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  • Mike on James 4
    jame chap 4 is one of my favorites
  • LaRue Evans on James 4
    It's wonderful to be able to read chapters of the bible online. It is an uplift to my soul.
  • A disciple on James 4
    What we should already have as an ingrained fact in our minds; is that which the Lord already has told us of, everything to expect, and that all of our Brethren, before and after, commonly must experience; which is for the proving of our character, to whether we will be counted worthy to enter into the kingdom of God, and be called the companions of our Lord Jesus Christ: To him that OVERCOMES...!
  • Lords body on James 4
    James on war is true of all wars.
  • Robert Van Der Walle on James 4
    I Trust God"s Word Always. Men Today Have Holy Fear Of The Wrath Of God In Your Life
  • LadyA on James 4
    I need the Lord to keep me humble and meek. Trusting God as I walk on the path of righteous. I believe!
  • BSP on James 4
    We must humble ourselves. This can mean performing lowly tasks and readjusting our view of ourselves and others. Jehovah God is sure to take notice of such humbleness in an individual and will exalt that individual in due time.
  • Robert Doss on James 4
    I believe that when we can Humble ourselves without hesitation we are experiencing our Lord's love.
  • Godswill edet on James 4
    Submitting your self to God, is all it take. Jesus has won all the battle for us. Thank you Jesus.
  • Brianna vs.10 on James 4
    Patience is a virtue. We may have a tendency to push ahead and act as we see fit. However, we need to be humble, recognize we need Jehovah's help in all aspects of our lives, and seek his guidance through the scriptures. Then in due time we can receive a blessing.
  • Michele Pitre on James 4
    I needed to hear that today. There is always someone or something not happy with self.. I love mee
  • I AM on James 4
    Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: that they may rest from their labours and their works do follow them.
  • SK James on James 4
    We were made by God. We are His. To submit to God is to turn away from our own sinful will and return ourselves to Gods way. Anything less than this is selling ourselves short. Having been born on all Saints day and given the name James I am truly appreciative of being allowed the time to come to my senses.
  • BSP on James 4
    If we submit ourselves to Jehovah God's will and oppose Satan then we will be successful and the Devil will flee from us.
  • Lilian on James 4
    Submit yourself unto the Lord and Resist evil and he will flee from you. Thank you Jesus for your word help me Lord to be born again every moment of my life and thank you for sending your holy spirit your love your mercy and your grace on my daily life thank you for your blood that shed for us without you we are nothing. I will trust you and will worship you Jesus for you are worthy to be praise
  • Chef on James 4
    Thank God in the name of Jesus, for his humbleness, and as I grow in him each day, I can include "If it's the Lord's will" as he so chooses. The plans that I may have. Be bless all.
  • Velda Wilson on James 4
    I am thankful that I know how to be humble
  • Maria Cristina Angeles on James 4
    I thank God for this priveledge, being His daughter.Iacknowledge the fact that apart from him, I can do nothing.So i submit myself to God that know me better.God bless to the author of this site I inspired a lot.more success!You're such a blessings.
  • Patricia Leht on James 4
    Pride brings believers down,but humbleness lift us up.we should stop boasting and humble our self before God so that He Himself will exalts us.
  • BARB on James 4
    I love reading the word each day to keep me focusing on the Lord and. getting closer and closer to follow His Commandments
  • Yvonne on James 4
    It's easy to love those who already love you, but to love the unlovely that's what Jesus also tried to do and I know it's our job too to try that, a very humble and difficult task, but we know , If we humble ourselves before the Lord, we can do all things Thru Jesus, which strengthens us!
  • Travis on James 4
    For me this is not just the Verse of the day, this is the answer to the question that I been asking Jesus and I know now what I really have to do Glory be to god
  • Jessica on James 4
    Thank you for this wonderful advice!
  • Julie on James 4
    The word of God have made us know how we are band to be tempted by the devil, an the only way one can recast the devil is by equipping oneself with the word of GOD which is the only weapon, that can make the devil flew.
  • Betty J. Davis on James 4
    Giving praise to God, and loving on his son Jesus Christ, the savior of the whole world. There's no room, or time for the devil to enter into my life.
  • MockingBird on James 4
    I believe that when I am doing God's word that is resisting the devil ! By doing I am submitting to God's will and not mine : The mind is enmity against God : I need to discipline myself and not walk after the desires of the flesh : That includes a lot : jealousy resentment uncontrolled anger lust of the eye lust of the flesh the pride of life ! Works of the flesh spoken of in Galations 5
  • Mena ama on James 4
    we should surrender our whole life to God,obey his law,be his children so that we will give us the power to resist sin and resist the devil.
  • Charlton on James 4
    Read Book of James, especially chapter four, CONFESSION TO GOD.
  • Marie on James 4:7
    I believe if i submit my self unto God and read his word daily and renew a wright spirt !!! That thee enemy can and wil flee '' Then he wont have any power are control in my life. But its not always easy to be connected constantly to christ in this evil world that we get so cought up in as we are always living by are emotions and sinful desires !! I have to keep reminding my self of James 4:7 by making notes around my surroundings and sticking them everywere !! Thought it could help someone else to share be bleesed
  • Melinda on James 4
    James, is teaching us how to humble ourselves and we will hear from God.

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