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  • Isiah 26:19-21
    19 to 21 looks like it is saying there will be Zombies and hide from them in your homes till they pass. Does no one else see this?
  • Adam
    The dead shall rise. They will wake for judgment day when the Lord comes. So, when people die and say 'they are in a better place'- they're actually not in heaven, but just sleeping. To them it will be like a second and they'll be awake again. That is my opinion based on scripture.
  • Bruce
    It's a Picture of The Rapture. The Dead in Christ will be Removed. The Door is Closed. No More Salvation.There's No Such thing as a Second Chance for Those Left Behind. Blessed and Holy is he that Hath Part in The First Resurrection: Revelation 20:6. Those Who are Not Covered by The Blood of The Lamb are The Walking Dead you can Call Them Zombies. Ask Forgiveness You'll be Changed. John 6:44
  • Patty Tozi
    My strength is in the Lord. Never knowing what this day has in store for me. I Praise God for another day. He shows me who to help, or what to do, in any given situation. Many hurting people around me. I have to go alone and be with my God to gather His strength to continue, alot of times. My God is an awesome God. His Light of Love and Compassion is always close when l go where He leads me.
  • April thomas
    The Lord has always been my strength!
  • BSP
    Verse 4: We can always trust in Jehovah God and he can give us continuous strength.
  • Rev Autrey
    In Isaiah 26:1 Jehovah God promised to bring salvation to Jerusalem. But in Luke 13:34 Jesus applies this to himself by saying, "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which kills the prophets and stones them that are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together ... and ye would not!" This means that Jesus is none other than Jehovah himself coming to save us from our sins. Amen
  • Kylo wilo
    Oh my lord come through for me answer my prayers and save me in your heavenly kingdom Amen.
  • Librarygal143
    I shall always and forever trust in the Lord my God!
  • Lilian
  • BSP
    Verse 12: We want to give Jehovah God credit for everything we have done. It is only because he has allowed us to exist and have different abilities that we are able to accomplish anything.
  • Xochitl
    Perfect as always, right on time
  • Jane Esposito
    We are all very weary at this time
    All eyes on Middle East the lord is angry his people aren't safe. DEAR LORD COME QUICKLY AMEN
  • Reginald Cummings Sr
    A few months our of my third recovery some new friends gave me these verses to recite in a skit and it has been a declaration of Gods truth for some twenty years now.Oh the wonder if His manifold Grace to we His servants.
  • Margaret
    This verse is what I needed to hear at this point of my life.
  • Richard
    This is where my hope goes to.
  • Grace for verse 3
    I have tried to keep peace within myself but it is not always there. I love it but don 't really understand it. Sometimes too much peace leads to disarming one 's self from attending to responsibilities and the way God naturally intended us to be. It is obviously awesome but not totally attainable every day. Sometimes are for doing war, sometimes are for grief, sometimes are for work. Expecting too much peace leads to depression for me.
  • Lilian
    Thanks to Jesus for giving us his goodness and mercy everyday of our lives. Our job is to trust him only that He is the Son of the Living God who is a good Shephered that he is ready to lay down his life for us and he will never leave us nor forsake us. Be still He is the only Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Rapha there is no other Jehovah is Jesus. Thanks to Jesus for his precious blood that shed for us. His precious blood is a symbol of his love and mercy to us. Trust in the Holy father, The Lord Jesus for their strength is forever . Jesus loves us so much and he cant stop loving us. Give everything back to God for He deserves to be worship and be praised. Jesus loves you all
  • Blessed
    This verse is crying out to the people destroy your idols. Worship JESUS the lord of lords.
  • THELMA for verse 4
  • MockingBird for verse 4
    I will go in the strength of the Lord. He is my rock and my salvation. When we cannot seem to get an answer from God that we think we need. Turn not to the left or to the right . Stay where your at : If God has told you to do or not to do a thing and pressure from else where to move a little off what you were told to do or not do : Stand your ground !!!!On the word of the Lord . Trust that what God gave you : you will come out shining : no matter what comes against. I am not saying it is easy : It can be done. God gave Holy Spirit to help and back up . Keep on keeping on !!!
  • Sister for verse 9
    I believe God loud afflictions and judgments so that we can turn a way from our wicked to have a righteous life in JESUS GOD BE WITH US ALL
  • Chidi E. Dike
    Comment on verse 3. The Mind is a battlefield that tends to detect the pace of our lives. Chaos, afflictions and troubles of life can be triggered in the mind. But when we remain focus on the LORD Jesus, we can be assured of pertect peace, and then we can surely trust. Hope is assured when we focus on Him.
  • No matter what your circumstances are no matter how hard the battle gets no matter how the enemy tries to discourage you, Trust ye in the Lord forever.
  • Deborah Owens
    I think it prepares you for living to God's word and for him coming back for us. Giving us peace about sin and endtime. I like this book Is right to what you need.
  • Rachel Melville
    Dear Sir Madam Thank you for those lovely posts on KJV Bible Verses. I am viewing it everyday through facebook. I have a desire to share these with other Christians and non Christians on charity basis after being printed and framed this is not for commercial use. May I get the permission. Thank you.
  • Richard c hippach
    I am not as knowledgeable on our Lord Jesus Christ as I would like to be, but even as a child I understood that Jesus our Lord was in fact God himself. Besides, anyone who would twist the truth of the bible around for their own purposes, is no better than religious heads in Jesus 's time.
  • Kristiny kolala
    Im comforted of isaiah i was thinkung that our father in heaven can speak isaiah he can speark to me also
  • Rev. Autrey for verse 1
    It was always God 's plan to come to the earth as Jesus and save his people. This is proven by what we read in Isaiah 26, verse 1. 'Listen to them singing! In that day the whole land of Judah will sing this song, 'Our city is strong! We are surrounded by the walls of his salvation. ' This is the missing knowledge in today 's Christian churches. The very God they knew would come and save them they have rejected. This is proven by their refusual to call him God, and their refusal to pray to him as God. They misuse various Scriptures to try to prove that our God told us not to pray to him, or to worship him. But the disciples didn 't. Thomas called Jesus MY LORD AND MY GOD. Paul called Jesus GOD OUR SAVIOR. Stephen prayed using these words, 'Lord Jesus, receive my Spirit ... Lord, don 't charge them with this sn! ' Do you see the point! I will say this plainly. Unless us confess that Jesus is the Lord, meaning that Jesus is our God, we cannot be saved. May God bless you!
  • Melissa for verse 20
    I believe this clearly states that we wil be taken before the tribulation .God does not pour His wrath out on His people,as the Bible states plainly. " For God hath not appointed us to wrath.. "

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