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3/21/2020, 12:16pm by "Marvin Jackson": What is the trinidad

3/21/2020, 2:57am by "George": Thank you for your perspective on my ponderings. Being a child in the Spiritual world I have so many things to learn and absorb. This is a path I treasure walking each and every day.

3/20/2020, 7:34pm by "Mickey": God lives outside of time. Flip over a bowl on a flat surface and you will see it. Genesis 1:1 the first thing the triune Godhead (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) did was to CREATE time. "In Beginning" God sees everything. He gives us free will. Were not robots. Bad things happen to us. He's not going to subvert choices, we or others make concerning us. He's given us his living Word to guide us. Adam & Eve chose to eat that fruit fully knowing they were not to. We are all vulnerable to bad choices unless we decide to live the known will of God toward us. "To give us an expected end". God is a loving Father. Earth is not our forever home. Follow Jesus. Ask anyone who has trusted Him.

3/20/2020, 3:12am by "George": How did God know me before I was in the womb? Was I in Heaven or of this Earth?

8/18/2015, 2:11am by "Abi": It's amazing.He is God. He created this amazing universe and everything is good. Much more myself, he created me last and best. Human. He could never have created anything that'd be useless. He is not a God of whims. Everything is carefully planned. Means I have an amazing duty to do here on earth. I have to find out what exactly it is and do it

5/11/2015, 2:04am by "Iyanu": If you have a special love for God and righteousness, a word of God of this form declares who you are, how you are, and for what reason are you like this. God sanctifies people since they were in the womb. God also know some people before ever they were formed or created in the womb. That 's a special knowledge of such people and not just the Omniscience character of God.

4/17/2015, 9:54am by "Eunice ciruh": This verse reveals to us that God has a purpose for all His children. no matter where you are born,country,village, family, He has a purpose for all. wooow, God knows you and me...glory to His Holy name.

1/07/2015, 4:10am by "Brian": This Verse is what our children need to hear at the correct time through a wise teacher filled with the Holy Ghost of course ,to know that all things begin with God and that God is a person who is very personaly interested in His children

10/13/2014, 4:26am by "chizeeik": To my understanding GOD is the father of all and HE is maker of all,and HE siad he that most come to HIM most beleive that HE HIS,am hapy to be HIS son

8/16/2014, 7:32pm by "Sister Robinson": It is unspeakable joy, to understand that God knew us before we were even in our mother 's womb.I am confident that despite the momentary hardship here on the earth, God already won the battle for us all.My God is truly AWESOME and WORTH TO BE PRAISE FOR EVER AND EVER, AMEN!!!!

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