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  • Claire
    Jeremiah surely was special To be touched on the mouth so that he could perform the works of the Lord. Nobody like Him.....
  • Teresa
    I think this passage is awesome to have such a closeness to GOD for GOD to touch his mouth and have GOD words to come out of your mouth. GOD told him what to speak we must not be afraid of men but fear GOD!
  • Pastor Charles Crawford for verse 5
    From a careful and prayerful studious perusal of the scriptures, "knew" seems to denote God's foreknowledge of who Jeremiah would become which includes the relation and submission that Jeremiah would have toward God.
  • Matthew_Witness for verse 13
    Jeremiah saw a seething-pot (Can you see this pot today in the North? boiling- North Korea The mouth or face of the furnace or hearth, was toward the north; from whence the fire and fuel were to come. The northern powers shall unite. The whole counsel of God must be declared. The fear of God is the best remedy against the fear of man. Better to have all men our enemies than God our enemy; those who are sure they have God with them, need not, ought not to fear, whoever is against them. Let us pray that we may be willing to give up personal interests, and that nothing may move us from our duty.amen
  • Admire
    The amazing God.I like Vs 3. God has plans for us all including yet to be born.
  • Gequita

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