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  • Geoff
    When I read " beseech thee, how I have walked before thee in truth and with a perfect heart" I thought that is not me. I think God saw Hezekiah's full, wholeheart effort and because His ways are above our ways He accepted the heartfelt prayer.
    1 Timothy 1:15
    Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners -- of whom I am the worst.
  • TRO
    Yep, like what Timothy had to say on this verse. Lean not on your own understanding! The Holy Spirit is our guide and teacher. He was sent to keep us after Jesus returned to the father.
  • Shaylyn Apart
    There are three parts to you ... You are a person with a soul , You have a spirit , You are someone's child . Why is it so hard , and these three are one .

  • Irene123
    To Andrew, 1 year ago - Where in God's word does it say 'God in 3 persons' or 'God the son'. It does say, 'Jesus, the son of God', but never 'God the son'.
  • Dennis Roeder
    Impressive. God really saved Jerusalem. But, the incident even made Herodotus, where Egyptians claimed credit because mice ate bow strings and shield straps, according to them. Only a really big event ever gets such a twisted take.
  • Jeff herrin
    we look at 2 kings a book of history in Isaiah is books of major prophets. Isaiah was writing of the same time as these kings lived. Some of 2kings and 2 chronicles tell of the same things that happen just like in Jeremiah history and prophet of the same times.
  • Jack
    I would like to know why Isaiah 37 reads exactly like 2 Kings 19 word for word, does anyone know?
  • Andrew
    That is not 3 Gods, it is 3 persons in ONE God. There is only ONE God. Why 3 persons in one God, will remain a mystery, and will always be until we be in Heaven. All throughout the Bible is the Trinity. I have no trouble with that. This is what we call faith, faith in the word of God, when we cannot understand, but because God spoke it, we just believe.
  • Gloria
    Grant, What trouble are you talking about? I know you are refering to the Christian 's believe about the Trinity. That is, God the Father, God the Son and God the HolyGhost. Pls, relax with what you believe and leave the Christians alone who believe in Trinity. If you know the word of God, you will not argue about the Trinity. Christians do not believe in three gods but base their believe on three personalities in one GOD ok. After the fall of man, man lost his relationship with his maker Gen. 3 . God out of His goodness and mercy, sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ to redeem and reconcile man back to Himself John 3 16 . He came in the nature of man in order to relate well with His creature.Jesus exist before the world came into being John 1 The sacrifice He made on the cross paid the utmost price for humanity and anyone who believes and accept Jesus as his or her saviour and Lord, will be saved. Then God will send the third person in Trinity the HolyGhost to guide and direct him or her in righeousness of our Lord Jesus. Thanks.
  • Andrew
    I am not troubled in believing Three Gods in One Fact with verse 20 in answer to Grant's comment.
  • Grant for verse 20
    People who beleive in the Three Gods in One theory have trouble with this verse.
  • Timothy Wayne George
    Have you received a letter or email that has troubled you? Then do what Hezekiah did, and spread it before the Lord in prayer. God alone is God, and He will not be blasphemed by other people without consequences. After Hezekiah prayed to God, the answer was given, and God moved on behalf of his servant. The angel of the Lord smote 185,000 Assyrians the next morning. God is still on the throne, and He rules in the affairs of men. All the leaders of this world are as grasshoppers, and God uses them to accomplish His will on Earth. So trust in the Lord, and do good, so shall thou dwell in the land; verily thou shall be provided for. Worry about nothing, but with prayer, and thanksgiving, let your request be made known unto to God. The peace of God will compass your mind in Christ Jesus.

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