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  • Lance
    God has been so gracious towards humanity, ye we have repaid Him with evil. What is worse, is that we have the temerity to tell how we will relate to Him, while pursuing own own ungodly lusts. There canbe no mistake. God expects obedience to ALL HIS COMMANDMENTS!! By ourselves, such obedience is impossible. But thanks be to God!! His grace and power will enable the weakest man or woman to obey His perfect will. Then, instead of 'wild grapes', we will manifest ' the fruit of the Spirit'!!
  • Esther
    I noticed that two of the woes pronounced are upon those that drink or are intoxicated. Intoxication is a state of no self control, which God does not approve.
  • Sarah
    The is the woooe bill stop and think before you act chapter. The Prophet Isaiah uses woe about four times to tell us to stop and think about your actions there are serious consequenses to your actions.
  • Nate
    i like hfow you have such insite on what your are reading.

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