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  • Obbie Beal
    Above, we learn again of the love of god because above he extended his mercy and salvation to all. notice above how god, at his timing, extends his mercy to the whole human race when one by one none of us do not deserve his mercy. above we learn god mercy once extended has salvation so close behind his mercy the two, mercy and salvation appear joined together. jehovah, god is so good, he allow his blessings to be extended to all above, plus gather all unto him who will come, thereby all who will come to him shall be at the marriage supper of the lamb. see John 3:16-21 as it direct us to salvation.
  • Alex
    He says kings shall be your Nursing fathers and Queens your nursing Mothers which is symbolic language for men and women giving birth to a BABY CHRIST WHICH IS THE H.G. THE NEW HEAVENLY BIRTH. She brought forth a man child, The woman is humanity that is nursing a baby Christ the Son of Man.Jeremiah 30 saw all the world in travail n birth pains.Unless ya receive the kingdom of God as a lil child .
  • Alex
    When isaac was offered up thats when God made that promise of multiplication to Abraham the nation of israel came into being via the 12 tribes, Jacob was the 3 rd person n th Abrahamic trinity but in the heavenly th the 3 r person the granson that comes out of Christ loins,his seed breath. But isaiah is speaking of another Jacob another israel not of this world that are spirits born n
  • Alex
    My god what a powerful chapter this is,its about an israel of god, they are spirits that are gonna be born in humanity via the seed of the sower th words of god,men and women are gonna birth these children simply b c they are spirits th sun nor any heat lites on these children. simply b c they are spirits an israel of god if ya can hear it. a new jacob via the seed of Isaiah 49
  • Chris c,oke
    Is 49:24-26,our faith in fire,with hope ,patience Jahovah words of deliverence will be fulfilled in our chrristian life.Be blesed for your good work of faith.
  • Eagleye
    This scripture is about the suffering Christian. It lets us know that God may not come when you want him,but he’s right on time. No matter the suffering those that caused that suffering wasn’t just fighting against you,but against God. He’ll give them a dose of their own medicine upto the death penalty. Your may not believe in God or his judgment but they will after that (bad luck) judgment comes.
  • Angelo
    The scripture is actually about the suffering Jews. It is not talking about Jesus and his followers.
  • Will
    Verses 1-7 A wonderful expose of our Lord and Saviour, his work, his mission, his life,his sufferings. The Fathers work of Salvation in sending his word in the form of Jesus his son (John 1). Verses 8-26 The gathering of his people in the end times out of the nations, and the reestablishment of his covenant with his people which you see spoken of throughout the testimonies of the prophets.
  • A disciple
    Jaydee; BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHETS! I don't listen to those self aggrandizing spirits that come up to you saying, "Oh, You have a special revelation and are the holy Messenger of God!" Try the spirits whether they are of God! The first proof of the Holy Spirit's work in us is TRUTH, and the TRUTH acknowledged must always have the effect of showing us that we are good for nothing of ourselves.
  • Jaydee
    When I was spoken to by my Almighty Creator who chose a messenger from heaven I was given an important message that became fulfilled prophesy of Isaiah and Revelation 12:4,5; Hebrews 1:6, and Matthew 1:23; I was told a woman and not a church and not the nation of Israel would and has since given birth to the male child. But churches attribute that prophesy to their churches or Zionist Israel.
  • Irene123
    If you clic on 'commentary for Isaiah 49 (above) - it's by Matthew Henry and he is GOOD. It clarified this chap. for me. I was thinking it was a prophecy of Jesus - and it is.
  • Irene123
    Abigail Isaiah 49:2-3; "... a sharp sword..."; Hebrews 4:12; Revelation 19:15, v.21. When the Word of God is spoken (or read) it pricks, cuts your conscience of sin. For those who are alright with the Lord it keeps them aware of where they need to be, Psalms 23:3. The polished silver shaft is an arrow that is in a quiver and the Lord uses it (Isaiah) to carry His word swiftly to His people.
  • Abigail
    Can someone explain to me verses 2 and 3 of Isaiah 49.
  • Daphne
    I love your site I now have a better understanding of what each chapter is talking about as you explaine it in red letter:
  • Godwin for verse 2
    indeed whenever i read d pasage, i feel that his word shuld b lyk a fire in my mouth
  • Maurice Aird for verse 16
    It would be like God keeping a picture of you in his wallet and taking it out to show everyone. This is my special daughter or son, I am waiting for them to move here, so I can enjoy their company forever.
  • Theresa for verse 25
    God gave me this promise even Isaiah 49:26 I am holding strong to this because i am strongly attacked by my country and where i live by some people who practise black magic. But I trust Gods word in its power Because word of God is my loving Jesus nothing is powerful than him he is with me in us
  • This shows us how Jehovah God is constantly thinking of his loyal ones. He remembers them as if their names were engraved on his hands.
  • Jimmy for verse 25
    The holy one,the greater One is true to his word. This is the rhema word,as you speak it then it shall come to pass
  • Mary Curry
    Brethren that judges another is not wise.
  • Osvaldo Reyna Tristan
    It is great for you to let the people understand he is talking to everyone who reads the bible scripture. The fear of the Lord is the first thing you should know before being wise.
  • Charles for verse 25
    I pray with this scripture to a all young ones who are under captive of sin ,especially the sin of fornication ,that God will deliver them and bring them into a light of repentant.
  • Michael
    I have just read isiah 49 and now ,know that surely no weapon formed against shall prosper praise be to God
  • Jerry leonard
    Jerry Leonard 's Isaiah Chapter 49, Vs.18 thru 21 tells you God and the remnant of Jews that 's left after the Great Tribulation is speaking between themselves the remnant of Jews is asking the Lord where have all these Jewish brethren that 's come back to Israel coming from? The Jewish remnant tells the Lord saying after the Tribulation this land has become a waste and desolate place. The Jewish remnant wants to know where have all these new Jewish brethren is coming from since there is not enough land for all. To get the Lord 's answer just verse 18 again.
  • John Adegeye
    Vs 23 " no matter any situation you are pls believe that God Will never forsake you, God is also watching over you.
  • Mosa
    This scripture is my title deed to my deliverance from the ancestral strongman that has been tormenting my life,now I 'm confident,this devil has lost legal ground in my life,thank you Jesus Christ!
  • Wenzile khanyile surveyor for verse 17
    God will never forget a humen no matter what sutuetion you are in nothing is difficult for God.
  • Joshua Makolo for verse 15
    Can there be a man who will not sleep? Yet there is a God who does not sleep. He takes care of,you even when men sleep.
  • Rodion Ponomariev for verse 7
    Hello, English Meaning Kinsman Redeemer Hebrew Aramaic Go el Scriptural Reference Isaiah 49 7 Thank you.

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