Jeremiah 1:5 Inspirational Image

Jeremiah 1:5 Inspirational Image

"Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations."
Jeremiah 1:5 (KJV)

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"Yes Lord bless each of us. Defeat all forces of darkness in our lives. Amen."
"Glory to Jesus Christ<3"
"God said He knew us before He formed us in the belly. Ok 1. If God knew us before we were even conceived 2. He formed us in the belly.. Doesn't that mean we're alive before we're even formed??? So what gives man the right to kill babies when God knew them before He even made them???? Go figure. o.O"
"The world needs more people with the desire to serve God as Jeremiah did. Totally surrender yourself to God"
"Anyone don't' believe in destiny, election or predestination? Here you go go. God has a plan for every person whether they know it or not!"
"Just by looking at this beautiful precious baby we can see the love God has for His creation! Hallalujah!"
"My mom received a prophecy before I was born that said I would be a prophet. Blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you. Rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in heaven..this was said by Jesus in Matthew 5. I am rejoicing!"
"Thank God that he cared enough for us to send His son to die for our sins."
"Amen Lord please Bless everyone and I ask thee what can I do for you today. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. Amen"
"How can anyone think abortion is not murder!?"
"Thank you Jesus, and protect those that cannot protect themselves."
"Amen, Praise and Glory to you Father, in Jesus name.."
"Amen...Jesus is coming...don't know when but I know he's coming."
"God is all knowing amen"
"God knew us all before satan's rebellion. that's how he knew which apostles to pick. Jesus said...I chose you, you did not choose Me..that's how he knew He wanted paul"
"He knows us before we are <3"
"I never understood this until Arnold Murray taught it , I love the Shepards Chapel and his teachings make total sense"
"If you just keep praying he will remove all forces of darkness from your life!"
"Jesus our King is the King of every situation! Please pray for my friend Maria that He would say, "This one is mine and I knew her before she was formed in the womb!""
"Please pray for Eric Davis. He's in his late 30s got sick in October with a cold and is dieing now with congestive heart failure. Please send up Healing Power Prayers!"
"Praises to our Holy and Righteous God, Jesus Christ!"
"So much for the [secular/politically correct] idea that human life is just a blob of fetal matter until so many weeks of gestation. God is God and let every man be a liar [that thinks he is wiser]."
"Aren't,babies so beautiful and yet so innocent"
"GOD knew me before my parents or any man knew me. GOD is my CREATOR and my FATHER."
"So beautiful and innocent. Filled with power unbeknownst to them and divine.. Children are everything. <3"
":') I am happy and blessed. Lord,thank you soo much for everything You have given me. I give You praise. <3 :)"
"Abortion is wrong,wrong,wrong."
"All Glory Be to God!!!!!"
"All praises belongs to you oh GOD !"
"Amen Amen and all Gods people say Amen"
"Amen and this totally destroys the abortion argument!! Life is so important."
"Amen praise to you Lord Jesus"
"AMEN thank GOD for this as I am with child right now and I am so BLESSED that GOD has his hand on Michael Herring and my first baby boy IN JESUS MIGHTY AND PRECIOUS NAME DTB"
"Amen thank you JESUS TO SANCTIFIED AND ORDAINED E before i came out of the womb"
"Amen Wow Confirmation..."
"Amen! All humans are God's creation!"
"Amen! God's Word is always good."
"Amen, God would not say this if A baby was just a lump of non viable tissue. Can I get an AMEN!!"
"Amen, praised God & our Lord Jesus Christ!"
"Amen,lord,JesusChrist,forgive us for the abortions,many did not know the meaning than but now have repent. You are an amazing God."
"Amen. .to God be the glory. ..add me too please. .thanks..GODBLESS"
"Amen. Warrior of God!"
"Children the true meaning of the Creation Story found in Genesis "OF THEIR KIND " means to make more....Thank You Lord...Amen."
"Erin Moreira"
"God bles each of us and i love bible"
"God is so great he holds us in his hands"
"He was referring to Jeremiah in this scripture. Jeremiah was one of only three men who were ever preordained at birth the other two were John the baptist and Jesus Christ...Jeremiah had a commission to transplant the throne from the "HOUSE OF JUDAH" meaning the Jewish People tot he "HOUSE OF ISRAEL" meaning the ISRAELITES which had been scattered across the earth light grains of sand. They were in fact white people if you look at the Israelites in Israel. Some are Jewish but most are white. These are the people who formed the 12 tribes of Israel. Only two of the tribes were actually Jewish (Benjamin) and (Levi) the other ten were white. The throne God promised would exist until the second return of Christ seemingly ended with Kind Zedekiah of Judah. The bible records that he was captured by Babylon, bound in chains, his sons were killed before him, his eyes were gouged out and his head was cut off.Ireland records old white haired patriarch arriving in Ireland with one or more of the kings daughters and his constant companion and sectary Simon Barrack. He brought along with him some interesting things along with a (Harp) an (Ark) and stone called LiaFail or the Stone of Destiny...Jacob's Pillar Stone..."
"Heard really good message at Greater Union today from this passage, message was meant for me. Amen"
"How precious. A gift from God."
"I like how God uses the term "I" formed thee!; I hear so many women say today I made you!; God does the forming and creating and making ! No offense women!; but this is the real TRUTH!"
"I love you Lord JESUS CHRIST forever!!! amen!"
"Just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, Having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will ( Ephesians Ch 1, vs4&5)"
"Lord bless my family and heal us we are in need Lord Amen"
"Love. If only everyone realized that new life is."
"Praise god for the little child."
"Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!"
"Praise the lord our heavenly father"
"Praise you !"
"She is an angel sent from heaven????"
"Shinel Sahadeo"
"So precious!!!"
"Than you dear Lord our God Amen."
"Thank u Lord 4 evrythn"
"Thank U my God,Father and Maker."
"Thank you LORD for giving us life through your son JESUS CHRIST. To GOD be the glory."
"The Word became flesh and dwelt with us."
"This is not only saying that God knows us before we are formed as humans, not as anything else, ALIVE. Also is letting us know how he loved us before our body was shaped. Do not kill God's work in progress."
"This is why we dont do abortions"
"This proves there is life from the moment of conception"
"Today is Sanctity of Life Sunday. Let us grieve for the more that 56 million pre-born infants whose lives have been snuffed out by legalized abortion since 1973. Let us pray that mothers will change their minds and decide to give their babies the gift of life."
"Untill Islamic terrorist Obama makes you convert or kills us all for not believing in lucifurs prophet allah"
"Wooow amen amen and amen my love jesus"
"Yes Lord, you have ordained me."
"Yes Lord,,,thank you for you are so great and awesome GOD !"
"Yes, and my little angel will be arriving in early May. Thank You, Father!"


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