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  • Robert on James 4
    We know we ALL have sin. So letís move on to how we also know how not to sin, speak truth to one another love as Christ has loved you, let not sin overrule your thoughts and have God be in your heart soul and mind and he will bring peace to all even in the time when there seems no hope, God is truly God and he has made it very clear in all translations give Him your heart and love and he will stand with you and help you overcome anything that would try to separate you and your love from Him.
  • Baruch hashem on James 4:7
    Havinfg treasured God's word in my heart, I authorise the sword of Spirit fight for me !
  • Amy on James 4:7
    you have to take the first step by not concentrating on evil things,automatically devil will flee
  • Deirdrl on James 4
    This one of my favorite chapter of the Bible that I quote often, because it is so true and powerful. It causes me to look at myself and judge myself. It tells me that there is somethings I have to do like cleanse my hands and purify my heart. I have to humble myself and put myself under subjection. I have to submit to God he is not going to make us, we have to love him enough to want to submit to him. Reading this passage really stirs me deep within.
  • Fred on James 4
    Very strong scripture. I love the LORD.
  • Tito on James 4
    GOD is truly almighty and ever present. This chapter from begining to end is powerful and yet loving
  • Doorgunner on James 4
    When I was a doorgunner during the Viet Nam War, God appeared to me one day and told me to lay down my weapons of War, and take up my Cross. I resented Him with all my heart because He told me to do exactly the opposite that my Nation required of me. After many years, I have realized that He, not I, was correct.
  • Magnsu on James 4
    very powerful and i love that sweet of God
  • Hjw on James 4
    this is a beautiful chapter I've been going over and over it is what I need.Thank the Lord for His goodness aand many blessings to me.4:11 is very powerfullono
  • Lillian on James 4
    I am always blessed when I read my Fathers Will and Testimony for my life, but again today I saw that we must draw nearer and closer to our God and read His Word every day to get to know Him so that we know what we know is the truth and that we can give and speak out and tell our friends, family, when things go wrong and that my friends happens all over, so its for us to give freely.
  • Mike on James 4
    very powerful.
  • Carlton on James 4
    these are very powerful and helpful words to thise who are looking for changes.....I myself will was very pleased of reading this chapter
  • Sitiveni Bulusui on James 4:7
  • Bruce on James 4
    I love it. A powerful word for me today.

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