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  • Rose Mary Peterson
    i got a question chapter 2 ver. 16 why did it's say also the men of memphis and tahpanhes have cracked your skull are they at war
  • Randy gates
    Jeremiah was GOD fore telling of Judha downfall as well as the others around them for not being obeiant to GOD ,s commandments He was the first person GOD gave instruction to tell others beside the Jewish of their on destruction
  • Caroline
    I Jeremiah confirms all my convictions,I have fallen in my 69years many times but l have seen and experienced salvation by the HAnD of God and the Arch Angels proven to me I am not alone,we are not alone.In Christ Jesus Amen.
  • Cindy
    To God be the Glory! He told me through other prophets as well as a visitation from God that he knew me before he placed me in my mothers womb.I feel so blessed..but not worthy.Thank you all for your Godly comments.
  • Niki
    God knows his children even before they were born he knew everything about them , once your chosen by God no one can stop your blessing
  • Mary Robertson
    God had called many but has chosen some even before natural birth into this world. God already had saw into your future and knew your heart was to love and you never knew the anointing God had place on your life because of rejection etc and GOD knew you would say what HE SAID and take no GLORY . You would be an instrument used only by GOD wholeheartedly withholding nothing.
  • Pastor john mutuku
    Comment* Our calling to salvation and to the ministry is a result of God's predestined plan.Amen.
    Our life is a warfare,satan and his followers is fighting every believer but they shall not succeed because God has said so in verse 19
  • Errol Lima
    IE=Intelligent Energy
    GENESIS 1.1=IE
    ..the fix for ..GENESIS 6.6 ..GENESIS 6.7
  • A disciple
    1. We are foreknown of God. 2. We have been created and made to be God's Prophets. 3. The strength of our assurance is that God is with us, and guiding us to do all that He says. 4. It is absolutely imperative that we have His words put in our mouths. 5. The authority of God over all Nations, for the specific purpose of being sent to root out, pull down, destroy and throw down, to build and plant.
  • A disciple
    If in the calling of Jeremiah, we all see our own calling in Christ; it is because of the Divine Calling of the LORD's Anointed the Saviour, the great Antitype of all Prophets and Saints. The things told to Jeremiah, we can and should apply to ourselves; for why else were they written? And they have all their fulfillment in the Lord Jesus Christ! As we study these words, pray them in and believe!
  • BSP
    Verse 5: God has an interest in each individual even before they are born.
  • Lilian
    Thank you Jesus before you form us in our mothers womb you already know us you have sanctified us and cleanse us by your blood. Praise you Lord i will love you and trust you forever for you are worthy. Jehova Jireh the Lord my provider Shalom amen
  • A disciple
    Insight777; Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26 for starters, tells us quite clearly that defiance and disobedience and indifference incurs God's wrath, especially toward those to whom the most has been entrusted! God is willing to forgive us and save us when we repent and change our ways, for Jesus' sake who loved us and died in our place. But to the defiant and unrepentant wicked no salvation!
  • Lu2677
    Jer.1:9"Behold, I have put my words in thy mouth" Looks like God speaking through Jeremiah to me. It is the Lord God that plots against Judah. You really should stop putting Satan in God's place in verse by using words: Lord man, "god" to describe Satan.
  • A disciple
    Insight777; 1) Jeremiah was one of the last Prophets to be sent to speak to Judah and Jerusalem, before the carry away of Babylon, and the commencement of the Times of the Gentiles. 2) Jeremiah was of the family of the priests, not Benjamin, and not Judah; our Lord came through the house of Judah. 3) Read the 2nd Psalm; it is God who will set up His King upon the throne of Israel and the world.
  • Insight777
    Jeremiah is a prophet of the future but Jesus said beware of Benjaminite wolves. Is the Lord God speaking through Jeremiah, the Father of Jesus? No. The true God does not plot the destruction of Judah. This Lord man "god" calls for the death of all Jews in order to rule Jerusalem and the world.
  • Tbwright
    The message for this lost and dying world is to preach and teach about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and how He saves!
    GOD is able to use every he wish
  • Irene123
    To Word, 2/6/'16 - Where did you get that earth was created millions of yrs. ago? There's nothing like that in either one of the 2 scriptures you gave.
  • BSP
    Verse 7 shows that no matter how unqualified we feel for an assignment from God, he can make up for any lack and he will be there to help us carry it out if we fully trust in Him.
  • Daryl G Borum
    i love the comments i agree to all those comments before me AMEN!!!!!
  • Word
    Moyà God knew you before you were put in the womb just as He knew Jacob whom He loved and Esau whom He hated and you have to live with some one to know those things. In Isaiah 45 vs 18 God created earth to be inhabited and in Job 38 vs 7 all souls sons and stars which are children rejoiced at earth's creation. In Gen. 1 vs 2 the word was is 1961 in Strong's is Became so something happened to earth
  • Gennie Winters
    The fear of God is the beginning of knowledge. I know I have to put my trust in God I do not fear what man can do to me. I Fear God I know he is my protector and I know he will make a way for me . I put my trust in God only this is a great chapter.
  • Bashon Solomon
    It's an inspiring chapter meant to encourage those in tribulation and those who don't want to follow God's command of serving Him giving petty excuses.
  • ShilohS
    As with Isaiah,it's taking me quite awhile to get thru Jeremiah.I want to be careful and distinguish between what prophecies are fulfilled as opposed to those that are for today's time. It's bogging me down in my studies.Some commentaries seem to discount history in favor of most or all prophecies for today.This time through the prophets I don't want to just put things on the shelf. Lot of prayer
  • Stephen F. Zielski
    PARADOX INDEED ! To my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ Yeshua Jesus. Please read this whole book of Jeremiah. We truly have a loving Abba Dad and God Almighty Yahweh in and through His Son our ever living and loving Lord and Savior Christ Yeshua Jesus indeed. HOPE ! SHALOM ISRAEL ZION AMEN INDEED ! COME LORD YESHUA ! Shalom yedda dim {beloved one}.
  • Olga
    God loves me and I have that assurance through everything I go through. Nevertheless, I find myself involved in failed marriages ,abuse and evil heart wrenching stuff that when I Jeremiah 1;5 I question and ask myself was my past and future are from repercussions of sin nature, disobedience or to make me experience life for appreciation. I am thankful to God for his mercy.
  • Marie
    Love the comments,they said it all,I just say amen.
  • Word
    God sanctified and ordained a Prophet who's name was Jeremiah. God knew us all just as He knew Jacob and Esau and Jacob He love and Esau He hated. The only way you can love or hate someone is if you walked with them and kick the dust up to see what their made of when it comes to Freewill. Isaiah 45 vs 18 millions of years ago God created earth and all the children of God rejoiced. Job 38 vs 7.

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