the light of Your Word continually. Let my day begin and end in your holy presence. I am so greatful for your gift of life.
  • Dee on Jeremiah 13
    Verse 11 stabs my conscience. God 's love and mercy draw me to Him but I often do not listen or take heed.
  • Andrew on Jeremiah 13
    The whole chapter on Israel 's disobedience and curse. It happened before, and still continues up to the present. Easy to conclude the consequence from God 's word.
  • Messenger on Jeremiah 13
    this scripture is so informative and equiping
  • Andrew on Jeremiah 13
    To Michael
    I do not see Matthew saying such. It is all comparison. Read again.
  • Andrew on Jeremiah 13:23
    They have done evil continually and habitually that being accustomed to it, can hardly turn back from such. That is why, flee from all evil before it becomes a habit.
  • Michael on Jeremiah 13
    What does Matthew Henry mean by saying that the Almighty is able to chnge the Ethipian Skin?? Is Mr Henry advocating that black skin is the result of sin? Were the Jews white people? God used the anologyof the Ethiopian's sking to illustrate that there are many among us who will never change unless they are forced to by God's Judgeent; and then they are just reformers who will go back to doing the same thing after the punishment wears off. They will never truly repent! Skin colour My Henry has nothing to do with sin!!
  • Matilda reed on Jeremiah 13
    God is warning His people through Jermiah by letting them know this is what they will be like; this linen girdle as any other soft garment comes apart after being in water for along time. GOD loves them so much and he knows how He is ging to punish themif they don't turn back from whoring after other gods (false gods). He knows that the country he plans to punish them is the babyloian kingdom one of the the most ruthless and unmoral kingdom on earth, however they still listen to false prophets, kings and priests that don't believe Jeremiah. God always warns us and He love the Isralites they are and still is the apple of His eye.


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