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9/25/2020, 5:35am by "Sunday Levinus Alaka": It is faith plus the test plus patience that complete the process of coming to holiness, because that is what the trial is designed to do. The trial of our faith is to bring us to holiness, but if we lack patience, the process is going to be short circuited.

8/02/2020, 3:03am by "Pam": My patience is a demonstration of my trust in God to know what is best for me and never withholding what is best for me.

3/26/2015, 8:09am by "Aisha": This is TRUE!!!PATIENCE And FAITH!! So Trust in The Lord. Believe His promises. And when You live in God,You finally have life. Its awesome. Hold on for the ride!!!!

3/12/2015, 3:02am by "AMEN JAY": Patience is the product of Faith by which we can please GOD through HIS GRACE

9/28/2014, 9:11pm by "cassandra": This means to me means faith is a test from god and to god wants to see if u have faith in what he can do god bless i have FAITH n him good n bad situations my story tells it all my faith

8/01/2014, 5:30pm by "Bolanle": I have been through a lot and see God come through when I least expected. Now in the midst of another trial, but I 'm holding on to his promises without wavering. God is good through it all!

7/12/2014, 1:22pm by "angela": This scripture assures me that my life and my living is not in vein. I suffer because he suffered. In that suffering I become more of him and less of myself

4/08/2014, 1:07am by "vhonani": I believe that God will see me through all this. For my faith was tested by a very bad failure but i know that keeping my faith in God was the best thing,he made me the head not the tail and I love God and i Trust him with my entire life.

12/08/2013, 11:07am by "BlessedBeyondWhatIDeserve": Anybody can serve God & BELIEVE God when things are going well. But this where God seperate the REAL Believers from the Conditionally Believers when they are tried!! God is the best physical "FAITH" trainer "I" know!! Glory Be To God!!

11/27/2013, 9:44am by "God is great really i shall save him": GOD IS GREAT I SHALL SERVE HIM ALWAYS

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