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1/19/2021, 5:21am by "Jack Gutknecht": 1. Count it joy, and never be discouraged, When by trials your life is sorely pressed. For you know that when your faith is tested, Your endurance then develops best. Perseverance must complete its working; You will need to let it have its way. When it's done, you'll be complete and perfect, Having all you need to meet each day. 2. So if any one of you lacks wisdom, Ask of God, who always hears and cares. He gives freely without asking questions; His abundance will become your share. But when asking, you must never falter, Like a wave that's blown and tossed about. If you do, you'll never gain God's blessing; Double-minded, you'll succumb to doubt. 3. Blest the man who perseveres in trial; For you know the testing soon will pass. When it's o'er and you have stood unmoving, You'll receive the crown of life at last. But when tempted, never be accusing; It's not God who leads you from the path. Your own lusts seduce you and entice you, Giving birth to sin, and sin to death. 4. Do not let yourself yield to deception; God's the source of every perfect gift. He's the Maker of the stars in heaven, Changing not as shadows move and shift. For He chose a spirit birth to give you, Through the Word of truth that you believed. Thus are you the first-fruits of His labors; By His grace, salvation is achieved. Author: Susan H. Peterson

1/19/2021, 5:19am by "Jack Gutknecht": JAMES SPEAKS OF TREASURE (1:17-25): The treasure here is the Bible itself. A. The source of this treasure (1:17): It came as a perfect gift from the unchanging God, who "created all heaven's lights." B. The salvation in this treasure (1:18): We have become his children through this priceless gift. C. The symbol for this treasure (1:19-25): James compares the Bible to a mirror.

1/19/2021, 5:17am by "Jack Gutknecht": COUNT IT JOY Susan H. Peterson, 1998 When Sun Jan 17, 2021 Where nethymn (map) Do not let yourself yield to deception; God's the source of every perfect gift. He's the Maker of the stars in heaven, Changing not as shadows move and shift. (from James 1:17)

1/19/2021, 5:16am by "Jack Gutknecht": [Jam 1:19] Everyone Should Be Quick To Listen Everyone should be quick to listen-hear now and heed- Slow to speak, also slow to anger in word and deed. Anger does not yield a life praised by the Lord, So get rid of all sin and humbly accept God's Word.

6/01/2015, 8:36am by "Diane Jenkins": I really Live this : Cause we are all tempted and I feel reading about this helps us to stay strong in the Lord !!!

5/31/2015, 5:35am by "MockingBird": For every transgression and disobedience there is a just recompence of reward : I will be forgiven and cleansed when I confess that sin : at the same time I will also reap a just recompence of reward. David the king faced it : He was forgiven for killing Uriah the Hittite at the same time the sword was on his house hold till the day he died !!!! I must be very wise to not yield to any temptation !!!!

5/20/2014, 9:54pm by "Joy.": I agree with the verse coz temptetion never last forever.i like the promise thereof,there is a crown.amen!

3/03/2014, 7:19am by "MockingBird": Every temptation only lasts for 45 seconds But if I sort of go with feeding that temptation it will last longer and be harder to resist to not go with it Temptation is in many areas food anger overworking underworking jealousy Movies cars sex outside of marriage etc To endure and overcome I will receive a crown of life I like life and living in the Lord Jesus

12/06/2013, 1:34am by "Vince": KJV says when we are "tried", and bear up under temptation we are blessed and will receive a crown. Some other versions leave an illusion of works to be "approved" to receive a crown. Tried and true KJV is the right interpretation.

12/02/2013, 4:22am by "Toni": The definition of endure is: "to last,to remain firm as under trial or suffering; to suffer patiently or without yielding; to bear up under adversity, to hold out." God is promising those who do these things and stand firm during temptation -the trials and tests, He will bless them. God's promises are all faithful and true. We can hold Him to His Word. If we hold out and endure, we will receive eternal life. "But he that endures unto the end, the same shall be saved. (Matt 24:13).

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