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  • WILLIAM on Jeremiah 1:14
  • Tsebiso on Jeremiah 1
    Thank GOD who knows us before we were conceived in or Mother's womb, he knows our capability, he knows our future.GOD knows us by our name, from tonight, this is what the LORD says: you are important, it might happen that things are not going well for you, but i'm here to tell u that GOD greated you by his purpose. Remember ROMANS 8:28: And we know that GOD causes all things to work together for good, for those who trust in the LORD and are called according to his purpose for them.Amen.
  • Bob heavner on Jeremiah 1
    I LOVE THE LORD JESUS and I thank him for our many blessing in the USA. But our country is in trouble, we need to pray and seek the face of GOD more than we ever had before. May the LORD have mercy on our country and heal our land. GOD BLESS US AGAIN. AMEN.
  • Cora Warner on Jeremiah 1
    I love read the scriptures and sharing the book and chapters with my Facebook. Friends that I have either read out of my Bible or online. So Far I read The Whole book of Isaiah. 15 chapters of Matthews, 20 Chapters of Jeremiah, and 9 chapters of Psalms since December 18, 2012.
  • Trace on Jeremiah 1:18
    God has given him the ability and power to conquer any form of challenge that will arise against him at all levels.
  • Pastor cole on Jeremiah 1
    If God calls you for a work, understand that he is aware of your short comings. Yet the things you lack do not concern him the least bit. Those he calls he empowers, enables and equips.
  • Arthur muhwezi on Jeremiah 1
    God is speaking to us that we ought not fear people when we are sent, and he tells us to leave sin, and only trust in him alone, if we work so that the victory is in our hands. GOD BLESS YOU.
  • Oloruntosin olatunde on Jeremiah 1
    The plan of God concerning man he already has the blueprint in his hand, his thought concerning us is tought of peace not of evil. That we may see good and expected end.
  • Okey on Jeremiah 1
    The Lord gave me this revelation many years back but since then I have been trying to understand what He meant. And I saw a hand on a white robe opened Jeremiah chapter one for me to read. He is making it clearer now. Please help me also warn people that the Lord is really angry with our nation. HE HAS ALSO SHOWN ME AGAIN ABOUT A MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE IN THIS COUNTRY. I MAY NOT BE HEARD OR KNOWN, BUT IF YOU ARE PRIVILEDGED TO BE, PLEASE TELL PEOPLE OF GOD TO CONTINUE PRAYING FOR MERCY.
  • Sylvia on Jeremiah 1
    I love the lordís wisdom, and his gift of the prophetic office. A prophet is the mouthpiece of God. Truth at all cost cannot fear any faces, it must always root up pull down and destroy sin at Godís command. We speak the truth at we must speak it.
  • Tebogo on Jeremiah 1:5
    This means that God known us before we were born. We were in his mind/plans before our parent conceive us,We are not born by mistake. God blessed us even before we entered our mothers wombs.
  • Ademola bakare on Jeremiah 1:14
    I believe Jeremiah 1:14 confirm the problem of boko haram which rises from the north
  • Josephat Mushi on Jeremiah 1:8
    God give us assuarance that whatever we do let us do it without any worry from any races of people, but depending on him Ťvery thing will well success
  • Fieryserpent on Jeremiah 1
    Luke 21:20 And when ye see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.

  • Liz on Jeremiah 1
    God has called many of us as His prophets today and watchmen on the wall. Even as Jeremiah and Ezekiel, we are mandated to speak the message of repentance from sin, that God is judging the earth and it's inhabitants, to turn to God and be saved, and that the return of Jesus is imminent.
  • Harold d miles sr on Jeremiah 1
    This is so good, god is good
  • Neiso Modise on Jeremiah 1
    This is so profound. I see it from the level of God,s love of humankind,for he who is sent,for we are all sent. He gives us power nd authority. We can never be destroyed. Sickness can never destroy u. Enemies can never destroy us. Wow,I m thinking of Syria. Where are christians around the world. We have the word in us.
  • BILLIE PRUITT on Jeremiah 1
    I liked JEREMIAH Chapter 1. And all that it says. It pertains a lot to my life and as well me.
  • Janice on Jeremiah 1
    I know the us saying to us, surely I knew you before you entered into your mothers womb, and I've predestined, this journey, what ever you face alone the know that I am with you, if ten thousand men shall form themselves against you stand on the word for I'm more than the word against you. Take know thought for what you might say, in that same hour I will fill you mouth.
  • CHRISTINE on Jeremiah 1
  • World mission society CHURCH OF GOD on Jeremiah 1:13
    It is certain that bible prophecys are being's the LORD who does it, as it is said that the "earth is reserved for fire" in the end of days...turn from your wicked ways and follow God's commands i.e the PASSOVER...It is the only way of salvation....
  • Sandy on Jeremiah 1
    well actually i loved it made me feel really good after i read it. been actually going through so much my dream actually lead me to read this chapter im 23 and dont quite really understand but if i keep reading maybe ill get the point he trying to get to me.....
  • Sister camille on Jeremiah 1
    Jeremiah was called a weeping prophet; sadden to see God's people fall for the lack of knowledge Hosea 4:6! If my people will turn from doing evil and put away all matters of Evil; God will save them.It is a blessing to know that God already no who you are before you are even formed in the belly of the womb!some to be sanctified and ordained as prophet;but all to be servents of the Most High GoD!He gives to us all a free will to love him.IF YOU LOVE ME KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS.Jeremiah had a great task ahead of him he had to vr10- to root out, pull down, and destroy, throw down, to build, and to plant. Wow! How many of us are called for a Great work as this? or even be willing to go foward to do a work as God himself is calling us to do. We all are messengers of God; let's get the work done and wait for the latter rain to fall upon us. My soul longs for the comming of Christ Jesus. Amen
  • Garyloyd on Jeremiah 1
    God knew us all when we shouted for joy when He created the earth in Isaiah 45:18, Proverbs 8:31,Job38:7 - 2nd Peter 3 and many translated "Foundations" of the meaning is katabole in the New Testament which was an attempted overthrow by Lucifer and instead of God destroying a third of His children that follow satan the dragon Our God decided to destroy that earth age and sunk the earth in water and we were replenish in the flesh. We were all pretty stupit and even thoe we had lived millions of years we didn't know what Family really was or meant.
    Jeremiah launched forth and as we see to all the Nations, in other words a Prophet to the world until the fig tree generation,the last one, jeremiah must of been a pretty good person in the first earth age because God ordained him when he was in his mothers womb. In this writting that lasted 40 years he is 21 years old at the start and this Book is written to the House of Judah. We see God speaks of the 10 tribes that had been taken captive 200 years before and at this time they had already scattered over the mountains. In this writting God is talking History at the time and when speaking of the House of Isreal He is speaking future. So what I see is when I was reading chapter 8 and its speaking of antichrist coming from the north that the preachers that were supposed to warn us were playing church and the people coming out are saying, my temple,my temple, my temple says this and my church says that and the people never read the Word of God to know what He says so they can receive blessing. I notice that God sees these as houses or churches that don't teach the full word of God so that the people know the full truth of the Book that these one verse charlie churches are dung. I`ll have to read on but I think verse 7:23 is something we should think hard on. Study the word and don't trust any man in a building with your life.
  • Haroon on Jeremiah 1:12
    so nice verses
  • SIYASANGA MAJOLA on Jeremiah 1
    this is a beautiful chapter of the has taught me a lot,i now know that i should tell what the holy spirit tells me to tell his people and not be ashamed.whether they listen or not,i must tell them the good doesnt matter my relation with them,i should just open my mouth and speak forth powerful words.glory be to GOD forever more.ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
  • The Messenger2 on Jeremiah 1
    I was going through a bad time in my life once' and I had been fasting 4 days' and an Angel of God apperared to me in a dream and said' You have got to get through this' you are special to me' Jeremiah was special to me'! See I have dreams of things to come' but they are usually all of bad things to come' and jeremiah was known as the prohet of doom because everything God showed him was of bad things to come also. God compared me to Jeremiah meaning 'don't be afraid of their faces warn them whether they believe or don't believe warn them anyway or their blood would be on my hands. the latest thing he has shown me was on 12-14-2010, That we will have another recession

    and it will be so bad that people will have to sell their blood in order to buy and pay for things they need' which means recession/famine!
    What is so ironic is he showed me the last one before it came in 12-14-2007 '3 yrs to the day same month same day.
  • Claire on Jeremiah 1
    Jeremiah surely was special To be touched on the mouth so that he could perform the works of the Lord. Nobody like Him.....
  • Teresa on Jeremiah 1
    I think this passage is awesome to have such a closeness to GOD for GOD to touch his mouth and have GOD words to come out of your mouth. GOD told him what to speak we must not be afraid of men but fear GOD!

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