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  • Christy Carmel
    Verse 8: Be not afride of their faces: for Iam with thee to deliver thee .... this particular verse makes me realise that If I Kneel before God I can stand before any man
  • Bongi
    Verse 19,,they will fight against thee but they shall not prevail" the scripture gives me peace for i know that when i have God by my side i will overcome anything..
  • Jesse for verse 16
    This passage struck me as violent and retributive at first, but maybe I read it incorrectly. God says "I will utter My judgments against them touching all their wickedness." He doesn't seem to punish "wicked men", rather his judgments are targeted at "their wickedness". I think God freed these men rather than punishing them; He cast out their demons that hid the Lord from them encouraged them to sin. I think this is actually a story of redemption.
  • Mockingbird for verse 5
    This scripture is so very precious:God knew who and what I would become !!!! I am still "becoming",He ordained me/us to be a prophet.When I/we speak the word of God I/we are prophets.I am so Blessed to be known and formed by the hand of my Great and Mighty Lord and Saviour and God !!!!! Praise God for His Love!!!
  • Malomo Zibabo for verse 5
    This reminds us that GOD knows the purpose why we were born. So it is left for each individual to find out that reason
  • Oluwagbemiga for verse 19
    Fear only God and obey is commandment try to leave the reast onto him and God will fight for you surely.
  • Timesoftrouble for verse 10
    This world of believers can see no truth with understanding which is why none, no, not one person pleases God as written in Psalms 14:2-3; therefore they see not this world filled with lies and corruption being pulled up by its roots and cast into the fires of tribulation for its coming destruction; and once then when God's kingdom comes, those chosen as overcomers of the god of this world will be able to build and plant a righteous human race through God's laws based on love rather than pathetic human rule which has brought destruction.

    about. me / timesoftrouble
    JEREMIAH chapter 1 gives me hope of restoration for God people
  • Margaret for verse 5
    This is regarding pre-ordained, chosen, I foreknew you before; (I chose you before the foundation of the world), the overthrow of Satan. Check out the word foundation, it is not like the foundation of a building, it is casting down. God's overthrow of the World That Then Was, spoken of by Peter. God knew Jeremiah could cut it, as a prophet, he knew him from the first heaven and earth age and knew he could trust him, to do what God wanted him to do; he cannot trust that old Devil, that cause everybit of this earth age. May God Bless you.
  • Andrew
    To Mosadoluwa.
    Where did you find that Jeremiah was 6 years old?
  • I have learned not to rely on myself but to trust in God in all things. I cannot control many of things that happen in life so why not trust in the one that created us and can make the impossible, possible. God gives us peace, not as the world gives it but, through the spirit of truth the HOLY SPIRIT. When we trust in God, all things are possible for those who believe. "Faith is the substance of things hope for and evidence not seen." Hebrew 11:1, if you believe and have hope then expect it to happen.
  • Mosadoluwa Olaniyi
    That chapter is what we can fear about because the task God gave Jeremaiah was very great.A child of six year old to face a nation or nations with great priests and prophets and powerful leader is very rear.But since the God work and the prophesy of the sender he has nothing to fear about.Therefore,when God sends us messages we don't need to fear because He will protect us.
  • Thomas for verse 5
    This is the voice of God concerning the bride of Christ. God created us with a purpose, and a commission to perform in our lives. It reflected in Jeremiah's life as well as John the Baptist also. In this generation, we are the people to fulfill this prophecy by submit our life to do the will of God.
  • Anonymous for verse 13
    I think Jeremiah was see destruction coming toward that city facing north
  • Alfred omondi
    The chapter is very tells the people that their destroyers will come from the north.hence God gave them Jeremiah to warn them.
  • Kenny for verse 12
    helpful verse cz its give direction of hw jehova work
  • Donna Gamaliel
    I love da part on verse one to ten is because. All we have to know that God has place so much in us thats why we need to depend on him and not to say We cant or we are too young. Just take the first step and God wil do the rest!!!
  • David B. for verse 5
    For those of us who believe the bible is the Word of God, it means exactly what it says. I do not believe the Bible as it suits me, but cherish it word for word. The Creator of the universe is quite capable to make known His word to mankind until The End OF Days. With each day they are closer, not further away.
  • Gary H. for verse 5
    God Almighty Has shown me what this Veres means, God know us befor we where Born because we where a living soul in Heaven Befor the fall of Adam. sense the Fall of Adam "we" needed tobe "Born of water & of Spirit"- To live life as a Mortal, Learn to Love one another as God Loves us & why Jesus Had to be our Sacrafice. I can only hope that this will help others to understand GOD'S LOVE for us.
  • Prophet Sydney Delchot
    And very seasonably then was this young prophet raised up to assist and encourage the young king in that good work. Then the word of the Lord came to him, not only a charge and commission to him to prophesy, but a revelation of the things themselves which he was to deliver.
  • Charmaine M Maragh
    God usedes Jeremiah to warn the people of that land. That they should not served no other gods , but the one true God who made the heavens and the earth. Jeremiah thought he could not do the job , but God. Re- ashore him that he God would be with him every step of the way.
  • Chrssy
    Jeremiah was afraid at first because of age, but God comforted him by saying "I will be with thee". He followed instructions and went as planned, very courageous!
  • James E.M. Sallia for verse 5
    The meaning of Jeremiah 1:5 is straight forward that what ever you might want to be in life if God has not ordained it for you before u were conceived u will labour in vain. Because God has known u before creating u and has even planned from which parents u will be born whether black or white, tall or short
  • Bishop James Gordon for verse 5
    Reminds me of John the Baptist and the mandate that was placed over his life
  • Ronnie
    I thank God for directing me this morning to this very important book Jeremiah.
    I've got a job with a very good position and I was scared but thank God bcause He says in verse 8 tha I be not afraid of their faces,He will surely deliver me what to say in te meeting always. Thamk you Lord.
  • Rosalina
    My respond to Bodurin Ajiboye's Jeremiah Chapter 1 comment about verse 19 on 9/06/2013, 5:27pm: GOD is awesome! We must accept the fact that He created everything. As it's written in Isaiah 45:7 "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things". But the verse should not be misunderstood. Whoever call evil good or good evil shall be cursed as it is written in Isaiah 5:20.
  • Frank
    We need to think in deep the two words,formed in a belly and come out of womb.
  • Bodurin Ajiboye for verse 19
    The bible say by strength shall no man prevailed.
    What ever position you are holding it is GOD that gives you the ability. look @ Jeremiah in the bible, Jer 1 vs 1 to the end , from nothing to some thing, money and man can not give. We have lots of them like that in the bible eg JUDGES 11 VS 1 TO 11 Talks about JEPHTAH who was relegated and messed up by his brothers and was latter promoted by GOD etc. Is YAWEH not awesome?
  • This verse teaches me to trust God in whatever thing that is happening in my life. He will never leave me nor forsaken me, He is with me everyday. THis verse really heals my soul
  • Karen for verse 13
    I don't know what all this means, but I am writing because this morning I had a dream with a boiling pot. I at first thought is was the brazen sea, but later in the day during prayer, I saw this again more was a fire under a pot. I could see the flames licking up the side of the pot. So, I began to search out an understanding from scripture. Today is 8/8/2013

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