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Commentary for Isaiah 35

The flourishing state of Christ's kingdom. (1-4) The privileges of his people. (5-10)1-4 Judea was prosperous in the days of Hezekiah, but the kingdom of Christ is the great subject intended. Converting grace makes the soul that was a wilderness, to rejoice with joy and singing, and to blossom abundantly. The feeble and faint-hearted are encouraged. This is the design of the gospel. Fear is weakening; the more we strive against it, the stronger we are, both for doing and suffering; and he that says to us, Be strong, has laid help for us upon One who is mighty. Assurance is given of the approach of Messiah, to take vengeance on the powers of darkness, to recompense with abundant comforts those that mourn in Zion; He will come and save. He will come again at the end of time, to punish those who have troubled his people; and to give those who were troubled such rest as will be a full reward for all their troubles.

5-10 When Christ shall come to set up his kingdom in the world, then wonders, great wonders, shall be wrought on men's souls. By the word and Spirit of Christ, the spiritually blind were enlightened; and those deaf to the calls of God were made to hear them readily. Those unable to do any thing good, by Divine grace were made active therein. Those that knew not how to speak of God or to God, had their lips opened to show forth his praise. When the Holy Ghost came upon the Gentiles that heard the word, then were the fountains of life opened. Most of the earth is still a desert; neither means of grace, spiritual worshippers, nor fruits of holiness, are to be found in it. But the way of religion and godliness shall be laid open. The way of holiness is the way of God's commandment; it is the good old way. And the way to heaven is a plain way. Those knowing but little, and unlearned, shall be kept from missing the road. It shall be a safe way; nothing can do them any real hurt. Christ, the way to God, shall be clearly made known; and the way of a believer's duty shall be plainly marked out. Let us then go forward cheerfully, assured that the end of this way shall be everlasting joy, and rest for the soul. Those who by faith are made citizens of the gospel Zion, rejoice in Christ Jesus; and their sorrows and sighs are made to flee away by Divine consolations. Thus these prophecies conclude. Our joyful hopes and prospects of eternal life should swallow up all the sorrows and all the joys of this present time. But of what avail is it to admire the excellence of God's word, unless we can call its precious promises our own? Do we love God, not only as our Creator, but because he gave his only Son to die for us? And are we walking in the ways of holiness? Let us try ourselves by such plain questions, rather than spend time on things that may be curious and amusing, but are unprofitable.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.

Discussion for Isaiah 35

  • Marilyn T on Isaiah 35
    Praise God! Praise his holy name. There is a Place for the righteous only. The way is Holiness and the unrighteousness can Not even walk over it. Thanks God! This is truly a special place because Animals that most of us fear will not be there. A perfect place with joy and happiness.
  • Stephen Francis Zielski on Isaiah 35
  • BSP on Isaiah 35
    I look forward to the fulfillment of verse 10 when any grief and sighing will be done away with.
  • A disciple on Isaiah 35
    While we are still in this world, the Lord has said that He would keep us from the evil as we look to Him and abide in Him. How long the Nations are ordained to have the dominion, is all in the Father's hands, for His own reasons. What a blessing when God gives a ruler who seeks to do good! We are likewise sent out from Babylon in full view of the world, to take our journey to the New Jerusalem.
  • BSP on Isaiah 35
    God promised the Israelites that he would protect them as they left Babylon and went back to Jerusalem.
  • BSP on Isaiah 35
    Verse 8 mentions that the highway is a way of holiness and not the way to holiness so one must be holy in order to travel on this highway.
  • Stephen F. Zielski on Isaiah 35
    PARADOX ! Transition. It truly is our Heavenly Abba Dad and Eternal Father and God Almighty Yahweh Elohim who choose's the weak, foolish and febel thing's of this world to bring to naught the thing's that are, indeed. SHALOM ISRAEL ZION ! COME LORD YESHUA ! God bless you. Shalom yedda dim.
  • Margaret Mead on Isaiah 35:5
    I used to sing this in a song in the Salvation Army from when I was a child. I had always thought that this was a literal prophetic word. That healing of body, mind and spirit would happen on the Day of Redemption whenever that might be . I still think that, but now I also have a different angle on this scripture, and can see how it was a prophetic word for the day when the Messiah would come and save His people from their sins and heal their hearts and minds, infusing joy. I thank God for giving me this new insight. I think it also refers to Heaven, though, as "only the redeemed will walk there".. and will "enter Zion with singing"! Even those who are tone deaf will sing. Glorious thought.
  • Daniel on Isaiah 35
    The first time I read or heard this verse I was a baby Christian - but even then it excited me. Now, 35 years into the journey, it is richer and more precious to me. When we seek a relationship with the Lord that is profound pungent He reveals deep truths in a lavish fashion. One simply cannot out give the 'Giver of Life'. My time alone with the Lord is fun and wonderful and it is never ever boring. Along the way He helped me dump the religosity, the humanistic thinking etc. I am walking that highway today and have stopped worrying about the roaring lions the actions of those who are lovers of sin self. For I walked once in their midst but He has elevated me and lifted my head to see His beautiful face. How thankful are all who have entered into His rest.
  • Lilian on Isaiah 35
    God knows how to provide and bless us on any situation, Dont let your heart be troubled and Fear not for God is strong, mighy and powerful. Be still and keep your faith with God and love him with all your hearts and mind. And thanks to Jesus for the precious blood that shed for us, his ressurection, his acencion and thanks to the Holy Spirit for being with us all the time. We must follow Jesus and live like Jesus. Amen


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