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  • Charles R Peek on James 1:15
    Paul was the apostle to the Gentiles by God's choice. The Lord Jesus declared that He had a specific mission for Paul: "This man is my chosen instrument to carry my name before the Gentiles and their kings and before the people of Israel" (Acts 9:15). Paul had been set apart from birth and called by God's grace so that he might "preach [Christ] among the Gentiles" (Galatians 1:15-16).

    Are you a Gentile? Then you need to go to the Apostle Paul to find out how to be saved, what we cal "born again".

    This passage of scripture is 1st Corinthians 15:1-4, but verse three and four, is the Gospel, the good news that Christ took our place so that we might have live everlasting.

    Jesus commanded his 12 Disciples NOT to go to the Gentiles, in Matthew 10 1-7, and then about eighteen years later, he sent Paul to the Gentiles, WHY? Because he had a different Gospel for the Gentiles, "But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name. John 20:31. That Gospel is for the Jews. And Paul's Gospel is for the Gentiles. 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 "For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:" You can plainly see they are different. Peter, nor any of the 12 apostles preach that "Jesus died for our sins" as Paul did. Check out these two scriptures John 20:31, and 1st Corinthians 15:3,4.
  • BABATUNDE on James 1:15
    To believe in him
  • Carol houston on James 1:20
    My husband is very keen on being "the watchman on the wall" like in ?Ezekiel or is that ?Micah... anyhow he is so keen on preaching what he knows to those around us... especially our grown up children that he doesn't want to go to church anymore and would prefer to 'study" at home... ie... study the right wing websites for what horrible things the world leaders are doing now and then exposing these on his Facebook page for all to look at in horror and wring their hands.... I'm kinda tired of living in a "henny penny, the sky is falling" way. I trust that what is happening is still under God's direction and control despite the badness. How can I help my husband see that all is not lost and that God is supreme? I feel strongly he and his cronies are very puffed up and prideful... my husband has said to me that I am "ignorant". I'm not. I just chose to see the good not the continual bad. (all that is good, perfect and acceptable.... dwell on these things.). I'm in need of spiritual help here!
  • Chris - in Reply on James 1:20
    What your husband is endeavouring to do may show some value, particularly to those who are uninformed about the global political situation, but to devote so much time to information gathering & publishing where attendance at your Fellowship has to be neglected, is not only a misdirected quest but detrimental to his spiritual life, his family & even those he knows at Church. He may not see it now, thinking that he has it all under control & his faith is strong, but one of the many reasons we attend Church is to bring our lives & our thoughts into a correct perspective, by paying special attention to the reading of the Word, singing to the Lord, & to receive both a mental & spiritual challenges from the message by God's servant. Tell him that to give up just a couple of hours on a Sunday to worship as a couple & meet & encourage the others whom you know there, is vital to all & brings glory to God.

    Don't discourage him from his 'watchman' pursuit, though I wonder whether all the information he gleans is actually true, verifiable & profitable to others. I think most of us realize that world leaders, even the honest, upright ones, have to stay true to their political affiliation, which often goes against what is right & proper, even against biblical standards & values. So what must be the condition of those who are corrupt, self-seeking & give little value to life. And even if he exposes all this, I wonder whether his purposes would ever be fully realized. In any case, if he sees that you are supportive of him to some extent & interested, he may well consider your appeal to him, favourably.

    Indeed, God is still in control even though at times it may not appear to be so. All these griefs we face must come to pass as part of God's Agenda - it may be worthwhile to warn others, but more so to look to our own spiritual health & family needs first. There has to be a balance in whatever we do, & the end of it has to be for God's Glory. 1 Corinthians 10:31: "whatever we do".
  • Sacha - in Reply on James 1:20
    I think you are indeed in need ,i cant and wont tell you what to do ,i can only say what i would do in your shoes ,1st i wouldnt get into big discussions that may lead to arguements with your husband ,2nd i would continue to be joyfull and do everything to maintain my conection with my God and my Saviour joyfully ! 3rd i would try very hard not to get too annoyed with him and i would pray for him ,hopefully he will see sense in his own time but meantime i would continue to be me and pray for Gods blessings and mercy to continue on you both ,be as patient as youcan be with Gods help .
  • Angela ford on James 1
    I want to read a book on healing.....
  • Prayer Ministries - in Reply on James 1
    Rick Renner Ministry have a world wide intercessory prayer ministry. They know what it means to stand in the gap. The enemy blows a hole in the wall of spiritual warfare. Ephesians 6. They stand in the weakened place till it can be repaired.

    It's not a prayer like: "Oh Dear God bless me, bless my family, friends....".

    It's a prayer of War, as if standing in the cavity of a hole so Satan and his evil beings cannot breach the broken place. If you see a wolf trying to hamstring a baby sheep; you'd shelter it in your arms until the SHEPHERD appears rescue the lost youngling.

    You become like a heavenly type of sheepdog. You serve The Master. His pay, is oneness. It requires much observation and waiting patiently for the merest glance from the master; the Chief of the shepherds.

    Watch a competition of Irish shepherds and their dogs, on YouTube maybe. Look into that dogs eye! He is intense at waiting for "the look"; command. His whole body quivers for the command to go !

    Do we wish to be the Glory? Or to serve the glory? What makes our feet leap out of bed each morning? What does Jesus see in our lives..Every day and on Sunday too?

    Don't look and sound like the World. This world is not our forever home. Amen?

    Heaven is very practical and less mystical..if you can perceive the sheepdog. Mishael
  • Mild Bill - in Reply on James 1
    Angela Ford,

    "I want to read a book on healing..."

    Because you are here on the KJV site, I'll assume you want to understand the subject from a biblical perspective. In which case there is no one book of the Bible with a focus on that topic, however, you can use the search feature at the top of the page to enter words such as heal, sick, illness, and the like, to find every passage in the Bible to see what is said there. I hope that helps.
  • Pastor Robert - in Reply on James 1
    First, the verse, you are in question is Mark 12:30 if we think about what Jesus says it is really simple you have to love the Lord with all of yourself. If your mind is not focused on the Lord then the rest of yourself will wander. With all the false preaching and people following these false preachers you have to stay focused on the word and the Lord. The lord already knew what today would be like so he put mind so we would not be lead astray. Stay focused on the Lord study your bible and pray. I hope this helps any more questions please feel free to ask or reach me in my email. Thank you.
  • Tom russell on James 1:8
    do you have a study, uderstanding or belief on ezekiel chap 1 verses 1 to 27.
  • M - in Reply on James 1:8
    This seems to be a chapter describing the 4 cherubim worshiping around the throne of God.
  • Anne Anthony on James 1:8
    I think king Saul went to heaven. Did I understand the scripture correctly
  • S Spencer - in Reply on James 1:8
    Hi Anne, give the scripture you are referring to. Thank you
  • Earl Bowman - in Reply on James 1:8
    Anne, may the Spirit grace you with his understanding;

    Hebrews 11 is a testament about the old testament saints; but pay close attention to verses 39 and 40.

    Hebrews 11:39-40 And these all (old testament saints), having obtained a good report through (the work of the Spirit of Christ or the Holy Ghost which is) faith, received not the promise (eternal life, incorruption, immortality):

    (vs) 40 God (Spirit) having provided some better thing for us (children of the resurrection), that they (old testament saints) without us (children or the resurrection) should not be made perfect (complete in the Spirit of Christ or the Holy Ghost who only hath immortality 1 timothy 6:16).

    John 11:25 ..... I am the resurrection......

    Ephesians 2:6 And hath raised us ( old testament saints, children or the resurrection and Christ) up together......

    Revelation 20:5 .... this is the first resurrection....

    Matthew 27:52-53 And the graves were opened; and many of the bodies of the (old testaments) saints which slept (died waiting for the promise) arose,

    (vs) 53 And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city (new Jerusalem)......

    Revelation 7:1-4 (vs) 3 ......till we (Spirit) have sealed our servants (old testament) saints in their foreheads (given them the mind of Christ)......

    Revelation 14:4 .......these (old testament saints) were redeemed from among men, being the FIRST FRUITS unto God.....

    Revelation 1:3 .... for the time is at hand...

    May the Spirit grace you with his wisdom.
  • Anne Anthony on James 1:8
    Does principalities mean government as well as spirits
  • Jack Gutknecht on James 1:12
    1. Count it joy, and never be discouraged,

    When by trials your life is sorely pressed.

    For you know that when your faith is tested,

    Your endurance then develops best.

    Perseverance must complete its working;

    You will need to let it have its way.

    When it's done, you'll be complete and perfect,

    Having all you need to meet each day.

    2. So if any one of you lacks wisdom,

    Ask of God, who always hears and cares.

    He gives freely without asking questions;

    His abundance will become your share.

    But when asking, you must never falter,

    Like a wave that's blown and tossed about.

    If you do, you'll never gain God's blessing;

    Double-minded, you'll succumb to doubt.

    3. Blest the man who perseveres in trial;

    For you know the testing soon will pass.

    When it's o'er and you have stood unmoving,

    You'll receive the crown of life at last.

    But when tempted, never be accusing;

    It's not God who leads you from the path.

    Your own lusts seduce you and entice you,

    Giving birth to sin, and sin to death.

    4. Do not let yourself yield to deception;

    God's the source of every perfect gift.

    He's the Maker of the stars in heaven,

    Changing not as shadows move and shift.

    For He chose a spirit birth to give you,

    Through the Word of truth that you believed.

    Thus are you the first-fruits of His labors;

    By His grace, salvation is achieved.

    Author: Susan H. Peterson
  • Jack Gutknecht on James 1:12
    JAMES SPEAKS OF TREASURE (1:17-25): The treasure here is the Bible itself.

    A. The source of this treasure (1:17): It came as a perfect gift from the unchanging God, who

    "created all heaven's lights."

    B. The salvation in this treasure (1:18): We have become his children through this priceless gift.

    C. The symbol for this treasure (1:19-25): James compares the Bible to a mirror.
  • Jack Gutknecht on James 1:12
    COUNT IT JOY Susan H. Peterson, 1998


    Sun Jan 17, 2021


    nethymn (map)

    Do not let yourself yield to deception;

    God's the source of every perfect gift.

    He's the Maker of the stars in heaven,

    Changing not as shadows move and shift. (from James 1:17)
  • Jack Gutknecht on James 1:12
    [Jam 1:19] Everyone Should Be Quick To Listen

    Everyone should be quick to listen-hear now and heed-

    Slow to speak, also slow to anger in word and deed.

    Anger does not yield a life praised by the Lord,

    So get rid of all sin and humbly accept God's Word.
  • Scott Phillip Brown on James 1:8
    What assurance do we have from James 1:8.
  • M - in Reply on James 1:8
    If someone is torn between two ways of life, then they'll be changing their ways based on how they feel at the moment, so his ways are unstable since they are constantly changing. This person ends up getting the worst of both worlds; the guilt coming from a desire to be righteous, and the pain coming from a life of sin.
  • Deborah Aponte on James 1:22
    Does the bible say specifically that the Lord sought the life of Moses for not having his son circumcised or does it say that the Lord would seek the life of the child.
  • Chris - in Reply on James 1:22
    I agree with you, that this passage can appear confusing, so we need to look a little at its history.

    The requirement for male circumcision was ordered by the LORD under the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 17:11-12) & this was one of the signs (a token) of God's Covenant between Him & Israel. The Israelites were in bondage in Egypt, so this rite was either not performed or not done correctly there; but before reaching the Promised Land, Joshua had to re-circumcise all the males: Joshua 5:2.

    With that history in mind, when we look at Exodus chapter 4, we see Moses, after disputing with the LORD about going to meet Pharaoh, finally preparing to return to Egypt to secure the release of the Israelites there. Then in verse 24, we read while Moses' family was travelling & in the Inn, "that the LORD met him (Moses), and sought to kill him (Moses)." Some interpret the "him" as Pharaoh's firstborn son, but that wouldn't make sense, as he was to be the bargaining tool to secure the Israelites' release. Nor could it apply to Moses' son, as at that age (?), the parents were still responsible for having the circumcision performed. It's doubtful that the LORD would have followed through with killing Moses, rather that GOD showed His extreme displeasure in no uncertain terms.

    What we don't read in verse 24, is how the LORD was dealing with Moses about his failure to circumcise his son. Because of Moses' failure to do this prior to returning to Egypt, God's Anger was kindled & He had showed them both that Moses' life was at stake. Zipporah, his wife, immediately took the initiative & circumcised their son, & in anger called Moses, 'a bridegroom of blood' (her husband's failure to have their son properly circumcised forcing her to do the job). Moses may have had his reasons for not circumcising (it's suggested that he didn't want it done in the Egyptian manner which was different to what God prescribed), but his failure to do so, brought on God's displeasure & anger against him.
  • Spike4187 on James 1:22
    Any idea to who Peter is referring to or talking about in 2 Peter 10-12? Thanks
  • Chris - in Reply on James 1:22
    I think you are referring to 2 Peter 2:10-12, Spike. If so, Peter is warning believers about the false prophets in the world & specifically the false teachers amongst them, who were of their number (verse 1). So enraged was Peter over their pernicious beliefs, teachings & despicable acts, that he has devoted a whole chapter to denounce them & warn believers to identify them & turn away from them.

    Peter shares things about those false teachers which we today might not have specific knowledge of, but Peter's readers would know quite well what Peter was referring to as they connect the dots. With Peter's help, it would have become abundantly clear to them about these teachers' fleshly, corrupt, unbiblical teaching that they were overwhelming believers with, in the light & contrast to what the Scriptures had to say. What made it worse, was that their teaching became even more believable as great oratory skills using enticing words, were employed (v 18).
  • Spike4187 - in Reply on James 1:22
    What made me wonder was when Peter wrote about despising government, and the Angels who have more power and might bring not railing accusations against them before the Lord. Made me wonder it it was something other than false Christians who have entered the church. I think I see these types on Television. Many of these preachers I used to watch on Television would say things that were not Biblical, such as Copeland saying God is the biggest failure of the Bible. You can watch that clip on You Tube. Jesse Duplantis claims he counseled God, Joseph Prince who says repentance is a change in your attitude from thinking negatively to thinking positively. These dudes twist the gospel message to fit their own type of Theology that better fills their purses. Copeland with what he says makes me wonder how he ever got to where he got to. How can people sit there and listen to his blasphemy and heresy? Thanks for your response!
  • Chris - in Reply on James 1:22
    You're quite correct in your observations about the many, who for reasons known only to themselves, promote themselves or their errant teachings to the deception & detriment of many gullible believers. But how can we judge them in all truth? Each one of us will have to stand before God for the Truth we hold onto & disseminate to others. And particularly so to those in leadership & appointed to care for our spiritual well-being (Hebrews 13:17).
  • Studying Scriptures in the Bible on James 1:22
    If a question on a particular scripture is needed: you can sometimes get it by googling.

    Type in the google box:

    1. Proverbs 6 commentary. Or

    Proverbs 6 teaching

    That way you'll get the entire chapter

    2. To just get one verse only of scripture-

    Proverbs 6:1 (commentary or teaching, or definition

    Always ask the Holy Spirit to teach you the Word of the Bible. He can open a verse or book like no one else can. He is always my "go to Teacher" on everything I read.

    Just defeat your nerves and shyness and Ask Him to open the mysteries of the Bible to you. He is God too, and you will quickly fall in love with his manner of teaching.

  • Lawvawn Yisrael on James 1:22
    Why is it necessary to hide God's holy name? I've read the scriptures and I find nothing that support this action. Also, who gave man the authority to hide it?
  • Chris - in Reply on James 1:22
    It is not necessary to "hide God's Holy Name" for it has been revealed many times over throughout Scripture & there is no Scripture to forbid us doing it. God has revealed Himself in multiple forms of His Name & this was so that we might know Him & love Him more for Who He is.

    However, for the Jew, they are forbidden to speak God's Name, lest they mistakenly break the third Commandment, "Thou shall not take the Name of the LORD thy God in vain". Yet we are to praise His Name as we often see in the Psalter: e.g. Psalms 69:29,30; Psalms 96. I think that 'authority to hide God's Name' is from man's zeal & inclinations & not from God or His Holy Word.

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