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  • Dr Joe - In Reply on Isaiah 6 - 4 years ago
    You are not ready. Re-read your entry to find out why...
  • Shapi on Isaiah 6 - 4 years ago
    Comment it is a wake up call to all.
  • Js - In Reply on Isaiah 6 - 4 years ago
    To each its own...i don't just get into church i get into God...cuz its not just a structure made of wood brick or stone. It's the heart of Jesus! Ministry is not just in the 4 walls of a church...cuz we the people are the church! So we must go out to the highways and hedges and compel men to come unto God. Cuz there are lots of people who are not even a church person but they still have a heart for people and they still love God.
  • Gem on Isaiah 6 - 4 years ago
    I see myself as Isaiah- someone recognizing the holiness of God and the weakness and sinfulness of self. I desire the cleansing and empowerment of God which I know he has bestowed upon me. I now volunteer to be used as an ambassador for the Kingdom.
  • Beatrice barnes - In Reply on Isaiah 6 - 4 years ago
    Hi I'm almost like you, I thought it might be Moses, and Elijah
  • Bill - In Reply on Isaiah 6 - 5 years ago
    Hi Stanjett. I believe the 2 witnesses are Enoch and Elijah from the Old Testament since they are the only 2 people we have in God's Word who have never died yet. This is just my opinion and like yourself, I love studying the Word of God.
  • Stanjett on Isaiah 6 - 5 years ago
    Here I am. Send me. As I see the last days approaching, I would not mind at all being one of the two witnesses in the last days. I would not mind at all in being killed because I know that I will be revived. But since I think they will be Jews I guess I can't. But, here I am Lord.
  • Ivy Johnson on Isaiah 6 - 5 years ago
    Isaiah’s Vision and Commission! Chapter 6:
    In perhaps the most beautiful vision of his life, Isaiah saw God and experience His forgiving power. The prophet was cleansed and commissioned by God to declare to People Gods
    Message: The fire(Vss. 6-7) was a symbol of the Cleansing. and lo, this has touched thy lips,
    and thine iniquity is taken away: and thy sin purged: Lord do that to me!

  • Obbie Beal on Isaiah 6 - 5 years ago
    Again; GOD is about to exercise HIS rights (during the day of Isaiah ) to will make the cities be wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land be utterly desolate, and the LORD have removed men far away, and there be a great forsaking in the midst of the land. (during the day of 2018 - 20_ _ the book of Revelation tell the rest of the story. WOW! WOW! WOW!.
  • Gillio on Isaiah 6 - 5 years ago
    Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. In vs5 Isaiah speaks in the fear of the Lord as he stands before the Holy altar of God the father in Heavan. realizing his own sinful heart and the hearts of the nation of Israel. He as well as they stand naked in their sin before God. God removes his sin and covers his transgressions. Isaiahs heart is transformed and he willingly volunteers
  • BSP on Isaiah 6 - 6 years ago
    Verse 8~Isaiah didn't know the full scope of the assignment before he accepted it, but he eagerly volunteered and put full faith and trust in Jehovah God.
  • Michael on Isaiah 6 - 6 years ago
    The throne is in each of us. Not until whatever I've crowned king DIES do I "see" the Lord on the throne... though, of course, I do not *perceive* from my place of uncleanness, as the Isaiah in each of us is sent to tell me.
  • Judy Marshall on Isaiah 6 - 7 years ago
    Someone stated that my church was "a little over the top" because of our music / song worship service. It was not the typical laid back way. To all critics,
  • Felicia on Isaiah 6 - 7 years ago
    Verses 1
  • A disciple on Isaiah 6 - 7 years ago
    "Then said I, Lord, how long? And he answered, Until the cities be wasted without inhabitant,
    and the houses without man, and the land be utterly desolate, and the Lord have removed men far away, and there be a great forsaking in the midst of the land." How many Scriptures do we need to convince us, that, "He that ENDURES TO THE END the same shall be saved!" There is a reason why God has us here.
  • A disciple on Isaiah 6 - 7 years ago
    "And he said, Go, and tell this people, Hear ye indeed, but understand not; and see ye indeed, but perceive not..." Because they do not turn and repent at God's counsel, and will have none of His reproofs; the world walks on in gross darkness, and is appointed to punishment and wrath. "Blessed are Your Eyes, for they see! But to them IT IS NOT GIVEN!" the innermost workings of our thoughts matter!
  • Joyce Ballentine on Isaiah 6 - 7 years ago
    Isaiah 6:8 "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? And I said, here Am I, Send me! He said, Go and tell his people: Be even hearing, but never understanding be ever seeing, but never perceiving." MY MY MY!!! NOT MANY ARE WILLING TO GO FOR THE LORD, WHO CALLED US OUT OF DARKNESS TO HIS MARVELOUS LIGHT CAUSE OF THE FEAR OF FAILURE AND PEOPLE! REMEMBER:
  • Mitchel on Isaiah 6 - 7 years ago
    Morgan and Chris asked who said here I am send me. I believe that was Isaiah
  • BSP on Isaiah 6 - 7 years ago
    Isaiah felt overwhelmed at the privilege of having this vision and he called to mind how unclean he was. The seraph reassured Isaiah in verse 7 that he could have a clean standing before God. We too can have a clean standing with God if we humbly admit our sins and strive to be clean in His eyes by following his instructions found in the Bible.
  • William on Isaiah 6 - 7 years ago
    For me I viewed as a message to break the curse of denominational separation in the church if you are crying holy at your church and me at mine then it's about God free's us up to do kingdom work,it's evident that we are not doing it right,there comes the woe is me,but knowing God intimately will renew our preaching the gospel,he has a remnants of ministers that will preach his word till the end
  • Ceri Okuwa on Isaiah 6 - 8 years ago
    Verse 3 and 4
    These verses shows us the importance of worship and that worship gives us access to God's presence; and also opens doors of blessings for us.
  • Joyce Ballentine on Isaiah 6 - 9 years ago
  • Jerome onyebuchi on Isaiah 6:1 - 9 years ago
    two kind of relationship.people who reduce u and people dat increase u
  • VERITAS on Isaiah 6 - 9 years ago
    UZZIAH died after a "Reign " of 52 years?????---IN 722 BC,the same year that PEKAH. Killed PEKAHIAH!!!! His last year of RULE was 749 BC 3251am... He was a LEPER for the rest of his life...26 years!!!. The so-called historians have no idea of the TRUE CHRONOLOGY of the Kings of Israel Judah. History has been falsified as a result. Hezekiah actually Shadow Ruled for an extra 15 years with his then 12 year old son,Manasseh until 681BC 3319AM. Sennacherib lost 185,000 men overnight in his SECOND invasion of a recalcitrant Tributaries land,AFTER 686BC ,which was the first year of TAHARQA the Nubian,King of Egypt?.. Sennacherib conquered JUDAH in 712 BC 3288AM,the 14th year of Hezekiah. I have given you enough clues to complete an accurate CHRONOLOGY.Which I have already done some time ago. But power over the SHEEPLE has blocked every effort to reveal those truths VERITAS
  • Karen on Isaiah 6:8 - 9 years ago
    The verse is for the Military, all its special forses,army, air force, navy, They fight the war for God
  • Insight 777 on Isaiah 6 - 9 years ago
    Verse 13 has a very deep meaning. I think God will give advanced technology to the righteous so that they prevail over evil. A tenth is 10 and ones and zeros are the computer binary system. The Lord will give special code in battle and also understanding to his people that preach righteousness.
  • Insight 777 on Isaiah 6 - 9 years ago
    It is important to understand that Spirits enter men, either the Spirit of GOD or the spirit of Satan. Either way, it is MAN that is the vehicle used to carry out the plans of both on earth. The intellect is controlled either for good or for evil. That is why prayer is necessary to stand for righteousness and truth as a shield against evil. A six winged seraphim is a modern day fighter jet. Twain is advanced technology like a Distributed Aperture System. Verse 6, the live coal is an order to fire weapons that are on the seraphim jets. Verse 9 may be people that think they are righteous but are not, or people that are blind to the truth. Verse 10 is the cut off point where the time for repenting is over and the time for understanding is over and the time to turn to God for salvation is over. If one is caught sinful at this point in time then they will die in sin. Verse 13, a tenth is saved for righteousness from this battle.
  • Sonia on Isaiah 6:1 - 9 years ago
    I think that all of us have a Uzziah in our life we need to kill
  • Paul Atherton on Isaiah 6:3 - 9 years ago
    God is present here on and in the earth. 'The earth is full of His Glory '. He is literally in residence with us.
  • Harycollins on Isaiah 6 - 9 years ago
    Brethren, God is still asking us today that same question he asked in verse 8 of this chapter.The end of everything is just at hand and a lot of us has forgotten about the rapture.For it is not the will of God that any soul shall perish, but that all should come to repent These people need to be reminded, that is why the lord is asking us today of who to send to remind these people. Please where ever you are make yourself available for this great task of our LORD.

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