James 2:26 Inspirational Image

James 2:26 Inspirational Image

"For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also."
James 2:26 (KJV)

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"Want to Live in Christ ? For that you have done to the least of Mine you Have all ready done unto Me.So it cuts both ways .Do Good unto the Children of God or Shun the Children of God .He puts you in a categree .You are His Flock so you can either be a Sheep or a Goat .When you pass over .The Sheep on My Right and the Goats on My Left"
"Paul says .Let Christ be formed in you.So only if you are a new being the second Adam Who is God out of Heaven.So if Christ has not arisen in you then you are a dead body to the Works of God.Acording to the Scriptures there are rituals that have to be preformed.Paul in His evolving of the Faith.Says I did not come to Baptize but to Spread the Gospel.The German Gospel is Good news"
"Amen,for no 1 who lights a lamp n hides it beneath da bed"
"<3 !!! that's RIGHT.....so PREACH the GOSPEL..... to EVERY creatures in ALL nations of this world.. AMEN !!! <3"
"Amen! True Christians will keep the 10 commandments and in obeying His word, this will show that you have kept the faith and have the testimony of Jesus Christ written in your heart. Obedience tells a lot my friends...on who it is you have chosen to serve."
"God help us to activate our faith. Amen!"
"God please strengthen my faith in you. Amen"
"Indeed..FAITH without works is dead!"
"Once u re born again,ur spirit has already been baptized there for, u re in christ and u need to keep the faith growing So that ur faith won't be zero before GOD,n u knw it is impossible to please GOD without faith."
"The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.Amen"


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