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  • Word on Jeremiah 1
    Karen Bennett Jeremiah tells us not to trust mans teachings and to read the scriptures for ourselves. Isaiah 45 vs 18 tells us God created a beautiful earth with wisdom in Proverbs 8 vs 20 to 30 and in Job 38 vs 7 we learn all the sons of God and all His stars, stars are His children, all here in the first earth age then Jeremiah 4 destruction of earth. Genesis 1 vs 2 the word was is became.
  • Karen Bennett on Jeremiah 1
    Its amazing that God knew me even before I was born
  • Clarion on Jeremiah 1
    Nothing surprises our Maker. He is the unseen one marking our ways to save us...why don't we just believe and obey?
  • Doreen on Jeremiah 1
    The Lord wants us to acknowledge our sins, stop back sliding and come back to Him. We must have the Heart of God who is our helper. Jeremiah had not one convert in his congregation and yet he had to keep going forward and doing the Lords work. Sometimes we may feel all alone as we look around and see no one but The Lord is with us always and will never leave us or forsake us.
  • I love reading the bibe i have got so much more to learn about it its such a com on Jeremiah 1
    I love reading. The bible its the best. Book. Ever
  • Devan Sanders on Jeremiah 1
    The bible is the best book ever
  • Roxanne on Jeremiah 1
    This is a favorite verse of mine. I love the Lord
  • Abi on Jeremiah 1:5
    It's amazing.He is God. He created this amazing universe and everything is good. Much more myself, he created me last and best. Human. He could never have created anything that'd be useless. He is not a God of whims. Everything is carefully planned. Means I have an amazing duty to do here on earth. I have to find out what exactly it is and do it
  • George - in Reply on Jeremiah 1:5
    How did God know me before I was in the womb? Was I in Heaven or of this Earth?
  • Mickey - in Reply on Jeremiah 1:5
    God lives outside of time. Flip over a bowl on a flat surface and you will see it. Genesis 1:1 the first thing the triune Godhead (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) did was to CREATE time. "In Beginning" God sees everything. He gives us free will. Were not robots. Bad things happen to us. He's not going to subvert choices, we or others make concerning us. He's given us his living Word to guide us. Adam & Eve chose to eat that fruit fully knowing they were not to. We are all vulnerable to bad choices unless we decide to live the known will of God toward us. "To give us an expected end". God is a loving Father. Earth is not our forever home. Follow Jesus. Ask anyone who has trusted Him.
  • George - in Reply on Jeremiah 1:5
    Thank you for your perspective on my ponderings. Being a child in the Spiritual world I have so many things to learn and absorb. This is a path I treasure walking each and every day.
  • Rev Jarryson Mwendwa on Jeremiah 1
    God is determined to protect and guide us through out our lives, lets be keep His word always
  • Lilian on Jeremiah 1
    Jesus himself is the word of God, blessed are those who keep his commandments for they shall be saved. God 's words is so powerful and God is faithful to his promises that if we meditate his words day and night all things that we need will prosper and will be added. Put God first into your life and we shall see his goodness and mercy. Thanks to Jesus for his precious blood to ransomed us on the cross. amen
  • Thessy on Jeremiah 1
    Verse 11, speaks of God 's readiness to ensure His words come to pass. Therefore we must be bold to speak the word as God ll ensure they are fulfilled.
  • Roslyn Henry on Jeremiah 1
    God has taken over to protect all those that are called by his name. He is saying, at times we have to take a stand, be not afraid of anyone no matter what position held or who it it. God said, dont let them frighten us with their mouth or actions. He will make us ready to face them and he prepares a covering for us, HALLELUJAH!!!!
  • KITHSIRI on Jeremiah 1
  • Iyanu on Jeremiah 1:5
    If you have a special love for God and righteousness, a word of God of this form declares who you are, how you are, and for what reason are you like this. God sanctifies people since they were in the womb. God also know some people before ever they were formed or created in the womb. That 's a special knowledge of such people and not just the Omniscience character of God.
  • Eunice ciruh on Jeremiah 1:5
    This verse reveals to us that God has a purpose for all His children. no matter where you are born,country,village, family, He has a purpose for all. wooow, God knows you and me...glory to His Holy name.
  • Calixte JeanLouis on Jeremiah 1
    This chapter shows God is over everything
  • MAYDEL on Jeremiah 1
    its one of my favorites
  • Marlonshumpert on Jeremiah 1
    The first chapter of the book of Jeremiah is so profound here it is God says I knew you before you were formed only if we can realize just how important we are to God how much he cares about us that is a mighty statement then goes on to talk about I put my words in your mouth don 't be afraid. Then the lord goes on to say that I put thee over the nations and kingdoms remember in the book of Luke when Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness he took Jesus and showed him all the kingdoms of the world . But God told Jeremiah that he was going to route out and destroy that he was going come back and build and plant i 'm just blown away . I 'm just blown away because I see God doing something in the 21st-century along the lines with me
  • Bumpy Aibush on Jeremiah 1:19
    Amen, i am protected by the love of Yahweh...halleluia
  • Abel Subramony on Jeremiah 1
    We see that GOD has chosen his servant Jeremiah to spread the gospel to the lost souls.This was GODS plan and GODS purpose for Jeremiah.The bible also tells that he has sent his words through the prophets.So when we read or hear the prophetic message we must abide and be submissive to the messages because that word must come to pass.In the same way GOD has got a plan and purpose for our lives so we must follow the calling of GOD.
  • Swagg master Jeremiah Williams on Jeremiah 1
    This was the chaperter and children need to learn this
  • Bee on JERemiah 1
    We are nothing but just tools in the hands o the creator
  • Brian on Jeremiah 1:5
    This Verse is what our children need to hear at the correct time through a wise teacher filled with the Holy Ghost of course ,to know that all things begin with God and that God is a person who is very personaly interested in His children
  • Insight 777 on Jeremiah 1
    Verse 18, the word against does not always mean hostile to or in opposition to something. The way this verse is phrased can be confusing. It can also mean preparation for a problem or difficulty which I think applies in the meaning of against in this verse. It actually means preparation for defense to protect Judah, not to fight against Judah. I think princes in verse 18 means military commanders.
  • Insight 777 on Jeremiah 1
    Verses 15 and 16 could be a governmental summit meeting similar to the G 8 OR THE NUCLEAR SECURITY SUMMIT. In 2014 Russia was ousted as a member of the G 8 group and sanctions were placed on Russia. Syria, Russia and Iran are together in military agreement. Syria is against Israel and Russia with Iran support Syria on a military and economic basis. Some people think Syria is the king of the north spoken of in the Bible but I think that title would belong to the northern country with the strongest military which is Russia, especially since Russia and China are allies. The iron pillar spoken of in verse 18 could be the Iron Dome missile defense system designed to intercept and destroy short range rockets. The Iron Dome is part of a multi tiered missile defense system that Israel is developing which includes what they call the Iron Beam.
  • Simiso on Jeremiah 1
    I love Jeremiah

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