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  • Timothy on James 5:12
    Interesting... Does this mean that Christians do not have to swear on the Bible when summoned to appear before court?
  • Stan hilton on James 5:16
    the way i see it,allow me to be straight to the point there are many christians who would not dare go there.they want to appear they have it all together pure and righteous or they would not want a fellow brother or sister in Christ to know their garbage.a lack of trust in the body of Christ is one of the biggest problems in the Church of today.remember Christ came for the sinner,not the righteous.i would love to see us practice literally James 5 16.revival would happen !
  • Kenneth Owusu on James 5:16
    There 's this simile "As ugly as sin ". But as ugly as our sins or faults may look, God wants us to unburden them to one another so as to be remembered in prayer by our brethren. There are a lot of Christians who could have half solved their challenge of sin by just confessing sharing to one another, but their problem is that they can 't trust their brethren with their secrets, weakness and shortcomings. If only their confessed sins, shortcomings and weakness will remain a prayer topic other than an information for distribution, believers would overcome their sins faults and sickness easily because " the fervent effectual prayer of intercessors is powerful and effective to produce wonderful result " So anytime you hear of a brethren 's sin fault sickness, weakness do not thank God that you 're not like that brethren Luke 18 11 12 but interceed for for him.
  • John Smalley on James 5
    The book of James is showing me how to live in a world full of troubles I am in a 12 step program that teaches this.
  • Clinton on James 5:14
    God word is plain and simple to understand.He do not speak in riddles,He speaks so you will understand, yet there are those that try to add to His word or change it to their way of thinking.Where is your faith ? Either believe God or make Him a lie , God is not a man that He should lie Numbers 23 19 Read James 4 8 AMEN and Amen
  • Leona on James 5
    in the apocryphal hidden books, there is james chapter 18 4. can 't seem to get into this now i did read about this chapter. where james saw time stand still. called the suspension of time. can you tell me where is it on the internet. apocryphal hidden book thank you
  • Thomas on James 5:13
    It gives hope to the sick and assurance that God hears prayers and being happy is acceptable for Christians
  • Shibu Tabor on James 5:3
    Kindly give me an accurate note on the word "rust "contextually to the text James 5 3.thankfully.....
  • Lucy on James 5
    love the book of James, it remind when my son was very sick. i went into dip sleep and woke up sweating, some talk to me and ask to read the Bible chapter 5 verse 15. i confused, i wasn 't going to any church at the time.i prayed and ask GOD for forgiveness. After few days he was fine and i found a church and told but no one believed me.I thank God because i everything is explained in BIBLE.LUCY
  • Talauna Jones on James 5
    Very Powerful! Pray For Your Neighbors As We Pray For Ourselves. Wait On The Arrival Of God 's Light! Be Saved,and Healed! I Enjoyed The Blessing Of James
  • Relebogile lekhema on James 5
    my believe is that whenever you pray to GOD everything is already done for you as promised in the book of John 14v12 14 and only faith and believe works.
  • Tom on James 5
    Bonnie Skillman. David said in Ps 51 my sin is ever before me. My sins are ever before me, it helps not to sin more when I think how I have sinned, God bless you. Ps 51 3
  • Rev Frank on James 5
    In Response to Bonnie Skillman. Quote "I would but I can 't because it happened so long ago that if I was to confess it would probably kill my mother. She is 78 and in poor health. " Bonnie, if you have confessed and totally repented of this sin, you are covered by the blood of this sin. If this sin is still festering in you then you are being convicted by the Holy Ghost to reveal this to your mother or release it to someone you totally trust. husband, Pastor, Christian counselor just to name a few. Let them pray with you and allow God to give you the right direction on how to go on from there. Whatever this sin was it will not keep you out of heaven, for if you confess your sins He is faithful to forgive and throw your sin in the sea of forgetfulness never to be remembered again by Him not us. With love in Christ Jesus our Lord, Rev Frank
  • Darren on James 5:16
    Well technically the word "faults " is not the same as "sin " in the original greek, however it is referring to the same thing as sin...going against what his word teaches. It is a transgression against his law. However in the context where this word is used, it implies a deeper meaning. A sinful condition that causes a variety of sins. It is the difference between saying "I stole 5 dollars " and "I am a thief, I covet, I envy, I lie about it, and I need you brother to help me by holding me accountable if need be...pray for me, support me, love me in spite of my faults because I cannot seem to control this by myself. " Thats why this verse is followed by the story of Elias...big things can happen in a congregation when we have the courage to follow this teaching. In fact we can "hide a multitude of sins "...why? Because we get to the root of the problem. In fact, James says to tell anyone who is willing to "BEAR ONE ANOTHER 'S BURDENS " that they are helping to save that person from death and Hell. This is the most underestimated verse in the scriptures. We don 't teach it, encourage it..be willing to show the example, reward one for doing so. Nor do we expect the receiver to be responsible for the erring brother. It is one of the greatest commandments and purpose to the Lord 's Church. "Lord, how many times should I forgive my brother? "....get the point? You should. Jesus always got to the root of the problem in a person 's life ...every time.
  • Geraldine cole on James 5
    What I get out of this is Jesus want us to go to the one we have done wrong to and tell them u are sorry for whatever happen between u and them.after u do that go to Jesus and repent.and when u tell the other person you are sorry and they don 't receive it u have done your part.now it on them .do not worry do not let anyone send u to hell because of unforgiveness in your hart.
  • Michael on James 5:16
    I like the scripture of James confession is a power full weapon.
  • Marie on James 5:16
    This Scripture is not telling us to confess our sins one to another. We are not able to bear sins!! We confess our sins to Jesus. He 's telling us to repent and make peace with one another. pray for one another, because the "effectual fervent prayers of the righteous man availeth much "! Your prayers that you send up for one another, moves God, and action soon begins to take place. God is the only one who can take Sin.... by you confessing your sins to me, there 's nothing I can do with it..
  • Bonnie Skillman on James 5:16
    I would but I can 't because it happened so long ago that if I was to confess it would probably kill my mother. She is 78 and in poor health.
  • MockingBird on James 5:16
    I get so much from others comments on here. It Blesses me. I believe that the Lord is talking about confessing your faults and or sins to another that you can trust to be discreet and without judging and or condemning To pray with you That way they know what they are dealing with and will know how to pray for you and with you about the matter you are going through .Confession dealing with it is half the battle and if your willing obedient to turn around. I do not believe that we are to tell every one in the Church of our sins. so on. Just those that are faithful to bear your burden with you. God Bless
  • Blessed on James 5
    James have some dynamic insight into salvation. The last verses 17 20 are phenomal. The part about saving someone from their sins rings loud and clear. People like to believe that means you coverup sin. Letting the sinner remain in sin. It means a person gets saved out of sin and the sin that they did has no future nor is remembered by GOD. After all are we or are we not children of the only wise GOD.
  • Pepe on James 5
    I agree with the word that says every believer can anoint the sick and also look at this, the word of God says that sons and daughters shall prophesy did the Lord say prophets shall prophesy no and the putting of hands on sick was not only directed to the pastors but to anyone who believes and has faith as little as the mustard seed
  • Jesse Howard on James 5:14
    I am a believer and follower of the practice of a anointing and praying for the sick. I have witnessed, many times, God's Grace in healing someone in need. I'm not hear to argue for or against modern day medicine, but to witness to you God's love for us and His willingness to bless us when we have faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. I believe anointing and prayer through the laying on of hands, are just one more way God expresses His love for us. He uses the Sacrament of the Bread and the Wine, the Sacrament of Marriage, Baptism, and many more. May God bless us, all, as we continue to seek Him.
  • Mike on James 5:12
    I believe we as Christians should not have to swear any Oath unless it is to our Lord and God. On earth a Christians word should be enough to where we should not have to swear any Oath.Once you swear a certain oath, then you are accountable for that oath even if the people over what you swore is doing wrong, you become part of the wrong doing. Just my thoughts? Anyone have a different view?
  • R C on James 5:16
    My comment is that as we begin to walk in faith and remember what Paul commanded in 1 tim,2:1 that we should pray for all people then we will grab a hold of Jam 5:16 and be grateful to for our sis and brothers knowing that God is enabeling us to function that His glory will be seen. miracles will happen when we obey God in praying one for another.
  • Henrietta on James 5:16
    In a marriage we shaould always be willing to confess our faults. Keeping things hidden only bind us to a life of lying and out of fellowship with God. This is not what God want for us. The old saying "confession is good for the soul" is really true. Only the Truth can set us free......
  • Craig Cotton on James 5:14
    My wife has 2nd stage Dementia and I had her, with her permission, to be anointed with oil by our pastor some months ago. I believe totally in what James 5:14 says....It is the word of God, a command to do so if one is sick. I have seen several healing miracles before my eyes and know it was from God. In faith believing, I know that God will heal my wife totally of Dementia because God cannot lie. Craig Cotton 12/2/13
  • BSP on James 5:10
    This verse shows that the prophets of old are to be a pattern for us in our lives. The whole Bible is truly beneficial and we can learn things in the Bible from those who have lived hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Even though many of the prophets suffered unjust treatment, they stayed faithful to their assignment and were patient with the people they preached to. This is to be a lesson for us.
  • Patrice Obute Awelo on James 5:16
    We should always be open and acknowledge our problems to one another so that he or she may assist us in prayer ,which we have been assured releases much power since we are we have right standing with God
  • Rosalinda on James 5
    The best of the best, and no the others.
  • Rosalinda on James 5
    "I like to share the word of God, to those love God word.

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