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  • Tammy
    When you receive His Spirit inside of you, you will know that the Word of God is truth. Then, my Christian friends they we will see.
  • Preach
    Faith and Patience are fruits of the Spirit of God that must be developed by trials and tribulations. Its our duty as believers to know the works of the Spirit to enjoy His mercy, charity,clemency, grace, leniency that comes from the trials of Faith and Patience to helps us choose good over evil. Amen
  • Teri
  • Truth Matters
    The first verse appears to be a salutation you find on any letter written to someone - From: XX To: XX. Here,its from James, an Israelite who believed in Christ, written to the 12 tribes who were Are scattered abroad. Who are the 12 tribes? Reuben, Simeon, Judah, Isachar, Zebulun, Benjamin, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Ephraim, and Manasseh. So in truth, this book is only for them and nobody else.
  • Susan armstrong
    I'm afraid you err. This book is for all believers in Christ Jesus.
  • Teri
    Patience is a "perfecting" work to make us complete, but we need to ask God for help because he knows our limits and he will keep us from stumbling...diverse temptations work patience in us and strengthen our faith - when we come through, we often see that the Lord was bringing us to a New Level in Him.
  • Vanessa
    do not think those that are well to do deserve more respect then a poor person, knowone is above anyone. Respect all and seems the uppity need lessons on this, today they want to create more poor with their own greed. God help them when they knock at the door
  • Vanesa
    a double minded man, you cant walk in the middle, it's doing the works of God by telling the truth, and preaching the whole word of God in this good book, do not preach cherry picking. some like to lack the word of hell, but that road is wide and the road to our Father is narrow, you want to love thy neighbor by leading them in truth, and take care of the poor. widows and fatherless
  • Amanda Hulkill
  • Dannie
    We have ways of doing things on our own .Never having enough faith to wait on JESUS. And that"s when faith is working patience.
  • I am that Michael Isaac Dale
    Now, Ye confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh: so how can ye now speak truth? For it is written of Christ, All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them. Ye say, That was before the crucifixion! I tell ye John is no thief or robber, for it is written, Ye yourselves bear me witness, that I said, I am not the Christ, but that I am sent before him.
  • Cara Leslie Berton
    Yes..I see a tiny glimpse of the malevolence of covetousness. from the moment I met Annie.. she had everything, Ibseeminglybwanted.. boyfriend, family home oodles of money anything they wanted vacations five times a year dining doctor immediately if needed and so on. inwascso covetous. I even stole from her. NOW left with nothing at all. I understand not to ask Jesus for more of material things. being poor most of my life I prayed for even lower income, to be more like Jesus. still..only understand this morning..esence potential forvabsolure soul destruction from it. Jesusvcame to save souls.Not arbitrate on men's civil matters.Yes.Now I see.
  • Noel
    God promises blessings for obedience not poverty he became poor in our place as matt 8 17 says of our sin and afflictions he took them so we can be free of them dont believe the devil that stayin poor is humility saten wants you poor to keep from spreading the gospel to all the world
  • Obbie Beal
    verse 8: A double minded man is unstable in 'all' his ways. (this man finds himself going around in circles in life, or taking two steps forward then three steps backward; he very easily spend 60 years / life being double-minded; his situation become compounded by his numerous like-minded ..., ...; this type minded person will blame everyone for her/his personal-will to remain in such state)...
  • Obbie Beal
    1:5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.
    (there is a ‘wisdom of the world /men’; it is earthly, sensual, devilish; this wisdom do not come from Jehovah/GOD. there is a ‘WISDOM of GOD’ and IT is pure, peaceable, gentle, easy to be ask of, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, without hypocrisy.
  • BSP
    Verse 5~Jehovah God will not find fault with our prayers if we persist in asking for his help and for wisdom.
  • Harold
    I certainly like the comment of Victor P (above), especially the point he makes, "All can see that freedom comes only through Christ and the basic principles that He teaches in His Word." To this I add one might lose his worldly freedom, but there is much more freedom in KNOWING it is but TEMPORARY, only a few years at most; and freedom in knowing Jesus Christ is incomparable, for it's FOREVER.
  • Sharon
    James 1 is amazing, specifically verses2-8 which I believe is encouragement, admonishment, a warning, and hope. He is encouraging us to ask God for wisdom in hard situations, chatising us about responding like the world, warning us of the negative consequences of our negative decisions, yet giving us hope that if we do it God's way, by faith, we will triumph totally
  • Will
    Be careful to remember, this is not James word, or any other. This God's word, or it isnt. Not an opinion of one person or another. It is God's word.
  • Holtzkopf
    I love James. He doesn’t mince words. He just says what he feels. He obviously was paying attention in class. Some writers put superfluous thoughts and opine. James warns of walking the slippery slope. He genuinely cared for his brethren (us) enough to tell us what to do and what to avoid, and knowing human nature, explains why. Thank you, James for the one clear, concise treatise on to act.
  • Brenda Johnson
    I love it and as made it a text message to help others
    When the variables in the shadow of the turnings of our test wear us down ,,,when THE PRESSURE from the weight of the wind in the storm is so intense it knocks us down! we can get up! WHY? because the joy of the Lord is our strength and our test is no match for one who endured the cross to gain it and impart it to us ... So He is the glory and the lifter of my head that's why It's ALL JOY!!! YES
  • Joe Joe
    I think James must have written this book after 70 AD, after the temple was destroyed. When he said to 12 tribes scattered abroad.
  • Victor P
    The more I read this, the more I realize that while being in the world, we need to be separate from the world and all the hate that it foments. All can see that freedom comes only through Christ and the basic principles that he teaches in His Word. When men lose their relationship with their God morals are undermined, man ends up in a state of anarchy from our creator and with our fellow men.
  • Raymond Allen
    It came at a time when I needed it most. Keep up the good work people's all over this world need it. Thank God for his blessing.
  • A disciple
    Houston; too many rebellious spirits have infiltrated the assemblies of God. Many say, We are not Legalists; others, We are not Religious; and multitudes are misled into a spurious Christianity that uses terms like "accept Jesus as Lord of your life," but NOTHING AT ALL taught about what the power and grace of God through the cross of Christ is really all about; leaving them still in their sins.
  • Houston
    James gives the lie to those who say it’s not a religion,it’s a relationship.thank God I can live according to 1:27 and enjoy the blessings true religion brings
  • A disciple
    Steve morrow; Very good Alongside Scriptures! James 1:2-4; 1 Peter 4:15! Our first priority to LOVE the LORD our God with all our being, and the neighbor as one's self; is why we keep awake and pray, why we read the Word and do all to keep it in mind as we go through our days: so we can overcome the world as Jesus overcame in all things. Our business is not to be in everyone else's business!
  • Victor
    ...count it all joy when you fall into divers trials ...
  • Linda
    I love the book of James. James is straight and to the point for those of us whom have suffered many severe attacks from the enemy, the book of James is comforting. Just this one scripture: Listen intently swift to hear . Speak what God would have you to say slow to speak , slow to wrath anger solves nothing, it is only a distraction. This little song I have had on my heart all morning. My soul loves JESUS, bless HIS name.

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