Isaiah Chapter 13 Discussion

  • Christian Peters on Isaiah 13:10
    John the Baptist was a martyr but he stirred up Herod's hate, and Salome got her wish to have him served up on a plate,

    I said yeah.

    Could you stand the torture? And could you stand the pain? Could you put your faith in Jesus when you're burning in the flames? I said yeah.

    You'll never make a saint of me, oh yeah.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    You should just ask us to pray that you'll be enabled to believe, that if you opened the doors of your heart, you would be able to receive what Jesus did for you. That's the first hurdle. It gets lots better after that. Jesus is knocking...

    Matthew 18:19-20

    That if two of you shall AGREE on earth as touching any thing (or person) that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, THERE AM I, in the midst of them.

    John 1:12

    Yet to all who receive him, to those who BELiEVED in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.

    1 Timothy 2:8

    I will, therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.

    Matthew 7:7

    Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be OPENED to you.

    No one helped me to be saved. No one invited me to go to their Church with them. They just regarded me as "too far gone" in sinful ways, to be reached.

    Only my Grandmother sent me love letters about Jesus. Which I scorned at first and put in a drawer. After her death, I read them. That kind of love destroys the walls of hardness.

    Despite how everyone treated me, I answered that knock on the day of my salvation. I gave Him all of my pain, and He gave me joy and peace.

    Don't give up.
  • Ribkaw on Isaiah 13:10
    Is speaks to the plight of America and is happening right now before our eyes. COVID is the beginning of trauma and sorrow. Unless America repents and make reparations she will be punished for her evils. Get ready.
  • Peggy - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    Isaiah 13 is the abomination of desolation description of America getting its Rev 18:6 to the double. Same with Isaiah 47 and many other verses concerning the day of the Lord strike. Ezekiel 21:9-12 God furbishes a sword and puts it in the hand of the slayer. You see vs 12 God says he is against his own people, the house of Israel and the house of Judah. The beast Russian confederacy, who God has commissioned to do his will, will make the whole house of Israel desolate. Mystery Babylon America gets baptized by fire; ironic how Israel's 6M Ashkenazim (Japheth) false Jews (Gen 10:2-3) are invaded and taken into a 3rd captivity. The rest of the Babylonian system goes dark and falls that day. Luke 21:20-24 gives us another glimpse of Israel being taken away in chains. Do you know why America isn't there to save Israel from invasion? America received the abomination of desolation.
  • George from Perth WA - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    Thanks Mild Bill, its very very similar but the story I am talking about was 2 armies coming from different directions and merging to form one army, which was to attack the main character's people. But God stirred their hearts against each other during the night. The merging armies fought and killed each other. They attacked and killed each other. Perhaps this is the story. Maybe I read a narrative with embellishments instead.

    The story line is almost identical but I remember it differently and I was reading from KJV

    Perhaps I am mistaken
  • Steven Spencer - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    Look at st Samuel 14:1-23, Maybe?
  • Scott Bestler on Isaiah 13:10
    In Isaiah 13:20 the Word says Babylon will never be inhabited again, yet it's present day Iraq with millions of people right? It doesn't sound like this is a future event in the text, but I'm wondering what else it could be.
  • J Ramirez - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    Modern day Iraq is not populated everywhere in fact many parts are entirely desert. Ancient Babylon sits about 50 miles south of Bagdad and it's desolate. Many years ago Saddam Hossain claimed to have Babylonian ancestry and tried to rebuild and then desert Storm happened. You can read about it online. There have been several attempts to rebuild but never again has it been inhabited... so the prophecy was in fact fulfilled. To this day it lays waste and nothing but animals dwell there.
  • Earl Bowman - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    Scott, may the Spirit grace you with his wisdom,

    Hebrews 2:8 Thou hast put ALL things in subjection under his feet. For in that he put ALL in subjection under him, he left nothing that is not put under him. BUT NOW WE SEE NOT YET ALL THINGS PUT UNDER HIM.

  • Earl Bowman - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    Scott, the Spirit grace you with understanding:

    Revelation 11:15 ....... The kingdoms of this world (natural, sinful) are become the kingdoms (spiritual, sinless) of our Lord, and his Christ;......

    May the Spirit grace you with his wisdom.
  • Earl Bowman - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    Scott, may the Spirit grace you with understanding:

    1 Corinthians 15:16 Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural (can be seen); and afterwards that which is spiritual (can't be seen).

    The history in the old testament was lived in the natural, but is also symbolic of what will be lived out in the spiritual. Adam (natural) was also symbolic of Christ (now in the Spirit which is the Holy Ghost) Adam was put into a deep sleep (natural, but symbolic of Christ death) Eve (natural, but symbolic of the church, Christ bride).

    Abraham (natural, but symbolic of our spiritual Father) offered Isaac (natural, but symbolic of Christ our spiritual brother) as a sacrifice.

    The old testament is our examples and symbols (shadows) of future events.

    Babylon (natural and still existing today is also symbolic of the condition of mankind). It's this sinful condition that will no longer exist when the spiritual work of the Holy Ghost is complete.

    1 Corinthians 15:24 Then cometh the end, when he (Christ the Holy Ghost) shall have delivered up the kingdom of God, even the Father; when he (holy Ghost) shall put down ALL rule and ALL authority and power,

    (25) For he (Holy Ghost) must reign, till he (Holy Ghost) hath put ALL enemies under his (Holy Ghost) feet.

    (26) The last enemy that will be destroyed will be death (because ALL will have put on spiritual bodies which death can't hurt)

    (27) For he (God the Father) has put ALL things under his (Christ the Holy Ghost) feet. But when he (God the Father) saith ALL things are put under him (Christ the Holy Ghost), it is manifest that he (God the Father) is excepted (the exception), which (God the Father) did put ALL things under him (Christ the Holy Ghost).

    (28) And when ALL things shall be subdued unto him (Christ the Holy Ghost), then shall THE SON ALSO HIMSELF be subject to him (GOD THE FATHER) that put all things under him (the Son), and GOD WILL BE ALL IN ALL.
  • Brian on Isaiah 13
    Is hell eternal for such sinners?
  • Adam Steiger on Isaiah 13
    Effective Scripture for defeating the spirit of Jezebel.
  • Tleonard on Isaiah 13:10
    I found tithes and offering are always confused in manner in which God intended. You can review several chapters in the book starting with Exodus 30: 3 through 16. God indicates to give half of shekel of sanctuary 20 gerah =1 shekel. You also can read Leviticus chapter 27 it tells you how much each of us are supposed to submit for tithes and offering in a single vow.

    In numbers chapter 18 verse 19-32, it talks about tithing and what supposed to be given as well. The Levites we're giving a tenth part of the inheritance from the children of Israel. The inheritance was the land. The Bible is specific when it indicates did the Levites are not to receive any more inheritance. They are given the tithes of the sanctuary and the heave offering. If it is to be given in monetary value you would need to refer to that chapter to understand it's estimation value. Hope this helps. Most Ministries skip around the book. Leaving their congregation confused.
  • Joan Halkett on Isaiah 13:10
    What does it mean to be "double minded"?
  • DOUBLE MINDEDNESS - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    Minded: means that is what you have purposed in your mind. Double minded means you have a conflict in your mind.


    James 1:8

    A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

    James 4:8

    Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.

    Romans 8:6

    For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

    Philippians 3:15

    Let us therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded: and if in any thing ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you.

    2 Corinthians 1:15

    And in this confidence I was minded to come unto you before, that ye might have a second benefit;

    Titus 2:6

    Young men likewise exhort to be sober minded.

    Matthew 1:19

    Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a publick example, was minded to put her away privily.

    Galatians 5:10

    I have confidence in you through the Lord, that ye will be none otherwise minded: but he that troubleth you shall bear his judgment, whosoever he be.

    2 Corinthians 1:17

    When I therefore was thus minded, did I use lightness? or the things that I purpose, do I purpose accordingly.

    It's about getting the mind of Christ before we do or say anything.

    Be aware of who is speaking in your mind: the Holy Spirit? You? The flesh? Satan?

    The spirit of this world?

  • What Happens To Our Spirits and Souls on Isaiah 13:10
    Adam was alive spirit, soul, body; until he and Eve ate the fruit. In Genesis 3:22 we see the Godhead conversing about how to protect the Tree of Life. It's not where it was, now: Revelation 22:2.

    Since it's written, by God: all souls are mine.

    Ecclesiastes 12:7 Then shall the dust return to the Earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. Ecclesiastes 3:21.

    New Testament Scriptures on Christian spirits: Hebrews 12:23, Luke 23:46; Matthew 22:32, 1 Thessalonians 5:10,

    1 Peter 3:18, 2 Corinthians 5:1-8

    John 17-24, Philippians 1:21-24

    Acts 7:55-56, Acts 7:59, Genesis 35:18

    Love to all. Mishael
  • Carleton on Isaiah 13:10
    "Oh, for a Closer Walk with God" William Cowper, 1731-1800

    Oh, for a closer walk with God, A calm and heavenly frame!

    A light to shine upon the road That leads me to the Lamb.

    Where is the blessedness I knew When first I saw the Lord?

    Where is the soul refreshing view Of Jesus and His Word?

    The dearest idol I have known, Whatever that idol be,

    Help me that idol to dethrone And worship only Thee.

    So shall my walk be close with God, Calm and serene my frame;

    So purer light shall mark the road That leads me to the Lamb.

  • Mishael on Isaiah 13:10
    I saw this list the other day and was floored with the number of names. When I pray I'm listening for the FRUIT name; what "it" does. Some of these preside over drug addiction(sorcery).

    I had 2 brothers die from drugs.

    I'm thinking I'm blessed to be alive. I've seen stuff... Thank God for warring angels.


    Jezebeth - (Unk) the demon of falsehoods.

    Kali - (Hindu) daughter of Shiva, the destroyer. Kali ("the black one") is the Hindu mother goddess, symbol of dissolution and destruction.

    Kasdeya - The Book Of Enoch refers to this demon as the "fifth satan"

    Kobal - (Unk) Hell's entertainment liason.

    Kostchtchie - (Russian) a goblin of death.

    *Leonard - (see also Urian german) Demon of sorcery . Appears as a giant black goat.

    Leviathan - (Hebrew) the serpent, the raging sea. Snake worship. Water Elemental. Grand admiral of hell. Seen as androgynous.

    *Lilith - (Hebrew) in Hebrew myth - Adams first wife. Later wife to Satan. According to many demonologists, Lilith presides over Succubi. Lilith is said to attempt to destroy newborn infants. For this reason the practice of writing a formula to drive Lilith away on all four corners of the birth chamber was adopted by the Jews. Lilith is the princess of hell.

    Loki - (Teutonic) devil.

    Lucifer - (Roman) The Light Bringer. Air Elemental. Often misconstrued as being Satan. They are two seperate demons.

    Lucifuge, Lucifuge Rofocale - (Roman) devil.

    Malphas - (Unk) Grand president of the infernal regions. Appears as a crow.

    *Mammon - (Aramaic) god of wealth & profit.

    Mandragoras - (Unk) FAMILIAR demons. They are attributed to the mandrake root and considered gifts from Satan to the SORCERER who conjures them.

    This is a sliver of the list. These things are real. I have to pray. Are we experiencing a new release of these things on people?

    Backslid, fence sitting people? People who don't read their Bibles for themselves?
  • YisraEL on Isaiah 13:10
    Eating honey out of an unclean (dead animal) carcass is a sin and unholy!!
  • Praise on Isaiah 13:10
    That is Revelation all about God and the forces of darkness and when God gave John a vision not the one that baptized Jesus he saw a new earth and a new heaven.
  • Praise on Isaiah 13:10
    For that God caused Satan "Because you have done this you wil move on your belly and eat dust all he days of your life and a woman's son shall destroy your works.
  • Praise on Isaiah 13:10
    But I don't understand how you should not touch unclean things.

    Jesus said unto them "I am the way truth and the life nobody cometh to my father but through me.

    Peter was in Joppa then God gave him a vision a sac from heaven dropped saying "Kill eat" then Peter said the Jewish law said that we should not eat unclean animals.
  • Mishael on Isaiah 13:10
    Hurricane season is starting early.
  • Bro Gereshom on Isaiah 13:10
    Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Do you mind explaining please the use of "my hurt" and "mine hurt" in Psalm 5 vv 4

    Bless you,
  • Chris - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    This is an example of the peculiarities of English, especially when we see it expressed as they did in 'olden' days. They are similar to the words: 'Thou' , 'Thy' and 'Thine'. We easily understand it in modern English as, 'You' , 'Your' and 'Yours' when read in a sentence. When attending an Assembly in India, I was always amused (not in judgemental way, of course), when the brother sharing from the Word, always spoke of 'Thine Holy Word or Thine Holy Child', when he should have used the singular, 'Thy'. But to those who were none the wiser, his preaching tended to appear better endowed using 'Thine'.

    So, in Psalm 35:4 & 26, we read 'my' and 'mine' & it becomes a little confusing with its use. The word, 'my' tells us that David is speaking about the 'hurt' = injury or death, that his enemies were planning to give him. Whereas 'mine' in v 26, speaks about them rejoicing in the 'hurt' that they had already afflicted him with & for which he was suffering. I hope you can see the difference in the usage of these words here.
  • Bro Gereshom - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    Greetings to you brother,

    My original question is why the use of my & mine as both possessive adjectives and before the same word "hurt".

    With the greatest of respect to you: the brother in India is correct ! Why?

    'Thy' and 'my' is used with a consonant and 'thine' is used with a vowel sound or as a possessive pronoun: This is thine and this is mine etc. Your(s) is the old or Modern English plural and which we still occasionally use in certain parts of the north of England: thy and thine can still be heard. In my Midland dialect we use 'Yaou' singular you and 'Yuz' which is the plural form of 'You'.

    I agree; English is confusing ...!

    Bro. Gereshom
  • Praise - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    Ye, thy, nor.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    It's speaking on his enemies planning or attempting his destruction.

    Many people experience that emotion. We can't all make reconciliation with enemies. Can't run away or take a nap to block it out.

    Enemies can be in our minds or real.

    Confrontation, with God, is the better choice. Best way to defeat an enemy is listen to what God says.

    The enemy of our souls is satan. He's a hunter of souls. The fight is spiritual. You can't see your enemy, but you Know that it's there. That's why God tells us in Ephesians 6, to suit up with armor.

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