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  • Teri
    Wow, praise to God for all of your comments and testimonies! His word is so rich and endless for applications. We will have eternity to understand His marvelous works!
  • Jennelle Hand
    i love this one! But I need to add that Flatearth is so important to Jesus and Truth is because billions of people are struggling to believe in a creator at all due to the ball theory and outerspace and other planets and alien life and the big bang and evolution. It makes God second fidel to a scientific concept. Almost every person I know who came to flatearth has come to accept a creator. Truth
  • Doug
    I don't understand the belief in a flat earth when there are photos of the earth from space that show it is a big round ball. If you could give me some reliable references to the flat earth theory I would appreciate it. I am open to truth.
  • A disciple
    "Behold, I will bring again the shadow of the degrees, which is gone down in the sun dial of Ahaz, ten degrees backward. So the sun returned ten degrees, by which degrees it was gone down." Which is easier, or which is impossible for God to do? to stop the clocks or turn back the entire ordinances of the stars and the heavens, or roll them back like a scroll at His Coming and the Day of the LORD?
  • A disciple
    Then what do you do with the Scripture that says, "He sits on the circle of the earth?" There is no conspiracy to make people think the earth is round; and the silly idea of a flat earth is really a funny thing that anyone should get distracted and upset over. The earth and the other planets revolving around the sun doesn't threaten the truth of Jesus and the Scriptures or our salvation at all!
  • Doug
    I agree. The flat earth theory I just can't understand with all the evidence against it. Would like to hear their arguments for it though.
  • Lover of GOD
    Robert, the sun rises in the east and set the west meaning the sun moves around the earth, not the earth moving around the sun. In passage of scripture the sun move back.
  • Andy
    When Jehovah throws our sins behind his back he totally forgets them and does not bring it up again
  • Irene123
    Isa. 38:19; Lk. 1: 17 - :........... turn the fathers (hearts) to the children. The Jews are the 'fathers' (they heard the word of the Lord FIRST); The apostles in the N.T. were Jews - and went to the 'children', the Gentiles. The disciples at first wanted Jesus to rebuke the Gentiles, because they were just learning and didn't understand as yet, but God 'fixed' it all in Acts ch. 2.
  • Sam
    One of my favorite chapters in the bible, God has all power and he listens to all of his children's prayers.
  • Andrew
    I believe that we should pray for the LORD 's will be done, but that does not mean that we cannot ask for anything that we THINK might be best for us, or something we desire. Just have to remember that what we ask may not be the best, and trust God 's final decision, by having a frame of mind that "this is what I think and desire, grant it if it is good, but thine will be done ".Remember the prayer of our Lord Jesus Christ in the garden of Gethsemane.
  • Insight 777
    Hezekiah was going to die because of the king of Assyria. Verse 8 might mean that the defense of Hezekiah will come from a nation in a different time zone that will fly over to help. Or this could be a symbolic turning back of time meaning his current condition will change back to a more secure position he held in the past. This could be done by negotiations with supporting countries that will stop or slow the assault. A possible but not probable cause of help to Hezekiah could be massive tectonic movement of the earths crust causing a pole shift and damage to Assyria. A compass is similar to a sundial. An aircraft compass has to be aligned with the planets northern magnetic pole.
  • Robert
    this chapter is extremely profound in wisdom. Very hard to understand spiritually. He turned the shadow of the sun ten degrees backward? What does it mean. The sun is set, the earth rotates. So, what does it mean set the shadow backwards? Does it mean make the earth rotate clockwise for about ten degrees? What does it mean?
  • Barbarose
    Today we pray for the LORD 'S will be done. Hezekiah did not. But the end of him was bad.
  • Esele Paul Odeke
    That was a prayer of great supplication that if you and I prayed we would really receive an astonishing answer keep the faith high.
  • Witness daniel ablor for verse 17
    you know he that takes all his time in chasing the devil will finally meet the ALMIGHTY GOD on that same way in Romans 8 28 and Job 38 1and2 gives as a very clear meaning that GOD is the altar and finisher of everything that happens in our life
  • Timothy Wayne George
    Hezekiah is told by Isaiah, to set his house in order, for he is going to die. Hezekiah prays to the Lord, tells how he has walked before Him in truth, and done that which is good, with a perfect heart. God hears the prayer of Hezekiah, tells Isaiah to tell him, I have seen your tears, and will add fifteen years to thy days. Thank God that He answers prayer: yes, no, and wait. Never be ashamed to cry before the Lord, for He hears us when we cry, and keeps our tears in a bottle. Tears are our language, and God understands. To live is Christ, and to die is gain. Give God the glory for every day of your life, and you will hear well done when He calls you home to glory.
  • Julian
    The Lord reveals things to us so that we can pray;if the situation is bad so that we can call upon his mercy and deliverance. God is a God of mercy and a 2nd chance and if we earnestly call upon Him he answers and delivers. And when he answers He does exceedingly above that we ask or think of; God did not only add yrs to Hezekiah but He promised to deliver him and his city from the king of Assyria, God restored time to Hezekiah.God cast Hezekiah's sins behind His back and was ready to save me.

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