Isaiah Chapter 16 Discussion

  • Tunney on Isaiah 16
    This passage mirrors what our nation is going through. The USA was once famous for our vast fields and vineyards as Moab was. To prevent further ruin to our nation, we must return to the LORD GOD and to HIS worship in truth and in Spirit.

    John 4: 24

    Let us all turn our hearts to the LORD and HIS precepts, HIS promises and glorify HIM.

    Only the true GOD can and will bring to pass what HE promised as HE has spoken. The ruin of our nation is at hand and there is no escape except through submission unto the LORD JESUS CHRIST. 1 Timothy 2:1-3; 2 Chronicles 7:14, 15; 2 Peter 3:9; Romans 10: 9-12; 12:1,2

    The LORD make HIS face to shine upon all on this forum, and be gracious unto all who call on HIS name: Numbers 6:25

    April 15, 2023
  • Obbie Beal on Isaiah 16
    In this chapter GOD clearly points out what HE expects, also we learn some of the evil ways men chose to trump The Will Of GOD, therefore in this case GOD is forced to act as GOD see fit. GOD is the creator of the mankind and knows what is the very best for mankind. But man always sooner or later fail to follow GOD instruction as in this case. We recall Adam and Eve, Noah, Sodom, and Gomorrah.
  • Freedomborn. on Isaiah 16
    Yes so True Favour umeh Wordly pride is very bad but not Godly Pride as confirmed in these Scriptures below 2Cor5:12 -7:4 -8:24 -Gal6:4-James1:9 we are to take Pride in or Glory in those who show Faithfullness in Christ Jesus because it is Him we are Glorifying. But we don't Judge others without Godly Love, Mercy, Compassion, and Understanding or we are seeing our own reflection. Blessings -Anne.
  • Favour umeh on Isaiah 16
    Pride is very bad and will always leads to distraction
  • Chris Sanchez on Isaiah 16
    Hebrew meaning of Moab is : of his father. When I read the description of Moab in verse 6: (pride, haughtiness, wrath, and lies) I come to the conclusion that Moab's spiritual father is satan. The prideful have a harder time seeking, and submitting to God. God loves humility and hates pride.
  • A disciple on Isaiah 16
    It is difficult to get something out of this part; but I think of Moab as of our distant relatives in Christ, as Lot was to Abraham. We live in Countries, and have some family roots, that were at one time in ages past, of our family in Christ; but have over the times dried up and withered spiritually, and have become completely integrated into the world, and are now enemies because of Jesus in us.
  • LMCH on Isaiah 16
    I am reminded of our God's enormous power over the lives of men as it was, as it is, and how it will be. Respect. Selah
  • Hannah on Isaiah 16
    My future restoration after the enemies are at rest.
  • Gfair on Isaiah 16:3
    I think we who are spiritually should stand on the Word of God tell the people the truth and leave them out of the situations that they may be that is show them the way to the Lord before it 's too late
  • Izo on Isaiah 16
    Its preview of wat yahweh gonnna tell nebakaneza you bold proud haughty when i bust you one it aint nothing new I sent my prophets you know I always given warnings before wrath
  • ENOCK on Isaiah 16
    powerful chapter esp vs 6
  • Sarah on Isaiah 16
    The Lord is so good here he give divine instruction on how Moab can escape eternal destruction y submitting to the Son of David.

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