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  • Teri
    It reminds me that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church, though she may be battered against, the Lord Jesus will come.
  • Cecelia Graves
    I just praise GOD for his HOLY word! Everything in the bible will come to past! He is telling us to prepare ourselves, for he is coming!
  • Jason
    He's coming. The signs are a tender fig leaf.
  • Ren
    @Ruhul this is the KJV if your version is different doesn't mean this one has changed.Maybe you are reading a version that has been changed instead. I have my Bible from the 80s here by me and it says the same as this one does. I can bet my other Bible says this also and it is a lot older. KJV is the best version. Can't understand why people feel the need to change Gods words.
  • Obbie Beal
    GOD; who is the creator of the heavens and earth has spoken / declared it (at this point in time); Why has HE spoken / declared it? Because of the sins / sinful people that will not 'rightly adhere' to GOD's words, especially when they create their own gods / idols from silver, gold, money, whoring for 'this' and 'that'. So sinful people / nations boldly force their CREATOR to release HIS wrath.
  • Ruhul Amin
    Why" The burden of Arabia" is became " The burden of the desert of the sea" in this version? And as comparative religious students we desirous of the prophecy?
  • Ramon m. navalle
    verse 7: every student know who is this rider of *** (Jesus) but who is the rider of camel from the desert of Arabia? Mighty men of Kedar who broke the images made by hand worshipped by men? After Jesus, another prophet would have come.
  • Micah korir
    Praise God, vs 11-12 is about the much awaited day for the saints when our Lord will appear in the rapture of the church lets prepare the way for messiah he is coming. Amen
  • April
    that it speaks of the fall of america

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