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  • Khethiwe on Isaiah 53
    What a wonderful lord we serve. I love it in verse 5 when it says by his stripes we are healed.
  • Evander renner on Isaiah 53:5
    I just want to thank Jehovah for this wonderful thing. My son, Elikem was diagnosed of cancer, just after that his condition got terrible as days went by. I called on God and reminded Him of His word in Isaiah 53:5. And I testify to the glory of God, Elikem my son is now cancer free and doing good. Who can do this for me, when hope was lost? Only JESUS; thank you for the cross.
  • Timothy Wayne George on Isaiah 53:1
    Who had believed the report? To whom hath the arm of Yahweh been revealed? In heaven there are three that witness to the report: God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit; their testimony is one. On earth the Water, the blood, and the Holy Spirit. If you receive the testimony of man, then the testimony of God is greater. Jesus came unto His own people, the Jews, and they received Him not. So to as many as received him, the Gentiles, they became the sons of God. I thank God that I believed the report, and received Jesus as my Savior. When He prayed Father forgive them, He included you, and me. Praise God that by His stripes I am healed spiritualy, and physically. I pray that if anyone thinks He is only a prophet, yes but more than a prophet, as He is our great High Priest, and He will come back as King of Kings, Lord of Lords. So receive Him today, and He will save you too.
  • Xolile Ntshotsho on Isaiah 53:3
    Christ did not deserve this, I mean He is Alfa and Omega. For all the good He has done for human Kind this was humiliation, inhuman, sad. But as they say when days are dark friends are few! It is at that darkest moment where the once close to you turn their backs on you!
  • Cheri on Isaiah 53
    Jesus did it all for us, all I can say is thank you. In my heart I want to say more but what i don't know that many wonderful words to say. We have peace, healing, forgiveness, life everlasting, etc.. I call that a big [wow]. God bless all.
  • Wallace on Isaiah 53
    I have been struggling for sometime. But as I have been reading the word and reading Isaiah 53, I see just how mean and awful this world was to the man that saved us from eternal hell. I can get off my pretty pony and live. For Christ has paid it all for me. I need God to open doors for me and I will be willing to step through them.
  • Carmon Wilcox on Isaiah 53:5
    My perfect hope comes to life in Christís perfect death. God is so wonderful. His perfect plan IS best, because he purely loves us. Thank you eternal Father. You gave us life, hope and eternity. Thank you for perfect and living Word.
  • James mason on Isaiah 53
    I think Isaiah 53 says it all. I like Isaiah 53:12, how he was numbered with the transgression.
  • GIFTY COFFIE-BASSAH on Isaiah 53
    He was wounded and bruised for my sin and iniquity.. thus paying the price for me...righteousness. Then he was chastised and now I have his peace. Now I can be healed both physically and mentally by the stripes he took for me. I tearfully love it.
  • Tom on Isaiah 53:5
    He was wounded and bruised for my sin and iniquity.. thus paying the price for me...righteousness. Then he was chastised and now I have his peace. Now I can be healed both physically and mentally by the stripes he took for me. I tearfuly love it.
  • Sondra on Isaiah 53
    Whenever we are feeling blue, we read Isaiah it pick us up. I love it.
  • Randy Harryman on Isaiah 53:5
    I live by Isaiah 53:5 that is my prayer whenever I am sick or just down and out!! I think that should be everyone's favorite, Amen!!!!!
  • Cheri on Isaiah 53
    I thank God for his son JESUS. When I think that God growed that tree, watered it with rain, gave it the sun, God knew just that tree for years and many years. That it would be the tree [cross] that his Son would die on for the sins of the world. Words can\'t say how THANKFUL I FEEL INSIDE. GOD BLESS EVERYONE.
  • Yibeltal Negash W. on Isaiah 53
    The phrases are so beautiful and heart piercing, and the picture so humble and healing!!!
  • Thomas Nusunginya on Isaiah 53
    After Revelations 2 transpired...this is a extention for Jesus acknowledgement of Gods plans coming through...
  • Elena Licon on Isaiah 53
    Isaiah 53:12 is confusing to me. I don't understand what is meant by dividing the spoils with the great.
  • Baraka Mbalazi on Isaiah 53
    For Sure God's Love is amazing,coz he loved us before we planned to love him and he gave us his beloved son so he can die for our sins.I love Jesus,.
  • Bane on Isaiah 53
    This morning I read the Isaiah 53 and I am amazed what was written a few hundred years BC. How it is possible that the prophecy gave the exact picture of Jesus Christ. Even the historical facts coincide. I believe in God, I follow Jesus I am full of grace. Thank you God and bless us all.
  • James Clifton on Isaiah 53
    Jesus paid it all,all to Him I owe,sin had left a crimson stain He washed it white as snow.What a tremendous price that was paid (in full).
  • Segun Ijagbemi on Isaiah 53
    The Creator of heaven and earth, GOD, reproduced the birth and death of Jesus Christ as the medium of solution to man's earthly challenges. So that for those with the currency of faith to call for HIS mercy, none of our sinful nature on earth would by any means hurt HIM. GOD is ever ready to dish out HIS goodness and mercy to those who believe that HIS Covenant and Judgment are tested and true.
  • Diana seibert on Isaiah 53
    i am believing that his word works because with confidence it was said by his stripes we are healed im believing with that same kind of faith that he bore all of our infirmities on the tree
  • Sunny Eapen on Isaiah 53
    I love this chapter the most and shall we nt go to all the world and preach that they are now saved and healed!! And to accept Jesus!?
    Come help us to reach 7 million unreached people in 19,000 villages of HIMACHAL PRADESH in the North West part of India.
  • SIMON on Isaiah 53
  • Gracie pelt on Isaiah 53:5
    where did the meaning comes from through his stipes we are heal in regarding a person being sick. my understanding its our sins
  • Thomas Williams on Isaiah 53
    I think we get mixed up when we see jesus death. We know that he paid it all but yet we as followers of christ want to live a life unto him and unto ourselves. we want god blessing but we dont want to live a life holy unto him. His death is the starting point for us, but we have to accept what he has by doing want he laid out in the bible. We do some things but not all things and that is not pleasing unto god. If we are going to live for chirst it starts with showing obedience unto jesus and his word. You have to eat the whole roll the bitter with the sweet
  • Bamigboye Michael on Isaiah 53
    JESUS paid it all!!!
  • MINS. Anthony l McElroy on Isaiah 53
    Isaiah the prophet talking about Jesus in chapter 53,how God himself made him a body and stepped into it. I THINNK GOD FOR HIS MERCY AND GRACE!
  • Wayne Wright on Isaiah 53:10
    How long did he live???? Who is mentioned in Genesis 6:3 and 4?
  • Bob McDaniel on Isaiah 53
    Jesus Christ is the only person past, present, or future, that can be used to fulfill Isaiah 53. He knew no sin, yet He bore all sin for us. How can we ever repay that? And we are not worthy of any of it. I bow humbly before Him and I am ashamed. Forgive me Lord.
  • Jesus on Isaiah 53
    Remember People When you are sick " Isaiah 53 verse 5
    "But he [was] wounded for our transgressions, [he was] bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace [was] upon him; and with his stripes we are healed" keywords with his stripes we are healed.. no one should be sick and faith and this verse should help..act upon the word.. my pastor says it this way..It should be illegal or a sin for a christian to be "SICK" no one should be sick with GOD

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