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  • Roderick on James 4:17
    I know that the word of God Never fails me at anytime I think we should all take heed to the word of God because like the scripture we will all be held accountable before God
  • Trish on James 4:2
    I have pray about it, I have talk to my self about it, I even dream aabout it, ye have not because ye ask not I am ask God to bless me and every way of my life.
  • Elder Doris Harrell on James 4:15
    Oh, look at how gracious the LORD is to give us an escape from making rash promises and remarks with our mouths. Our intent may be honorable but truly we don 't know what we will be doing on tomorrow. This is all in his hands. When we say what James 4 15 is saying we are truly speaking the truth!!! I can 't tell you how many times I have regretted saying what I will do or where I will go and wishing later that I had never made those promises. He has, indeed, in James 4 15 given us a way of escape from the temptation of making rash promises with our mouths. And I just want to say thank you LORD.
  • Evodia on James 4
    I love paul when sayn we should submit ourselfs unto de lord, and resist de devil and he will flee from us,meaning every chriastians have to take part to resist de enemy,if u dont resist him then he will stick with you and by your side, therfore i urge every believer to run away from de works of de enemy, so it should flee frm u
  • Penina on James 4:17
    Thats why the gospel is to b preached to the 4 ends of the World ,no one to escape Judgement at the end.All will b held accountable of our own deeds.
  • Munyao on James 4:17
    Do assume and fail to do the right thing when you are also aware
  • Errol bennett on James 4:14
    James wants us to understand that we have no control over life We do not know about the next moment of our lives Life is very valuable and we must think about how we live our lives Let us not take anything for granted especially life We only have one life therefore we must live it with purpose What is your purpose in life
  • G herbo - in Reply on James 4:14
    We need to know who is god you need to saved in feel with the holy ghost.
  • Stephanie on James 4:7
    Submit yourself completely the mind body will power Give the Holy Spirit authority to take control and guide you The Holy Spirit will show you what you need to guard against and what the Devil s plan is against you God s Spirit will show you how to overcome the Devil through faithfully reading your Bible and steadfast praying Resist the Devil for Christ has already won the battle Always have the armour of God Eph 6 10 18 on soldier and brave marchly onwards
  • Jenelle on James 4:11
    We, as followers of Christ, need to be so careful in what we say about others. The world is watching us; and even more important, God is watching and is our judge.
  • Betty Asantewaa Arthur on James 4
  • Karen on James 4:8
    God will knock at the door of a heart. If that heart excepts the knock, God will come in. Clean hands and a clean heart God can fill to do his work. A double minded person is not sure of what they want, which in turn can prohibit them from turning to God.
  • Janice Newton@rocketmail.com on James 4:4
    I am guilty of this act of always wanting things my way and selfish desire's,but God said seek ye first the kingdom of God and his rightousness and all the things will be added on. Jesus forgive me, help me! help me ! help me, it is not about me.
  • One on James 4
    Beloved, Let James chapter 4 Bless you, to remember, that God wants us to, daily resist our selevs; For our flesh wants what the devil has to offer us, which is: Pleasure, dominion, self-will, selfishness, self-pride, luxury, and self-fulfillment, for the Bible says in, 1 John 2:16; That, all that is in the world is; the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.

    So the Bible shows us that our nature is with satan, and against God. So we must be attentive to that fact, and then keep our focus on denying ourselves, not even trusting in our own hearts, cause the Bible says, in Jeremiah 17:9, that the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. so we must read, study (meaning memorize),and meditiate on this chapter.
  • Herman German III on James 4
    Humm? America hasn't existed for even three hundred years, but they follow the same practices as Sodom, Gomorrah, and the other destroyed cities by allowing homosexuality, amongst some of the other morals.
  • Akuinor dave on James 4
    Lord per your word in this chapter, humble me, cleanse me and purify my heart.
  • Mulela on James 4
    The verse is very strong, and make me want to fight the devil that lives inside me which I'm going to do because the verse clearly mentions that whatever good things you want to do, God will stand by you, therefore, I am going to start by inviting the holy spirit to be within this journey that Iím about to take, because itís no easy but with the father God and his Son nothing is impossible for me.
  • Ricardo Richard Chikumbi on James 4:13
    Being a Christian is to be active. And do what is pleasing the Lord GOD. Now is the time to go in Godís field.
  • Robert on James 4
    When we seek the truth in our walk with Christ and clearly, he tells us how we are to walk with him in truth and love. If only we all could see that God has truly opened his heart for us to see how we are to walk and talk,.. God is good to all that seek the truth.
  • Robert on James 4
    We know we ALL have sin. So letís move on to how we also know how not to sin, speak truth to one another love as Christ has loved you, let not sin overrule your thoughts and have God be in your heart soul and mind and he will bring peace to all even in the time when there seems no hope, God is truly God and he has made it very clear in all translations give Him your heart and love and he will stand with you and help you overcome anything that would try to separate you and your love from Him.
  • Baruch hashem on James 4:7
    Havinfg treasured God's word in my heart, I authorise the sword of Spirit fight for me !
  • Amy on James 4:7
    you have to take the first step by not concentrating on evil things,automatically devil will flee
  • Deirdrl on James 4
    This one of my favorite chapter of the Bible that I quote often, because it is so true and powerful. It causes me to look at myself and judge myself. It tells me that there is somethings I have to do like cleanse my hands and purify my heart. I have to humble myself and put myself under subjection. I have to submit to God he is not going to make us, we have to love him enough to want to submit to him. Reading this passage really stirs me deep within.
  • Fred on James 4
    Very strong scripture. I love the LORD.
  • Tito on James 4
    GOD is truly almighty and ever present. This chapter from begining to end is powerful and yet loving
  • Doorgunner on James 4
    When I was a doorgunner during the Viet Nam War, God appeared to me one day and told me to lay down my weapons of War, and take up my Cross. I resented Him with all my heart because He told me to do exactly the opposite that my Nation required of me. After many years, I have realized that He, not I, was correct.
  • Magnsu on James 4
    very powerful and i love that sweet of God
  • Hjw on James 4
    this is a beautiful chapter I've been going over and over it is what I need.Thank the Lord for His goodness aand many blessings to me.4:11 is very powerfullono
  • Lillian on James 4
    I am always blessed when I read my Fathers Will and Testimony for my life, but again today I saw that we must draw nearer and closer to our God and read His Word every day to get to know Him so that we know what we know is the truth and that we can give and speak out and tell our friends, family, when things go wrong and that my friends happens all over, so its for us to give freely.
  • Mike on James 4
    very powerful.

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