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  • Gina
    Isaiah 58 gives insight how to really fast.
  • Helen

    Alex, you are misleading Debra and people reading your comments. Except for the Sabbath-day, God has not made every day holy. How would one provide for themselves/family if they refrained from work every day? We are commanded to refrain from work on the Sabbath day.
  • Kory
    Today if you hear his voice. Read Isaiah 58:13
  • Juanita
    Interested in Scripture s about why the Sabbath day pertaining to God commandment to us as a reminder to us our sign of worship to him to be Saturday and not Sunday.
  • Alex
    Do we make void the law by faith Gd forbid we establish the law. THE RIGHTEOUSNESS of the law,( the old covenant ) is gonna be fulfilled by the New Covenant which is a birthing covenant via a heavenly seed. 1 of the facets of the cross was multiplication, When a seed dies it multiplies thus we might all get an incorruptible seed resulting in a birth of Christ in us, th essence of the New Covenant.
  • Alex
    Jesus asked which of you keeps the law? None of you keeps the law.John 7;19 THUS TH NEED offer up an annual sacrifice for their Sins, Which is a picture of Christ the lamb of GOD that taketh away the SINS of the world thus a NEW COVENANT The old covenant cd not make man SINLESS.If PERFECTION came under the levitical Priesthood ( th law) what need was there for another priesthood AFTER MELCHEZIDEC.
  • A disciple
    Dennis; There are many things terribly wrong with what you wrote. First, and most important; God gave us the commandments with the intention of guiding our hearts in the way of holiness and love; and with the expectation that as His children we would have a heart to do them. Luke 1:6 "And they were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless."
  • Dennis carr
    It is impossible to keep the law there are 10 Commandments and over 6000 laws and if you break one you have failed totally. It says keep my commandments if you love me and you will truly want to keep his commandments if you love him but it is not possible. We do not live by the law. There are two Commandments in the New Testament and the whole ballgame changed when Jesus Christ died on the cross
  • A disciple
    Debra; There have been attempts to Judaize, and to bring the Disciples into bondage to some outward form of religious tradition or other from the earliest days. But that is not the kingdom of God! Paul wrote"Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holy day, or of the new moon, or of the Sabbath days: which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ."
  • Alex
    Debra God wants every day HOLY not just the Sabbath. and he wants this holiness to come from Christ in us via the new birth, THE new covenant ETC.And that Christ in us cannot sin thus we keep the commandments. A day is a 1000 yrs in the sight of GOD,THUS THE REAL SABBATH IS A 1000 YR DAY WHEN CHRIST WILL REIGN ON THE EARTH,David saw this earth at REST and full of his GLORY, REST IMPLIES A 7 TH DAY
  • Alex
    Debra under this New Covenant we abide in Christ 24/7 Not 1 day a week,Its like a marriage 24/7 FOREVER.Jesus said if the Branches do not abide in the vine (Christ ) continually 24/7 they bring forth NO FRUIT , The disciples followed Jesus 24/7 not 1 day a week. He is our temple and we are his temple thats y he is saying abide in me and i in you meaning 24/7 like a marriage, he is our Bridegroom .
  • Debra
    It still amazes me how many professing Christians do not keep the Sabbath holy, which is Friday Sunset to Saturday Sunset, not to mention the Ten Commandments. "IF you love Me, keep My Commandments." -GOD. Shabbat Shalom.
  • Obbie Beal
    WOW! WOW! WOW! self examination, self examination, WOW ! WOW! WOW!.
  • Tommy Hadden
    The Word is saying, "The Fast", is to get your eyes off yourself. Dealing to others the depth into the teachings you have received. You can only teach what you know to be true by what you have experienced from God. Anything less is unfruitful to others and shows the degree of your own comprehension. Luke 22:31-2
    When your faith allows you to overcome the tricks of Satan, then strengthen others.
  • Andrei Isayeu
    Without Fasting the way Isaiah 58 explains God can't accept Fasting for it must be done according to the Word of God!
  • Sr
    This precept is admonishing all awaken israelites to speak to their fellow brethren and sisters about their forgotten heritage. Jeremiah 17:4 let you know that Jacob children lost their way by sinning against their power. A command from the Heavenly Father is to show those lost sheep how they continue to sin against God. How can one find them? Check out Deuteronomy 28:46 the sign to identify.
  • Kurtis
    always good fruit and food for our Life, Spirit and Soul. Amen
  • Irene123
    V. 7 - the 'bread' is the truth of the Word of God; 'thy house' is the church where he will hear this truth; the 'naked' are those not covered by His spirit of holiness - Acts2:38; 1 Pet. 1:15-16; "in all manner of CONVERSATION refers to not just mouth, but to our physical being, how we dress, our body language. Webster's defines 'conversation' in scripture as how we appear to others.
  • Duwayne Mcnaughton
    I believe that Isa. (58) is a DIVINE Blueprint on
    The work we should be doing daily if we want to go too heaven!
  • Nqobilizitha pan aquila
    Thank you trecentillion plus times you highly esteemed servants of God for affording us this platform.We are both equipped and perfected as our Triune God explicates what True Fasting and Prayer entails(Verses 6-7;10) and the benefits that accrue to us for doing it (verses 8-9;11-14)!We take a leaf from this God's prophecy!
  • Michael Bassey
    Being on a fast opens up our Spiritual realms
  • Mrs Adedayo Dorcas Idris
    God is teaching us how we should fast and again we should not forsake the sabbath.
  • John ogbeifun
    Cry aloud yes is very good to cry out the word of our God who give out his son for us. and as a christian we most not stop to make our voice to be heard in this end time so i will beg my fellow christian to use all they can to tell the world about our Lord Jesus Christ and his coming. thanks God Bless you all
  • Christine for verse 1
    To tel everbody to repent
  • OJILE SUNDAY for verse 14
  • Aguda omobola
    the word of the most High God is as new as Him every day the enablement to do God will is every human advantage .GOD grant us the grace and enablement to obey His commandment till the end
  • George Onwukwe
    The very fact that in the first book of Genesis...God says let us mold man in our image..emphasis on "our"..plural..meaning God the Father, Son, Holy Spirit..we are all lower case god's....keeping our bodies our reasonable fact our expectation....God regards true fasting..not just as a mere exercise..or deprivation..but Wholly in our temperance..our love for one another...and in our Charity not just giving ...He will cause us to ride upon the great high places on earth...abundant riches..spiritual and material prosperity!
  • Isaiah 58 is a very good verse
    Isaiah 58Vs13 14 hints on the importance of obeying and keeping the Sabbath Day Holy the 7th Day of The week 'Saturday ' many are lost in the worldly made sabbath day instead of worshipping him on his holy day the Godly made Sabbath. Here enlightens us on the reward of obeying his commandment "4th ". May we be blessed as we obey. Amen
  • Evan george anderson
    great apostle confessing christ comming for growth in the natural man an spirit

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