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  • BSP
    Verse 10~Jehovah God's loyalty is unshakeable. Nothing can make him abandon his loyal servants.
  • Gary Olsen
    In 54:1, those who are barren did not bring forth fruit unto God. In verse 5, he is the husband of his people but they were unfaithful to him when they worshiped other gods. They didn't bear children unto him meaning they were unfruitful in their lack of faith toward him. The children of the desolate are the fruit of idolatry. For those who practice idolatry, the fruit they bear is emptiness.
  • Bruce
    David: Where did You Get this Information. The Hebrew Words Used Maker or Husband Are Singular. No Where in The Concordance Does it Suggest Plural. It's Plural when You Add s
  • David
    With verse 5, the hebrew uses the plural form of Maker and Husband, which renders it to be Makers and Husbands. Why did Isaiah refer to God by these plural nouns?
  • Bless
    verse 17, showes that as long as we are righteous and doing the right thing, that no weapon form against us that will prosper,that is the heritage of the servant of the Most high God,
    Verse 15, promises us that there gathering is in vein, their(enemies) plans will not succeed as long as we are with God
  • Isaiah Muturi
    This strenghed my faith in that with God no evil can be directed unto me.Through Jesus christ,all the curses has been broken.I will nolonger be subjected to wirchcraft.
  • Ahrayah
    the "weapon" is talking about the "waster"... what is the point of these comments?
  • BSP
    Verse 17~Our fine works and good example can condemn any false tongues that speak lies against us.
  • BSP
    Jehovah God has promised protection to his people as a whole no matter what weapon is formed against them or what is said against them.
  • Hugh Goodman, Jr.
    I am encouraged and my fears are lessened.
  • BSP
    Verse 17: No weapon formed against Jehovah God's purpose will have lasting success.
  • Eniekan
    Jehovah is kind,he promise us devine protect ion and hope knowing fully well that we are in a world of trouble. The promise ofJehovah is what we need to succeed on a daily basis .
  • Irene123
    To S. Morrow on Isa. 54:17 - were you commenting on the 'Verse of the Day'? I missed your point .....?
  • Kurt
    Verse 5: we must rejoice powerfully, for the God of all is our is the husband of our church and us. Careful fellow Christians, go out and find a true church, without a false proselytizer. God has overcome Satan on earth so use critical thought with our gospel (Isaiah) to uncover the false ones. I pray you may raise your hands and voice in one of God's churches! I love you! Kurt.
  • Anne
    Thank God for our heritage as servants of the Lord that no weapon that is formed or fashioned against us shall prosper and any tongue that rise against us in judgement shall be condemned. For if God is for us, who can be against us.
  • Fana Mkwanaz
    I am humbled and blown beyond comprehension the faithfullness of God in His word, of verse 17, i am seeing it live at work as I we speak God shutting a tongue that is rising against me!

    Thank You Lord, Thank Jesus, your name be praised.
  • Rss
    Isaiah 54:14
    The renewing of ones soul that enables a person to become free from the enemies activities.
  • Philiswa Gcadinja
    For sometime I ignonerd God, His wrath was upon me, as I came to realise I am of God and has to stay righteous, His mercy, everlasting kindness, protection abounded in me, and He is asking me to go deeper acknowledging His presence,doing aIl I can to worship and walking His ways extending all of me for Him and is promising all the best that will make me forget past hurts and grieves. Oh!I love him
  • Esther
    Isaiah 54v7 8 is talking abt how God forsake and also had mercy on his people. What those verses are telling us is that sin can cut the relationship between God and man. Therefore, if we have in any way displease God in our way of life we need to come to Him in repentance and He is also ready to accept us back and show us mercy. My dear friend out there come to Him today. He is ready to have mercy on you.Tarry not tomorrow may be too late.
  • Pat Clark
    I love this particular chapter in Isaiah... but the verses that speak to me the most are 1 2... At one point in my walk with God I'd reached a place of indecisiveness, and I didn't know when it was that the Lord wanted me to do? I was yet rather young in the faith at the as I search the scripture for answers, God directed me Isaiah 54 and kept me right there for quite some times...I didn't know what He wanted me to see until after reading, and studying this chapter over and over again. The first two verses seem to be highlighted in me spirit man so clear ! As a child of God, being saved by is my reasonable service to share the good news of salvation with other that know not of God's free gift unto salvation, and of the price Jesus paid that they might attain His gift... In verses 1 2 this is what became clear to me, is that God is saying to his people, that there are "so many people out here" vs1 more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, saith the Lord . Vs 2 "Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitation:spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes" This spoke volumes to me. There is a lot of work to be done, people are dying without knowing they have a Savior... in vs 1 He's letting us know that there's more "children of God then a wife could ever have "
  • Andy Ampong
    vrs 17 - If you turn yourself to the Lord, He will defend you and in that way, no one can harm you. In God, one of these days things will change
  • Alice for verse 17
    I love it. It is bringing me thru the fire and it touches me not. I love u my precious Jesus of Nazerith.
  • Austine for God for verse 17
    our strength is only in the lord.lord please free from all impurity
  • Dinyando Larson
    verse17 "Nathing that comes against me can succeed, it 's my inheritence in God .
  • Lukhwareni Blessing Ritshidze for verse 10
    I believe that a new covenant is because of the love of God by sending his only begotten son on us and He died for us on the cross AMEN.
  • Jimmy for verse 17
    righteousness in the Lord all mighty will win every time if you trust in the lord and just listen, he will take care of his children. Trust your heart to the lord and watch what happens.
  • Blessed
    the mercy of the lord endureth forever so how shall we neglect such a great salvation
  • Lilian
    God is good all the time and he is faithful to his promises wherever his name is exalted in the crowd he will come with hs Holy Presence. If we believed in God and put God first into our lives all things that we need will be added, everything we do will prosper. Thanks to Jesus for his precious blood that shed for us, his Resurrection, His Ascencion and thank you Lord for sending us the Holy Spirit. you are worhty to be praised and to give thanks. Amen
  • Oluyemisi Aina
    This chapter is a very good prayer for widows. It 's very rich and powerful. I use it for counseling and I do recommend it to widows.
  • Victoria Rivera for verse 16
    Andrew that is precisly correct. The weapon is the scroll written by the little lamb. A servant...

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