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  • Marlo
    Before geopolitics, only present day Tunisia was known as Africa. The land mass south of Lybia was known as AEthiopia by the Greeks. There were scores of ethnic tribes allied under the main and most powerful family called Ethiopia, Cush, or Nubia. The key is "whose land the rivers have spoiled" does not reflect the modern day borders of Israel, but that of ancient Nubia.
  • Marlo
    This passage could very well be pointing to the time of the European powers trek into West Africa starting around 1492. This contact came as a result of the fall of Constantinople, and Europe needing to find an alternate trade route. The Arabs had direct contact with the Western Empires of Africa as it pertains to trade. Hence the first contact were by the Portugese.
  • Linda
    Now, if we narrow our lens, Isiah is probably talking about the great salt lake, bka the Dead Sea, which is bordered by Jordan, Israel and the West Bank; and the Wadi Arabah area, which was repeatedly flood by the Mediterranean Sea. But he is not talking about any part of Africa, as some has suggested. He said across the sea from Ethiopia.
  • Linda
    It's not any part of Africa, as some suggest. It's says across the sea. Africa has no seas running through it. The seas are the Mediterranean Sea, Aegean and Black Sea. You have to rule out the Red Sea, because Asia, too, is resource rich. That means it's Europe. As history tells us, much of Europe had precious little. That's one of the reasons why they left it. Some argue the main reason.
    check the ancient maps of the ancient world and you will know the real part of Africa reffered to in this verse as Ethiopia.
  • George W Kinerson

    ethiopia being fringe of civilization in Isaiah's time. Isaiah was talking about a nation beyond civilization, beyond an ocean, beyond an ocean doesn't fit any nation in Africa. Isaiah used the word Ethiopia explaining beyond civilization and then adds beyond a sea. A strong people from their beginning, and whole world sees and hears everything they do, surely could be America.
  • Titus mutua
    its well to share the word
  • Ray
    Syria capitivity. Scattered the tribes across the caucasus mountains to europe, america, canada Scattered and peeled. Divided by rivers
  • David Nyok
    I think Isaiah was meaning South Sudan not America as some people think it is America that Isaiah.18,talk about,truly America is the super power but it is not what Isaiah talk about,let think spiritually.
  • Sammy G Kirika
    The land is Kenya which is south of source of River Nile and with Mount Kenya which the Queen of Sheba told King Solomon that her empire extended to.The God of High Mountains and Forests is the real Heavenly Father who our ancestors prayed to, rendered acceptable sacrifices and who the world knew were worshiping true God who answered their prayers immediately after their worship.
  • David
    This chapter refers to America. The people scattered and peeled are Iraq. The ensign in the mountains is referring to mt. Rushmore. God is telling us to watch this nation and look at how wicked it I'd here today.
  • Greg Volk for verse 1
    Does Isaiah 18:1 refer to America?
  • Sam
    the land shadowing the wing beyong the river of ethiopia is wast africa.isaiah warned what will happen to hebrew israelites .as moses told them in deuteronomy 28 v 15 and 68
  • Zerojhonny duot mabil
    I think the whole content is about South Sudan.... God have mercy on us
  • Anonymous
    I think Nigeria is that nation.
  • Warren Harris
    I thank that this chapter gives a lot of informatio
  • Abethmangla
    They are the Nubians which include the Dinka, Nuer, Shiluk and their neighbours. They are decendants of Ham one of Noah 's sons who fathers the Caananites and Cushites.
  • Andre Alexander for verse 1
    The King James text read;"…shadowed with BUZZING wings." Now we know that "shadowed" means that the land is covered with something. Was it something good or bad. It couldn't have been good for The Lord would not declared a woe on it. "Buzzing"obviously relates to rapid movement. So buzzing wings must be that of fallen angles shadowing the land.
  • THE BRANCH for verse 3
  • Akima
    Isaiah 18 is people from South Sudan (CUSH)
  • Ben
    In geographic positioning what is this nation that Isaiah is taking about?

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