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  • Mishael on Saving The Earth
    In Israel right now, there are so many people moving there; possibly wanting to live inside Jerusalem; saying they are Jewish or of Jewish ancestry... Israel is actually checking genealogy out. They have more people coming in than they have housing for. A lot of people are upset about that.

    That's why they need to annex the land so new 'burbs can be built.

    Meanwhile the Palestinians are breathing fire and threatening vicious promises. Syria and Iran are linking up with Russia.

    Yet no one in America seems to know about it. I wonder if they know Russia and China are going to do business on their new Silk Road; along with Palestinians.

    I watch earthquake maps every day almost. Countries all around Turkey; in Turkey and in Russia have earthquakes almost every day. It's interesting. News media doesn't care about it.

    How is this end times going to pan out?

    There seems to be a web being spun around places. The only thing they are united on is wiping out teeny tiny Israel. You'd think big player nations would invade South America. All they have is soybeans and soon to be no rain forests. The oceans are warming and the atmosphere. I think if you burn down your oxygen source... you should be invaded. Does anyone take science in High School or College anymore?

    It's not going to help. Prophesy is happening! Has been for a long long time. The whole planet is longing for the Return of Jesus Christ. Pay attention to the SIGNS of the TIMES we are living in. Read your Bible and read rogue Newspapers. Do some googling on scientific records of rarely reported earth phenomenon. The South Pole is melting! The oceans will turn to blood. What science confirms that? If all the other forests burn up, how do we get oxygen.

    Get on board with Jesus NOW. We can't fix all the broken stuff anymore. This age is like an hourglass with much less sand than 2000 years ago. Grab on to Jesus. HAVE FAITH in Him to save you.
  • Patty Tozi
    To Saving the earth on James 4.

    You are so so right. No one listens to me either. The enemy of this world has them thinking opposite. I have studied this in the past. Wrote alot what l saw coming. No one knows that the times of mankind destructions are causing God's wrath to come fast and fury. People are suffering every day. Don't go to mankind. Go to your Holy Father. Read His word and prepare to fight now for Him. The fight at the end will be hard and many will suffer as never before. Mankind and satan had destroyed what God created for us. There is a Loving God who will fight with you. His Light of Love is so strong that you will stand as a Warrior for Him in the End. You will have your Father of Glory to go too. So fight on your knees and in His word. Don't straddle the fence any more. Stand tall-- Stand Strong!!!
  • Carl Gaines
    Adam was in the garden of Eden by himself for (we don't know how many of years) and never was tempted by the fruit on the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Than GOD put Eve in the garden (we don't know for how many years) and neither of them ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It was only when GOD put Satan into the garden that Eve was tempted and ate the fruit which has gotten us where we are today.

    So my Question is why put Satan in the garden, when the temptation was already there?
  • Chris
    Carl, the Genesis account does not give us all the details in this passage, but we would understand a few things. Adam & Eve were innocent & without sin in their creation. They remained that way & were never tempted by that tree being there, or for that matter, any tree or animal in Eden. Then Satan comes along; I don't believe that God put him there, but I do understand from Scripture that Satan was cast down from Heaven when he & those angels rebelled against God (Ezekiel 28:14-18: the reference is to the King of Tyrus, is fully seen in Satan's existence before & after his rebellion). So when Satan was cast out of Heaven, he used a serpent (quite possibly very different to what we know today), to seek out & tempt Adam & Eve to sin & lose their innocence.

    So I don't see that God especially put Satan there or even invited him to do what he did, but that Satan took the opportunity to destroy God's creation, which of course, he did when they obeyed him rather than God. But God, as we know, had other plans: in time & at the height of mankind's corruption, God would come Himself in Jesus, so as to give His life for us all. So Satan had a temporary victory, but God, through His Son, has given us an everlasting victory & restoration back to Himself. Satan still 'niggles' at us with temptations, but he knows that those who have been saved through the blood of the Lamb, will always have victory over him & as God has justified & sanctified us forever.
  • Carl Gaines
    Chris, see this is where everybody gets confused. You have to either believe the bible and that GOD knows all things or you don't.

    The only way I can truly believe and trust in GOD is that he is or he isn't or the bible is or it isn't. So using your logic GOD did not know that Satan was not going into the garden, which would mean GOD has no control over Satan. GOD has control over everything or he doesn't. GOD allowed the devil to attack JOB without GOD's permission Satan could not of attached JOB. GOD has a plan for us and what that plan is nobody knows. The part of the plan I don't understand is why did GOD let Satan temped EVE.
  • Chris
    Carl, I agree that God knows all things - if He didn't, He wouldn't be the God that the Bible reveals to us.

    No, I didn't say that "God did not know that Satan was (not?) going into the garden". I said, "that God didn't put Satan there". There's a difference between knowing & putting/inviting. God knows all things, but in this instance, as with Job, God didn't cause (or invite) that action to be performed.

    God has control over everything, but does He intrude into our choices, even Satan's? Yes, God allowed Satan to "attack Job". But did God put Satan there or even invited him to do what he (Satan) wanted? The Scripture tells us that Satan instigated the desire to test Job & God gave him permission, albeit with a caveat.

    "Why did God let Satan tempt Eve". Sure, God could have prevented this happening, simply by stopping Satan from getting close to her (them). How long would this have lasted? Ok, so maybe by doing this, they would remain innocent, but to their descendants, would Satan not try again to cause mankind to rebel & sin against God? Or, do you feel that God should be able to stop Satan from pursuing this evil act against every human in all generations?

    In this temptation to Adam & Eve, I see that God made us "in His image, after His likeness", unlike His other creation. What does this tell us about these distinctive godly qualities in man? We can think, reason, choose, communicate, etc. With those godly traits, I see God would allow man to avail them for whatever purpose he chose. But since they were innocent, obviously the demonstration of those traits would have been in wholesome purity & godliness. If another comes along to change all that (e.g. Satan), it is still the same trait that would also be exercised towards him. Unfortunately, for them & us, they chose wrongly. But God in His great Design, had a rescue Plan.
  • Michael
    I am trying very hard to understand James 4:4 but am having difficulty doing so.

    I publish a newsletter that goes out to several thousand people. In that letter, I often warn people of problems that are going on around the world that could effect them and their families. I am concerned that I am going against James 4:4 by involving myself and my readers with 'worldly' things. On the other hand, the Bible speaks clearly to the responsibilities of the 'Watchmen'. Can anyone help me with a better understanding. The LAST thing I want to do is to go against my Lord Jesus. Help please.
    Michael on James 4. Let me offer an opinion. I think that what James 4:4 is getting at, is that our desires should not be set on questionable pursuits that set Christ aside. For example, it is perfectly fine to engage in all legitimate activities in society. God orders society and sets up guidance for governments. Some people have an ambition to become great at something they do. Sports is a good example. Politics is another. And business is also a necessary endeavor in our lives. We live in a secular society. Not everyone feels the same about the God of the Bible and the standards Christians live by. But it is those standards that I think this verse makes reference to.

    As Christians, we are to put Christ and everything He stands for first in our heart. We must not abandon His precepts. When we shove Christ and the Biblical principles we ought to live by aside, we are essentially abandoning Him for things we think are more valuable or desirable. But there is a fine line here that we have to understand. Commitment to certain "secular" endeavors, does not mean you have abandoned Christ. I might be fully committed to my job, but I haven't replaced Christ with it. My desire is not that object, in place of Christ.

    We should also be mindful that we are all sinners and will continue to sin until Christ comes. But we all have different interests and talents. Not everyone is going to have the ambition to preach. Not everyone can. So, my thinking is, we can't divorce ourselves from the reality around us. But whatever it is we are involved in, do it without hypocrycy.

    But to really understand James, we have to study the history and events of the time. We can't just take James 4 at face value. We have to ask, What was going on that prompted James' statement? An Adulterer is one that sneaks around with other people, while trying to maintain a semblance of faithfulness, propriety and legitimacy with others. Is a good modern equivalent called being a Two-faced hypocrite?
  • Chris
    Michael, my understanding of Js 4:4, is James' harsh word to predominantly Jewish Christians about their carnality. You can see some of their sins in other parts of his letter, particularly for their lack of works which should be a hallmark of their faith. So, in chapter 4, James addresses their lust for worldly goods: their behaviour resembles those who don't belong to God (like what we see today - a good message to add to your newsletter). To have 'stuff' is not bad, but to lust after it to the point where they behave like God isn't the reason for their existence, is what is concerning James which forces him to call them "adulterers & adulteresses": for their spiritual fornication in this regard.

    Your Newsletter is there to inform & warn people & so this verse that you question does not apply to you as you are not engaging in or encouraging people to acquire the offerings of this world at all cost. The fact that you want to alert folk to this fact is admirable as very few do it, or even dare to do it. Press on brother.
  • Michael
    Thank you Chris. I do sincerely appreciate you taking the time to answer my question about James 4; it is very much appreciated. I'm learning. Do take care.

  • Bob Hilt
    Michael as long as you uplift Christ in the message and show in the Bible what the world is doing is wrong, my opinion you are doing the Lord's work. But I am a nobody to the world.

    Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather (EXPOSE) reprove them.
  • Rob Lee
    "First" We as ( Gentiles have to remember, The Jews are God's chosen people. The Gentiles have no part in God's covenant (Law) no matter what some try to say. Jesus had no earthly ministry with the gentiles. Read Matthew 10:5- what Jesus commanded his twelve disciples, not to go to the Gentiles Nation. However, after the Cross, shedding Jesus Christ blood for the whole world, NOT FOR JUST SOME: Jame's was a Jew, he was writing to his people. Remember all that is in the bible is not for us. It is there for our learning; Paul is our teacher for the Gentiles. Throw out Pau's scriptures there is nothing for the Gentiles Nation. For the Jews promises are earthly, Gentiles are spiritual. ALL believers in God's word are in the body of Christ, Jews, and Gentiles. God will finish up his covenant with the rest of his people, (Jews) in the millennium: But we all have to believe God's word to be saved, that is the only way and ask forgiveness, for our sins. Remember just because we are saved does not mean We are perfect here on earth.
  • Mishael To Rob
    Rob you are dancing on the edge of HERESY. Obviously you have not trekked the beginning to the end of the Bible, a whole lap.

    You need a good concordance and a reference Bible with columns down the center of the pages. Then you will be equipped to study GOD's WORD.

    God has a comprehensive end time plan for Gentiles (non-Jews), Jews, and Messianic Jews (believe Jesus is the Messiah they missed). Also the Two Witnesses, 144,000 Jewish evangelists, evangelizing angels.

    We want to assist if we can. That's why we're here: to learn and to be helpful with the Light we possess. Be a blessing to others :D

    I don't want to have to go head to head on "Jews vs Gentiles' every day. I figure that God, the Creator has it all worked out, already. He wrote it and He will perform it.

    There's Jehovah Witnesses, Christian Scientists, 7th Day Adventist's, pre-Trib, Mid-Trib, Post-Trib..... you get my drift?

    I get weary with arguing. If it's confusing, You came to the right place. We love to study.
  • Michael
    Several of you have taken the time to answer my questions about James 4 and I want you to know how very, very much I appreciate your doing so. I'm living a life that is trying to 'catch up' with the things I did not study when I was younger - and answers and comments like those I have received from you do a tremendous amount of good in that education. Thank you. Thank you all for your input so very much. God bless each and everyone of you.
  • David Yew for verse 5
    Is James 4:5 "The spirit" refer to The Holy Spirit or man's spirit?

    and how "lusteth to envy" is to be interpreted?
  • Mishael on James chapter 5 for verse 5
    In this case you need to read all of chapter 5 to perceive the context of what it is saying. Do what it says in verse 7-8.

    You're being drawn away from God, by spirits (little s always means, demons)

    This demons name is 'envy'.

    The Holy Spirit is always capitalized: such as the Spirit, Spirit of Jesus.

    The chapter is saying that when we let our guard down, even just a little, being friendly with worldly things, attitudes, people; we are at enmity with God. We are becoming His enemy.

    Satan and his demons are invisible spirits, but we can see their FRUIT in situations or people also under their influence. Demons study us intently to tempt in areas of us, that are weak. Temptations come in by way of the eye gate, the ear gate, and mouth.

    If you ask The Holy Spirit to teach you, He will. That's one of the things He's in charge of.

    Now I want to ask you if you have received Jesus as your Savior and Lord? It helps us to begin a relationship that will eventually be so important to you; you will never consider losing it: if we are happy telling others how we became born again. It's called a personal Testimony.

    Get a King James Bible that has the center column on each page. The alphabet letters or numbers give much additional information about a chapter you are reading. I will be happy to see you here often.
  • Chris for verse 5
    David, this is a good question that you have brought to our notice, as it can be misunderstood easily. The word that brings us confusion is the word "lusteth", as this is often thought of in a negative, sinful manner. But in English, we know that there are words that have more than one meaning/application, & this word is one of them. For example, the word 'wench', is usually understood as a morally loose woman. But the other meaning is simply, that of a 'young girl'. Also, 'intercourse', can be both verbal & sexual in nature. So when reading, 'lusteth', the context in use is of 'greatly desiring or being jealous over' & not in terms of a sinful craving.

    So, Js 4:5 does speak of the Holy Spirit, but in context with the Scripture around it, it would read like this: "the Holy Spirit Who indwells us, longs for us (or is jealous over us) to pursue a lifestyle that doesn't compromise the relationship (& intimate friendship) that we have with God". This verse refers directly to v 4, where some Christians were being unfaithful to God by seeking out the world's sinful delights as well as claiming to love God. And this union can never God-honouring & a trait of the true believer (1 John 2:15). But even in our weakness in this area, we are reminded that "God giveth us more grace to overcome; to the humble but not to the haughty" (v 6).

    Yet, in v 5, we are not privy to "the Scripture" which James alludes to in this connection. He may have learned this from some other writing or letter not given to us in the canon of Scripture.
  • G herbo for verse 14
    That we need to pray more everyday in we need to praise him more in we need to thank him everyday we must be born again .
  • Marti Lambert for verse 10
    The king James says "in the sight of the Lord" Other versions say "before the Lord"

    What is the significance of humble ourselves in the sight of the lord. Is it position or place?
  • Jim Kirkpatrick
    They are watering down the Kings James Bible. I will not attend a Church that does not read and preach out of it.
  • Jesse for verse 10

    Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord. The word humble in James 4:10 is a command, but it's in the Passive Voice. It is literally be humbled in the sight of the Lord. That's what it would literally read.

    Every time there is a command for to be humbled in the scriptures, it's always in the Passive Voice which means submit to God's humbling process. He humbles us.

    You see, if I humble myself and bring myself before God, that's pride. It would be like "Here I am Lord, your humble servant. I have come humbly before you!" And the Lord is probably going "Let's try that again because I can't accept that."

    So when God brings us low, we are supposed to submit to it. And then the promise is that He shall lift you up.

    If you start at James 4:7, and keep in mind that these are Jewish believers who are in difficult and hard situations. They are afflicted. They are mourning. They are weeping. And they are attempting to change their circumstances into laughter and joy in order to encourage themselves.

    The command is let yourself be afflicted, let yourself mourn, let yourself weep, let your joy turn into heaviness, and your laughter into mourning.

    In other words, take the low road. We all want to feel good. We all want to feel encouraged. We all want to think positive. But James is saying take the low road.

    If you're in affliction, and choose affliction and mourning, weeping and heaviness, and mourning so that you can experience the grace of God rather than attempting to in your own human resources make yourself a happier person and make yourself feel better about yourself, that's the road to be on.

    He's not saying that you should not feel good about yourself. He's just saying choose the difficult road. Don't keep trying to get out of it. God is humbling you for a reason. He's bringing you low so that you come to Him.
    Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. Do ye think that the Scripture says in vain, The spirit that dwells in us lusts to envy? God resists the proud but gave grace to the humble. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and he shall lift you up. Speak not evil one of another brethren.
  • Frankzdrrik
    verse 4 pointed out that friendship with the world is making himself an enemy of god..why?because the whole world is under the control of satan and his allies using religions,politics and commerce to impose traditions, customs and occassions.It is now clear that the enemy of god participates or involves in traditions customs and occassions.1John 2:15-17,John 17:14-16,John 15:19
  • Teri
    I think if alot of us would re-dedicate ourselves to the pure words of the Lord, we will see revival. This chapter is an exortation!
  • Patty Tozi
    LORD I OFFER MY LIFE TO YOU: Our purpose on earth is not to get lost in the journey through life-- But to be a Beacon of Light so that others may find their way. .. The Lord never fails to give us new Blessings every time we wake up. Waking up alive and well is already a miracle. A BLESSING WE OWE TO HIM: PRAISE HIM ALWAYS!!!
  • Livinus Adi
    We must do the good things we have known from the word of God,because any believe who fails to implement the good things as opportunity present itself will receive the same reward as a sinner.
  • Child Of God!
    You have to resist the devil and in Jesus name, he will flee from you I tell you he will flee!!! LOVE GOD PEOPLE LOVE GOD IN YOUR FAITH AND YOUR WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE GOD
  • Jeannie Myers
    I so agree with you. Praise God and His Word for knowing how to live life here and after in eternity with Him! I cannot wait! God Bless!!
  • Noah Andrews
    This is such a powerful passage in scripture! We need to be asking the Lord the right things for the right reasons. God will not hear our prayers if we don't. God help me to humble myself daily, and to realize that without you i an do nothing. Generation z needs this truth! They need God! America is sinking fast we need revival, and this is where it starts! By getting our hearts pure for His Glory
  • Irene Taylor
    Isaiah 59:2 - God does not hear ONLY the prayers of the wicked. Luke 5:32 and Revelation 3:19 - The repentive heart of the sinner, the one whom falls short, the LORD will hear. Phillipians 4:6 - Be careful for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be known unto God.

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