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  • Jimbob - in Reply on Isaiah 34
    Jer. Ch.23 is written to pastors and prophets, in verse 36 it says And the burden of the LORD shall ye mention no more: for every mans word shall be his burden; for ye have perverted the words of the living God, of the LORD of hosts our God. The word perverted is #2015 in Hebrew, it means to turn about or over, ((to change)), overturn, pervert.
  • John Snow on Isaiah 34
    i strongly believe the KING JAMES VERISION is the holy word of GOD all the other verision are of the devil. There can only be one bible Jesus said I am the Word The Truth and the Light all singular not plural so there can only be one Bible and GOD said I will preserve my word so I am sure he did
  • Suze - in Reply on Isaiah 34
    Thanks so much Richard . I really appreciate your time and effort with these Isaiah posts . Just because you don't get much feed back please don't think you are wasting your time because you are definately not . I love the Old Testament and you have shed a bright light on one of my favourite books in it . Can I request ? Zechariah next ? Please ? Yes , I am cheeky .
  • Richard H Priday on Isaiah 34
    This entire chapter; clearly is a description of the events of Armageddon; and the geographical changes on earth immediately afterwards. The destruction of nations in verses 1-8; and the horror of pitch and brimstone showing an opening to hell in verses 9-10. The rest of the chapter illustrates what Rev. 17 states; with the destruction of Babylon and Rev. 19 with all the birds gorging on the feast the Lord provides (the dead carcasses). For anyone who says God doesn't have a message about his care for animals; this certainly rebuffs it. The conditions will be suitable for the unclean birds and God even ensures "not one of them shall want her mate" in verse 16. Everything has its place; and along with the always visible reminder of the previous destruction will be a restored earth suitable for life to flourish and God's redeemed to live. Revelation has parallel verses to this entire passage; but there are many other scriptures as well (Daniel; Zechariah; Jeremiah) as well as Psalms describing the same event. The controversy of Zion in verse 8 surely can be traced to Psalm 83 which likely occurs at the beginning of the time of Jacob's trouble. This chapter simply cannot match any event in the time of Isaiah 700 years before Christ came to earth. The whole book is interweaved between events in surrounding nations at that time; and in the future as well as Isaiah's own personal life. This shows irrefutable evidence of the inspiration of this text both to past fulfillments (including those of Christ's ministry itself reaching the Gentiles); and those yet to come.
  • GiGi - in Reply on Isaiah 34
    Well said Charles. Our focus should be on our Lord Jesus and the Truth He is and the reality of His life, death, resurrection, and ascension and what all of this brings us who believe.
  • Charles Robert Northup - in Reply on Isaiah 34
    Is God real, is Jesus real, is the Holy Ghost real, is God's word real. It was a vision from a man who lived 2000+ years ago so how would he have explained say an airplane or a car or a rocket or missile. It all depends on whose interpretation of it is. but we know God's word is spiritual and we are carnal, but I can tell you this whether real or symbolic the destruction and the pain and suffering of God's wrath will be real and God swore the disobedient would suffer His wrath. God's wrath is what we are saved from, spared from when we are saved.

    I love revelations it makes me want to do better, serve better and not fully knowing everything is why, the fear of the Lord leedeth to salvation.
  • Greek Mythology and Christianity - in Reply on Isaiah 34
    In Greek mythology, Centaurus is the father of the race of mythological beasts known as the centaurs or Ixionidae. The Centaurs are half-man, half horse; having the torso of a man extending where the neck of a horse should be. They were said to be wild, savage, and lustful.

    The head, arms and torso of a centaur were human and joined at the waist to the body and legs of a horse. They represented barbarism and unbridled chaos and were frequently represented in Greek architectural sculpture.

    Mishael: the key word here is Myth-ology. It is not fact, not human. No bones found.

    Lots of movies made, though.
  • Effie carlton on Isaiah 34
    Is the half man half horse real
  • Biblefan on Isaiah 34
    sounds a lot like modern day Chernobyl
  • Alan Banks on Isaiah 34
    When one must come through the water to be saved, it is not talking about baptism; it is talking about the water in the womb.
    Christ says to be Baptized, but one can make it to heaven if he or she is not baptized. The act of baptism is the acknowledgment of the Lord going into the tomb and being resurrected after three days. If you are not able to be baptized you will not necessarily be lost.
  • Geraldine cole on Isaiah 34
    I agee Bruce with all that u said so many people now think they are SAVED but they don't want to become saved like the. Bible. Tells us.these are the days of sorrow u will no them by their fruits
    Only Jesus can deal with these cold hearted people of today it so sad every one think they are going to heaven because they go to Church
  • Bruce on Isaiah 34
    When a Person is Born-Again, It's Life Changing. Not eventually or Later Down The Road. Many Wake-Up in The Morning to a Whole New World.Their Sins have Been Washed Away by His Blood(Revelation1:5) They have Been Baptized with The Holy Ghost.Mark1:8/ Many Told me They Prayed a Prayer or Baptized: But No Change They Think There Saved, By Their Fruit You will Know: Matthew 7:16-23, Are You Changed
  • It's Simple when Believed on Isaiah 34
    To Matt (and Tochi). Matt, where do U find this "accept Christ into your heart" as all one must do to be saved? U mention repent (turn away from sin) but Jesus said U must also be born again of the water and the spirit. Please read Romans 6th chapter and 1st Peter 3:21. Colossians 2:11-12; Acts 2:38; Mark 16:16...Baptism is where a repentant sinner meets the blood of Christ to be saved
  • Robert smith on Isaiah 34
    I think its a wonderful book of the BIBLE it is enlightening to the reader as to what is to come so we should really take heed as to what it is telling us ,an get closer to the LORD
  • Felicia on Isaiah 34
    To Ova
    God is here saying through Isaiah that He has assigned the land of this particular nation to be occupied by the beasts of the forest as their portion and their dwelling place He has marked land out as a surveyor does. The beasts are those referred to in the previous verses.
  • William on Isaiah 34
    ok verses 11 - 14 are not about demons this whole chapter is a prophecy foretelling what will happen to this world in the end . How all the kingdoms of earth will be utterly destroyed and left desolate . a habitation for different animals to gather and nest just as they do when any dwelling place is abandoned.
  • Ova on Isaiah 34
    pls explain verse 17
  • Stephen F. Zielski on Isaiah 34
  • Sekasana on Isaiah 34
    verses from 11-14 means demons,evil hapits,diseases ,hostilities .disastars,terorr and other evils haunting individuals and communies and nations.
  • Matt on Isaiah 34
    This is for Tochi. Tell Christ that you accept him into your heart. Turn away from sin. Read this book and live by it. I was saved a little over a year ago and it has changed my whole life. Everybody struggles, but with Christ you can make through any thing. I will pray for you. Matt
  • Andrew on Isaiah 34:6
    Blood of animals? Surely they must represent evil angelic beings.As the zodiac signs, which are signs of principalities governing the world.
  • Tochi on Isaiah 34
    how can I be a bone again, how can I recive spirit of preyer?
  • Romeo empleo on Isaiah 34:16
    this verse must be the very standard of a true and real christians.
  • James Nworu (pastor) on Isaiah 34:16
    Num 23 19 God is not a man ,that he should lie neither the son of man,that he should repent hath he said,and shall he not do it?or hath he spoken ,and shall he not make it ? When you are deep in that word. Worry no more. Pastor James nworu
  • Duru ijeoma on Isaiah 34
    The word of God is true, for He is not man that can lie neither is He son of man that can repent. If He says it, He Must do it. Thank U lord for Ur assurance.
  • Erere on Isaiah 34:16
    Thank you lord for i will not want my mate. And all your promises concerning me will surely come to pass.
  • Osagie Emmanuel Ojeareghan on Isaiah 34:16
    GODS word is sure. By it were all things made. It is alive & powerful. Being alive, it is still making things today. Locate anything from GODS word; meditate it into your spirit, declare it yours, know that it is yours & is yours. Then live in the mentality & reality that you own it. Dis is how it works. You will live in the continual seasons of blessings and greatness...cheers.. Remember it only works for the regenerated. Those who are CHRIST disciples indeed, they that are continueing in HIS word
  • Chioma obasi on Isaiah 34:16
    It has given me hope and rest. knowing Gods word must surely come to pass concerning me and my loved ones.
  • Ronald on Isaiah 34
    Why does the word lilith is not mention in Protestant bible?
  • Amosun bisola on Isaiah 34
    wat a marvelous passage

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