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  • Fred scanlan
    Stand fast in him. In Him. dont be moved. We are like the lion in the midst of a forest and are making his way straight. walk in the light ,as he is in the light. And we will abide according to his grace. Heaven and earth are his, he has conquered sin and death.Take His body and blood and Commune with him this season.
  • Jevon
    God's word is true! The whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. The corruption of sin has totally permeated the entire world. Only God is able to restore this fallen sinful world, so we must pray like Jeremiah for the Lord to intercede.
  • Linda
    If Jeremiah was not able to handle the smaller trials in his life, he will not be able to handle the bigger trials for the simple reason. Things starts small and then they grow big. If he was not able to handle the small trials he would struggle in doing the bigger ones. He would need to trust in God to help him deal with the bigger and smaller trials.
  • A disciple
    BSP; I don't think Jeremiah was "complaining about smaller trials;" for from the whole tone of the chapter, he is evidently in deep spiritual discussion and prayer with the Lord about the evil condition of the people, and why the wicked are allowed so much room. Remember how God came to talk with Abraham about what was happening in Sodom? The Lord looks for like-minded friends to talk with.
  • BSP
    Verse 5: Jeremiah was complaining about the smaller trials he was facing, but he was going to go through even bigger trials. If he could not deal with his smaller trials, how would he be able to deal with the bigger trials?
  • Cleberson Williams
    God know the heart of man and his limitations.
  • Gusathdai
    Absolutely God does know the heart this is why is wrote... Jeremiah 17:9 - The heart is deceitful above all things , and desperately wicked: who can know it? Also Proverbs 28:26 He that trusteth in his own heart is a FOOL: but whoso walketh wisely, he shall be delivered.
  • BJ
    12:10 Many pastors today are sugar coating the word. I have church in my home with up to 4 people. We go from 10:00 am til 4:00 - 6:00. It seems that many churches today are more about rituals than spreading the word of God. This is a warning to these pastors.
  • Mac
    Jesus said "come out of her" the church/government/worldly ways. Jesus said "the wolves (scribes pharisees. rabbis) were creeping into the church. Jesus said " You can not go to the father except thru himself". Jesus did NOT say to go back to these things. The whole purpose of this is because for those who accept
    Jesus and follow the commandments of God and do not worship baal will have eternal
  • Charlie
    america is a very covetous and prideful , idolatry is number
    one in the land, and false religions are in abundance,woe
    unto them who call evil good,and good evil:that put darkness
    for light,and light for darkness:that put bitter for sweet,and
    sweet for bitter.Isaiah 5-20.judgement is comming repent
    and bow to the lordship of jesus christ for salvation alone
  • R.Adams On verse 16
    " to swear by my name, The LORD liveth" Dont we always swear by Jesus name? Swearing here is more of taking an oath to God and His name being the most powerful of all, by what else would you swear an oath by to God? In His name, of course.
  • Andrew for verse 15
    It says, "if they obey ". It has not happen yet up to the present. Do not fool me by saying that the present Israel is a prophetic fulfillment of this "return ".
  • Andrew for verse 10
    It says, "Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard ". Attention all self-ordained pastors not called by God, wolves in sheep 's clothing, your fate is spelled in this chapter.
  • Prophetess Nicola for verse 5
    Verse 5 shows me that there are things in the land contending with us and trying to go ahead and weary us
  • Insight 777
    Verse 16, I think it is important to understand the context in which the word swear is used. There are different meanings to the word swear. Swear is not always the use of offensive language. When one promises to do something they are swearing to do it. However, even when one promises to do something does not mean that they actually can do it because of circumstances beyond their control. This verse is in the context of changing ones beliefs with understanding that yes, the Lord does live. The Lord is unveiling his strength and Bible scripture is being fulfilled. People that do not believe in Jesus are seeing the Bibles truth being revealed exactly as it was written. Jesus is saying understand this and then accept Jesus as Lord. The word swear is not the use of man swearing that he can accomplish something by his own will, strength or merit which are statements as Jesus referred to in Matthew 5.34, but instead is a proclamation of the reality that the Lord is ALIVE, he lives and he is in control! Jesus states that man can accomplish nothing on his own that is not the will of God. This swear in verse 16 is pledging acceptance, allegiance and love for the Lord. These people are converts to the truth and leave their false beliefs that the Lord does not live, behind them. If they refuse to love with understanding and continue to hate then they will be destroyed as stated in verse 17.
  • Melanie for verse 16
    I thought we were not supposed to swear at all by heaven or earth according to Christ in the New Testament. Now what made the change from Old ways to the New ways? SO, I wonder am I taking "swear " out of context in my mind. "As the Lord YHWH lives " sounds like something the Father or His Son, Jesus, would like the sound of but so many people with too much time on their hands for them, it was "As the World turns " and so, I say, "Be not of this world,nor of its patterns, but come out of it and be separate. " AND in HIM there is no shadow of turning. As surely as YHWH lives, He convicted me about wasting my time on American soap opera T.V. if only I could be a linen sash around His waist.
  • Joel Price for verse 5
    Verse 6 compliments verse 5 but to me God was asking Jeremiah if you are struggling when things are at will you survive when things really get bad....
  • Tokasa Buinimasi for verse 5
    2 Timothy 1 7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self discipline.Despite the challenges I face everyday I am encouraged by this bible verse, knowing that my God is with me giving me the confidence to persevere and endure when the day is long and the load is heavy, I am assured that i will receive God 's peace.
  • Lenosh tamang
    obeying is what god expect from us not obeying is not fearing not fearing is no love we dishonour him by not obeying him
  • Edna
    Somehow he shows up on me. In his glorious way he lets me know he's there. I'm in verge of being on street,no food,bill backed up,yet today's verse lets me know I must remain strong. I'm so scared,but something in me keeps me together. Thank you God!
  • Brenda Alston
    It was so profound the dead own nothing they can't even protect their graves.But for God.
  • Jerald Semar
    Don't be discouraged when the wicked prosper. Concentrate on the promises of God in the word of God and, the leading of the Holy Ghost. Remember that we are dust and all will return to it, we take nothing with us. We have been promised to rise again in translated glory. The wicked will become dust under our feet. Remember the humility of Abraham, he pitched tents on rented foreign land , a pilgrim but his progeny was promised ownership. We also must be subject to the principality and powers of the land we live in but, without surrender to disobedience of the Word of God and, the Holy Ghost. Like Daniel, the Lord will pull us from the fire and the lions den if necessary. We are tested but, not defeated. We have a race to run so, keep your eyes on the prize, even life forever more. Without life nothing matters..the dead own nothing, they can't protect their own graves! We have life in Christ and He rules His Kingdom, He will give every man his inheritance according to His good pleasure. God is good..Praise the Lord!
  • Andrew for verse 17
    Obedience is primary to be saved. Yes, faith, but faith with no obedience is no faith at all.
  • Sammy Paul Sammy for verse 5
    It means we are made for greater challenges, we are made to subdued principalities & power's, so if you're been oppressed by witches & demons , you have fallen short of the glory of God. We are created in God's image. Hebrews 12:29 says our God is a consuming fire. & that's what we're. Blessed.
  • Rebecca for verse 5
    I think this is to encourage all Pilgrims not to give up in the face of small problems or what will we do when bigger problems show up in our journey...

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