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5/06/2021, 5:32pm by "Debbie Avery": God is so good to me and He blesses those around me. I love our creator and the amazing miracles he performs in my life and in the lives of my loved ones. We all go through trials and trubulations and He is ALWAYS there. He NEVER gives up on us. Jesus, my savior;God my father. My hope is in Him, my life is His. Thank you Yahweh. You are my anchor, my rock and on the solid rock I stand.

4/01/2021, 6:54pm by "LACEy": I'vealways felt different. I never was attracted to anyone in a romantic way. Not ever. But i have always loved taking care of animals. I had jobs working with animals. Then i started seeing Jeremiah 29:11 everywhere. I thought it was god's way of telling me that his plans for my life were to have a long-term career working with animals. But those jobs did not last as long as I'd hoped. So now, during this corona virus pandemic, i have been writing in my journal about my own personal memories. Through this process I've uncovered some things about myself that I've always wondered about. Now i realize that this was god's plan for me all along. His plan was for me to find the personal information about my life. Another Bible verse comes to mind. Matthew 7:7. And that's exactly what I'd been doing. I was seeking out information about myself. I was asking myself & god questions about what makes me so different. And suddenly the door was opened wide for me to see the answers to these personal questions I've had about myself. All my life I've wondered & now i have my answers. My prayer is that my story can help someone else who may be feeling different. It's OK to be different no matter what! And it's healthy to accept yourself.

1/29/2021, 4:49pm by "Caleb Martinez": I love the bible

7/05/2020, 8:49am by "Pochalla Banak": Praise be to the Lord in the highest position, i will wait until God"s purposed for me.

4/23/2020, 1:13am by "Luka Ngonyama mchinzi": In every situation remain rooted in Christ Jesus for he is the only anchor of our salvation

4/12/2020, 1:47pm by "Judith Bell": This verse remind me that God's plan for my future is a bright one, he's prepared me for that blessed day.

6/14/2015, 3:21pm by "Annette": Consider the birds whom neither sow nor reap, yet God feeds them and cares for them. How much more does God care for us!! Yes, He has a plan for me to teach me how to live for Christ for my life is Christ. Romans 8:28----for all things work together for good to them who love God. To God be the glory!!!!!


5/04/2015, 6:29pm by "Sherry": No matter what life brings I am forever greatful that God loves me so much...not because of anything that I 've done. He 's my hope, everyday!

4/19/2015, 5:21am by "Carolyn Chase": This verse of scripture has brought so much hope for me because even though I am facing something right now Jesus is working it out for my good. He knows what I 'm going through and since his thoughts for me are good and not evil, I already have the Victory. I love you Lord.

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