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  • Rev Lori West on Isaiah 35:3
    Dear Donna,

    As mothers, oh how we hurt when our beloved children are in pain. I pray your dear son's knees to be strengthened miraculously whether it be from arthritis, past injury, not enough exercise, bad habits or whatever. We all need so much help whether it "shows" or not! So many things can start to go wrong that our whole Beings come under attack. It is an astounding pain to have our knees in bad shape, and one that affects our whole being. Soldiers in my family have faced many injuries to their knees and it has certainly touched my own life through two MVA's in 8 years that involved irresponsible drivers. Forgiveness is crucial, even If we haven't caused the problem. And forgiving ourselves is so vital when we have just plain made bad choices as well. So May every drop of grace and constructive help and direction Come to your family.

    I pray every blessing and mercy over Mike and your spirit, soul and body and all forms of tender mercies to flood both of you. It is so easy to put on weight and feel down and it can be just as bad for skinny Folks who for whatever reason have severe knee trouble. It's very hurtful, even humiliating when folks face pain of any kind that brings judgment and assumption to us, or our loved ones, as we don't want their struggle to bring them down into a physical or mental health crisis. You sound like a very caring mom and I'll be praying for you as you search for those prayers for strengthening the knees and causing new Hope to rise up for the times you stand on His promise. May the Precious Holy Spirit speak to your beloved son about whatever may be heavy on his heart that might not show...we thank God for Jesus Who knows all about it. May His Truth and Love comfort you, dear sister.


  • Marilyn on Isaiah 35:3
    Like Donna, I am asking, praying, seeking for a healing. My fervid prayer is not for me but for my sweet son, Mike, who has become morbidly obese. He has turned 41. i am in great fear for his health. Please pray with me that his appetite will be diminished, that his legs will be able to hold him up to exercise. thank you all.
  • Justin McBur ey on Isaiah 35
    I claim these versus for us here on earth
  • Isaiah 35th chapter 34th verse on Isaiah 35
    Thanks for sending me Isaiah 35 chaper and 34 verse
  • Marilyn T on Isaiah 35
    Praise God! Praise his holy name. There is a Place for the righteous only. The way is Holiness and the unrighteousness can Not even walk over it. Thanks God! This is truly a special place because Animals that most of us fear will not be there. A perfect place with joy and happiness.
  • Stephen Francis Zielski on Isaiah 35
  • BSP on Isaiah 35
    I look forward to the fulfillment of verse 10 when any grief and sighing will be done away with.
  • A disciple on Isaiah 35
    While we are still in this world, the Lord has said that He would keep us from the evil as we look to Him and abide in Him. How long the Nations are ordained to have the dominion, is all in the Father's hands, for His own reasons. What a blessing when God gives a ruler who seeks to do good! We are likewise sent out from Babylon in full view of the world, to take our journey to the New Jerusalem.
  • BSP on Isaiah 35
    God promised the Israelites that he would protect them as they left Babylon and went back to Jerusalem.
  • BSP on Isaiah 35
    Verse 8 mentions that the highway is a way of holiness and not the way to holiness so one must be holy in order to travel on this highway.
  • Irene123 on Isaiah 35
    V. 6 brought to mind Acts 3:8
  • Stephen F. Zielski on Isaiah 35
    PARADOX ! Transition. It truly is our Heavenly Abba Dad and Eternal Father and God Almighty Yahweh Elohim who choose's the weak, foolish and febel thing's of this world to bring to naught the thing's that are, indeed. SHALOM ISRAEL ZION ! COME LORD YESHUA ! God bless you. Shalom yedda dim.
  • Margaret Mead on Isaiah 35:5
    I used to sing this in a song in the Salvation Army from when I was a child. I had always thought that this was a literal prophetic word. That healing of body, mind and spirit would happen on the Day of Redemption whenever that might be . I still think that, but now I also have a different angle on this scripture, and can see how it was a prophetic word for the day when the Messiah would come and save His people from their sins and heal their hearts and minds, infusing joy. I thank God for giving me this new insight. I think it also refers to Heaven, though, as "only the redeemed will walk there".. and will "enter Zion with singing"! Even those who are tone deaf will sing. Glorious thought.
  • Daniel on Isaiah 35
    The first time I read or heard this verse I was a baby Christian - but even then it excited me. Now, 35 years into the journey, it is richer and more precious to me. When we seek a relationship with the Lord that is profound pungent He reveals deep truths in a lavish fashion. One simply cannot out give the 'Giver of Life'. My time alone with the Lord is fun and wonderful and it is never ever boring. Along the way He helped me dump the religosity, the humanistic thinking etc. I am walking that highway today and have stopped worrying about the roaring lions the actions of those who are lovers of sin self. For I walked once in their midst but He has elevated me and lifted my head to see His beautiful face. How thankful are all who have entered into His rest.
  • Lilian on Isaiah 35
    God knows how to provide and bless us on any situation, Dont let your heart be troubled and Fear not for God is strong, mighy and powerful. Be still and keep your faith with God and love him with all your hearts and mind. And thanks to Jesus for the precious blood that shed for us, his ressurection, his acencion and thanks to the Holy Spirit for being with us all the time. We must follow Jesus and live like Jesus. Amen
  • Roland on Isaiah 35
    my favourite chapter. the highway of holiness
  • Bill on Isaiah 35
    This is a response to "Rob, Isaiah 35 ". "The excellency of Carmel and Sharon ". Carmel and Sharon were a location. Sharon was a very fertile land between Joppa and Mt. Carmel. The coastal plain of Sharon was known for its fertile soil and absolutely breath taking beauty of flowers. Look at Song of Solomon 2:1, the mention of "I am the rose of Sharon. ". We look at Isaiah 35:2, when we as man see open rolling mountainous Carmel valleys covered in millions of flowers of every single color, it is breath taking. It is absolutely a beauty that brings a sense of peace within. The splendor of Carmel and Sharon is just that, a creation of God that brings all of man too "awe struck ".
  • Rob on Isaiah 35
    What is the significance or Carmel Sharon ? what do they mean? Can anyone explain please, there has to be a Spiritual significance !!!1!!
  • Rob on Isaiah 35
    it reminds me that i have to clean up my life
  • Roland on Isaiah 35
    My favourite chap.The assurance of a great GOD.
  • Ron on Isaiah 35
    this is future concerning the nation Israel, however, we can individually as God,s enjoy a measure of these blessings by the Holy Spirits work in our inner man.
  • Andrew on Isaiah 35
    I think this chapter is still future.
  • Rose Doobay on Isaiah 35
    I woke up this morning 2014 11 19 and I pick up my bible for devotion time and I was not planning to read the Book of isaiah but within seconds I found myself turning the pages and stop , and I started to read chpt 35 and just couldn 't stop I read the entire chapter of 10verses and I was deeply touched by the words, so I went looking for further Clarity on this chapter and here I was reading Rev.Mathew outline ...!!! The Holy Spirit is always at work and its his working that today I have learned more than I was looking for!!! Bless God and may he Bless your ministries too!!
  • Sharon Edwards on Isaiah 35:4
    This verse has brought peace to my trouble soul this morning knowing that God will come with vengeance and deliver me. Thank you Jesus.
  • Rev. Autrey on Isaiah 35:4
    Isaiah 35, verses 4 5 says, SAY TO THOSE WHO ARE AFRAID. 'BE STRONG, AND DO NOT FEAR, FOR YOUR GOD IS COMING TO DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES. HE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU. ' AND WHEN HE COMES, HE WILL OPEN THE EYES OF THE BLIND AND UNSTOP THE EARS OF THE DEAF. THE LAME WILL LEAP LIKE A DEER, AND THOSE WHO CANNOT SPEAK WILL SHOUT AND SING. Let 's say it this way. The Jews were not operating in a vacuum at the time of Jesus ' birth. They were expecting God to come and save them. That is why Jesus is called Immanuel, meaning God is with us. That is also why the people cried Hosanna, God save us, to Jesus as he road on a donkey into Jerusalem. That is also why they called him the Son of David. Jesus was addressed as "Lord, thou son of David " several times by people who, by faith, were seeking mercy or healing. The woman whose daughter was being tormented by a demon Matthew 15 22 , the two blind men by the wayside Matthew 20 30 , and blind Bartimaeus Mark 10 47 , all cried out to the Son of David for help. The titles of honor they gave Him declared their faith in Him. Calling Him LORD expressed their sense that he was God, with dominion, and power. The Pharisees, too, knew that Jesus was God. But they let Satan blind them to this truth, and they had him killed. It works like this. You can know a thing and then not know it. The Holy Spirit can open your eyes to let you see the truth, but immediately Satan comes and snatches away Jesus from your mind. That 's why the Book of Hebrews warnes us not to turn away from the truth we have been given. The Pharisees did this. That 's why Jesus said they had blasphemed the Holy Spirit, meaning they put God 's Spirit to shame by refusing to let Him continue to teach the. All the things verses 4 5 said he would do, Jesus did. The healed the sick, raised the dead, gave sight to the blind, and made the cripple walk. Thank you Jesus, my God.
  • Suzanne on Isaiah 35:9
    I thought the lion would lay down with the lamb?
  • Elsabe on Isaiah 35
    Dear Donna, I am so happy to give you a testimony of how God healed my knee. I had torn the cartiledges and the doctor said I needed a surgery. I could not put any weight on my left leg. So I stood in faith on the Word of God that He is our Healer and that "by HIs stripes we were healed " 1 Peter 2 24 . One day I was worshiping in church and the power of God came through my leg like electricity, healing me instantly. There was no more pain and I haven 't had any problems since. This is 19 years ago. I have since seen many people healed of knee problems. Nothing is impossible with God. ONLY BELIEVE! Mark 9 23 .
  • 448 John Hudson S Hudson, JH on Isaiah 35
    It concerns Ņiag Falls I believe
  • Donna on Isaiah 35:3
    Iam believing for a miracle for my knees. I hear about the great miracles God is performing,but I never hear about knees being restored or complete,made whole new knees.I've sought out info. in the word and found Hebrews 12:11-28 talks about correction and discipline ,and Hebrews 12:13 the lame and halting knees. I would like to know your thoughts on this subject. Thank you. Donna


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