Jeremiah 50:30 MEANING

Jeremiah 50:30
(30) Therefore shall her young men fall . . .--The verse is reproduced almost literatim from the prophecy against Damascus in Jeremiah 49:26.

Verse 30. - With the exception of "her" in the second clause, a repetition of Jeremiah 49:26.

50:21-32 The forces are mustered and empowered to destroy Babylon. Let them do what God demands, and they shall bring to pass what he threatens. The pride of men's hearts sets God against them, and ripens them apace for ruin. Babylon's pride must be her ruin; she has been proud against the Holy One of Israel; who can keep those up whom God will throw down?Therefore shall her young men fall in the streets,.... Or "surely" (f); it is the form of an oath, according to Jarchi Cyrus, when he took Babylon, ordered proclamation to be made that the inhabitants should keep within doors; and that whoever were found in the streets should be put to death (g), as doubtless many were:

and all her men of war shall be cut off in that day, saith the Lord; as Belshazzar and his guards were (h); see Daniel 5:30; compare with this Revelation 19:18.

(f) "certe". (g) Cyropaedia, l. 7. c. 23. (h) Ibid.

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