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  • BSP on Isaiah 53
    Jehovah God is our Shepherd and if we fail to obey his commands and follow his guidance we are like the sheep going astray mentioned in this verse.
  • Gonzalo on Isaiah 53
    Verse 2: For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant written in (future tense)
    verse 3: He is despised and rejected of men a man of sorrows, (Present Tense)
    Verse 4: Surely he has borne our grief's and carried our sorrows (past tense)
    how could it be written before the event took place.? and the same event is written in all three tenses, past , present, and future.?
  • Barbara Williamson on Isaiah 53
    having received the BLESSING that JESUS has paid for ALL MY SINS I no longer belong to me I am bought with a price the precious blood of Jesus I no longer belong to me but the Christ Jesus and his will and direction is what I do and follow for I am bought with a price
  • BSP on Isaiah 53
    As sinners we are the ones deserving of death, but Jesus Christ came to earth and took our pain and the mistreatment that we deserve. We should be eternally grateful for what Christ has done for us.
  • Jason phelps on Isaiah 53
    Ray Jay, I just want to add Jacob(Israel)had 11 other sons (tribes)Judah was only one the others went north over the Caucasus mountains to settle in rest of the world so Israel is scattered everywhere these can be traced through genealogies...
  • Stephen B. on Isaiah 53
    How great is the love of Christ, to endure death, even the death of the cross, for such a worm as I.
  • BSP on Isaiah 53
    This is a Messianic prophecy that points forward to the things that Jesus would endure for us. We should greatly appreciate the willing sacrifice that Jesus Christ made in our behalf.
  • Ray Jay on Isaiah 53
    They will argue that Isaiah 53 is discussing the nation of Israel as the suffering servant and not an individual. They will quote other scriptures showing that. However, Isaiah, clearly is speaking of an individual. An entire nation doesn’t have one soul; HE bare THEIR iniquity; no deceit was on HIS mouth - How can an entire nation of Jews have NO deceit? This and more is an individual. JESUS!
  • Lola on Isaiah 53
    I praise God for loving me enough to die for my sins in order that I will repent of my sins and receive eternal life. Thank you JESUS.
  • Charlie Chester Zeigler on Isaiah 53
    Jesus Christ has given us the way to get to heaven . But we have to walk with him and help others as you would like others to help you in your time of need. Only the love that we give freely without expecting to get something in return and saying later that remember when I help you. Give the gift of your heart to a stranger this season.
  • Alex on Isaiah 53
    When they beat him they didn,t know it but they were just multipling him, when a seed is beaten or bruised it dies quickly and reproduces a bigger crop, thats y David said they plowed long upon my back they made deep furrows on my back thats y jesus said unless a seed falls into the ground and DIES IT ABIDES ALONG BUT IF IT IT DIES IT PRODUCES MUCH FRUIT meaning all of humanity will get a SEED.
  • A disciple on Isaiah 53
    "All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all." The lost sheep cannot find themselves! The Shepherd goes in search of His own sheep. Our sins and iniquities were what made us lost. The Father sent Jesus into the world to save us from our sins, and bring us to the Father forgiven, cleansed, and made all new.
  • A disciple on Isaiah 53
    (1-2) As old as the ages that man has been on the earth outcast and unfit; so too with the times of degeneration and sin have rendered the moral consciousness as tender as brick. Who will then by the time before appointed of God, be in anywise ready or able to know Him when He appears? For is it not we that are the desolate dry, and His visitation in the flesh the only living root to spring forth?
  • Irene123 on Isaiah 53
    Isa.53; our great God robed Himself in flesh, 1 Tim.3:16 - "God was manifest in the flesh"; Matt.1:21; Lk.1:31; call His name Jesus; Isa.7:14, call His name Immanuel (God with us); 9:6 - and His name shall be called the mighty God, the everlasting Father"; Jn20:28 - "My Lord and my God."
  • Mike R on Isaiah 53
    We are living in a world that is full of corruption. They have lost there first love and forgot what jesus did for thm on the cross. He was beaten to a blooded pulp for our sins so that we could have life and have it more abundantable. Jesus made a way that we could reach heaven through him as our intercessor. I just want to thank my lord and saviuor jesus christ for loving me more than i love mys
  • Nathan martin on Isaiah 53
    We are the ones who have been put on tht cross I love u lord and am great full for every thing u have did for me.
  • Ernestina Francois on Isaiah 53
    Isaiah in his distress speaks a very relevant and timely words to a dead nation. We as humans have indeed gone astray, we as believers have indeed left our first love. We have gone astray, turn our backs on the truth. As a sheep without a Sheppard is confused, distress and lack guidance, direction and focus, so is all who result to living without Christ. The very core and essence of our being, a Saviour coming and dying so as sheep, we will have a Sheppard to guide our incompetent minds and hearts to the Father. Everything we could ever do to label us destroyed and dead- He Jesus Christ took on the cross. A true mark for our salvation and survival. Today, most of us do not or cannot stand, live and embrace the truth of our identity. We live us citizens without rights, sons and daughters without parents, body without heads! Isaiah is calling us to reflect and return to the Father of all creations.
  • Aaron Roberts on Isaiah 53
    I'm very greatful that Jesus died on the cross, so that I in return may live. Thank you!
  • LadyA on Isaiah 53
    Thank God for Jesus and how he saved me. I will forever praise the Lord!
    I am his sheep and he is my Shepherd!
    His Grace and Mercy is upon our lives.
  • Allyson J Roles on Isaiah 53
    Since Jesus paid the price, I ask for greater FAITH, and please remove any doubt!!!
  • Sharon Jones on Isaiah 53
    Whenever I read this my eyes are filled with tears, Thank You Jesus for saving us and this world with your precious Blood!!
  • Yolanda Holdman on Isaiah 53
    All I can say with my mouth is THANK YOU GOD
    All I can do with my head is bow it before you, God No Words, No gestures can compare to YOU For God you are a on time , ALL the time merciful most Precious God for All who embraces your Loveť, no other Gift matters to me for You said in your word 1 Corinthians 13, the Greatest of these is CHARITY!
  • Jasmin on Isaiah 53
    Beautiful, that his love was and is sufficient, not only for the sins we would commit, but for all the sins we ever could commit!!!!
  • Sharon on Isaiah 53
    There was no other good enough to pay the price of sin, HE alone unlocked the gates of heaven to let us in. Unspeakable love and mercies to sinners such as we.
  • Eliud Oteka on Isaiah 53
    this scripture realy lifted my faith when I was in KNH after a serious burn of hot tea in 2005 Dec, when In read this, I personally gained strength and for sure, I got well without any disability, Glory to GOD
  • Hailee edgar on Isaiah 53
    I think that isaiah 53:5 that he did that for our sins and we was healed from all the sins we had before he came down
  • BSP on Isaiah 53
    Jesus suffered and took a beating for our sins. We should show ourselves so grateful for the gift that has been given us and for the fact that Jesus willingly suffered physical and mental pain so that we could be redeemed from sin and death.
  • Lilian on Isaiah 53
    John 3.16 For God so loved the world that He gave his only Begotten Son Jesus Christ whosoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life. What a beautiful God we serve. Jesus took over and BARE THE SINS IF MANY. BY HIS BLOOD WE ARE REDEEMED AND PARDONED. BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED ONLY BELIEVE AND PRAISE AND WORSHIP JESUS FOR HE IS WORTHY AMEN
  • Edith on Isaiah 53
    Praise God for this new day with new revelation, restoration and His revival. His grace is always there for us. Thank Jesus for the finished work on the cross because we are called the heirs of the Kingdom of God because of His Blood. Thank you Jesus I will serve no foreign God.
  • Gwendolyn on Isaiah 53
    thank you

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