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  • Darleen
    What happened to the lion laying with the lamb?
  • KP Joseph
    This is clearly speaking of the latter times as they span over several generations up to and beyond the 2nd Advent of the Messiah. It is in part an Abrahamic genealogy but the wolf lamb paradigm is post the rapture and the outcasts of Israel are the Josephite line through Ephraim or those gathering to the west and dispersed of Judah back to Jerusalem to prepare the Return of Christ the King.
  • ALEX
    Isaiah describes the davidic kingdom as jesse david and solomon father son and granson david wanted to build the great temple but god wd not let david the son th 2 nd person build the temple god wanted the granson solomon the 3rd person to build the temple and thats y we cannot blasphemy th h.g. he it is that is gona build the temple with in us, its our bodies that is gona be the temple of th h.g.
  • ALEX
    Isaiah describes the davidic kingdom as jesse david and solomon which were father son and granson but 1 kingdom that wd rule over the nation of israel forever the branch that came out of jesse was david th son and the branch that comes outta david was solomon th granson god wd not let david the son build the temple it had to be built by the granson solomon the comforter th h.g comes out a christ
  • Alex
    The promise to abraham resulted in the multiplication of abraham via the seed of isaac and the nation of israel, in isaac shall thy seed be called. but that heavenly promise when god swore by his self that his seed christ wd be multiplied as the stars of heaven is the israel of god the multiplcation of very god in humanity to whom the word came it made them gods that was the promise multiplication
  • Alex
    God was so passionate about this promise of multiplication that he swore by his self.and that y jesus refers to the h.g. as the promise the h.g. is the multiplcation of christ thus the hg is the promise child that has to be born in us via the seed of christ th word th seed of the sower the granson.thats y jesus said that which is born of the spirit is spirit our new innerman the h.g the granson .
  • Alex
    That was the great PROMISE that Christ wd be multiplied as the stars of heaven.and thats how God will have Grandsons which are spirits the H.G. PLURAL as the stars of heaven which is the Israel of God th multiplication of God via the seed of Christ th word.There cannot be an Israel of God unless Christ is multiplied as the stars of heaven thus the H.G.are TH PROMISE CHILDREN,our Heavenly Birth. gb
  • Bruce
    Solomon Means Peace, Not Comforter There are Three in Heaven: The Father, The Word, The Holy Ghost 1John 5:7 No Grandson. You Continuously Twisting His Word to Match your Foolishness Shows your Heart. Anyone can Punch Up Solomon to Find The Meaning Calling The Holy Ghost a Grandson is Blasphemy against The Holy Ghost, There's No Forgiveness Luke 12:10 Your Trying to Bring Others to Lake of Fire
  • Stanjett
    6 The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together and a little child shall lead them. I'm 78 years old and it has always been wolf n lamb. Don't let those anti Christ on Utube fool you. Yes Ive read them. They say lot of the words of the bible has be changed. Don't believe them.
  • Alex
    There shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse David and a BRANCH shall grow out of his roots Solomon which means Comforter a man of much wisdom and he shall not judge after the sight of the eyes but with wisdom shall he reprove the earth Jesus said that the H.G. wil reprove the world of sin and judgement. We see the great trinity in this FATHER SON AND GRANSON SCENARIO SOLOMON TH GRANSON
  • Lauren
    Angela: As far as I am aware, the words, And the lion shall lay with the lamb, has never been in the Bible, not even in newer versions. The confusion probably arises from it being a common phrase in many Sunday Schools. I think it's a similar case with the exact words, cleanliness is next to godliness, since it's also popular quotation, but technically isn't in the Bible either.
  • Stanjett
    There is a famous painting that shows a Lion and Lamb, but its not true that the bible ever said a Lion laid down with a lamb.
  • Roy
    Sue is right. The Bible has supernaturally been altered. Not new translations but Bibles that have been in your possession or in the library since the year 1600. The famine of the Word of God has arrived. Many examples on You tube watch?v vHpSg2hlCU4
  • Ren
    I went back to my old Bible from the 50's it says same thing as this one. You must be thinking of a different place in here.
  • Ren
    @Angela my KJV from the 80's says the same thing as this one
  • Angela
    Isaiah 11:6 - KJV used to say the lion will lay down with the lamb...Mandela effect on says and the wolf....
  • Alex
  • BSP
    Verse 9: What a wonderful blessing it will be when the entire earth is filled with the knowledge of Jehovah God.
  • Alex
    When ya read isaiah 11 remember that jesse david and solomon had been dead for approx. 300 yrs. isaiah is just using jesse david and solomon as symbolic language for a davidic type kingdom coming in the last days..solomon was the Promise child....and solomon means comforter...which answers to the H.G. which is the child of PROMISE that is gonna lead us
  • Alex
    isaiah 11 is prophetic of the last days...a trinity type kingdom as jesse david and solomon is coming which is symbolic of the father son and the H.G...the stem that comes out of jesse is david and the branch that comesout of david is solomon....a man of much wisdom
  • Naoul alex nacol
    isaiah 11 is describing a kingdom coming in the last days that will be a trinity type kingdom as jesse, david and solomon...the stem that come out of jesse is david and the branch that comes out of david is solomon....a man of much wisdom...thats solomon a type of the h.g.meaning the comforter which is the H.G. that is gonna lead us into all truth...when he the spirt of truth is come he will lead
  • Naoul alex nacol
    isaiah 11 is prophetic of the last days as v 11 says he will set his hand AGAIN A SECOND TIME TO RECOVER THE REMNENT OF HIS PPL...all the animals are symbolic of humanity, the child that leads them is the h.g ' when he the spirit of truth is come he will lead you into all truth
  • James
    It is soo powerful words from God let us look 1Peter 1:20 say knowing this first that no prophecy of scriptures is of any private interpretation I thank God and let we all thanks him for what's is doing only him know every things again thank you Soo much let in God Bless you all
  • BSP
    The beginning of this chapter shows that Jesus will have the spirit of God upon him. This results in him having the beautiful qualities described in verse 2. Jesus is the idea Leader and King and we should strive to imitate him as closely as we can.
  • Norma
    In the KJV, Isa. 11:6 does not read that the wolf will lie down with the lamb, but it will dwell (live) with it.
    Because of the Future Kingdom of God, Christ/Messiah will have a peaceful place for all to reside as it once was in the Garden of Eden. Remember at Christ's 2nd Coming all things will be dfferent even humankind will have a new body, new heart and a new mind. All will live together

  • Bud
    To Sue: Thank you for the feed back, may I ask what bible you are using I us the KJV and NIV and they both read the same. Yes Noah took unclean animals two x two, but he also took 7 clean animals for food and reproduction. We should not take the life of anything for the fun of it but GOD gave the animals for food. Taking of human lives is not for food.
  • Sue
    To Bud: the "current" Bible no longer says it. Many changes. Read Amos 8:11-12. We are in these times. Noah led the animals 2x2, I know this to be true. If the word is not written in your heart....the word should be shew not slay in luke 19:27. Jesus never condoned murder. Refer to Mattew 5:44 "love thine enemies ". That part hasn't changed yet. We are in scary times.
  • Bud
    To Sue: Know were in the bible does it say that the loin will lay with the lamb, this is a understanding that many think, read Isaiah 11: 6 and Isaiah 65: 25.
  • Jason Ben
    Can someone explain what verse 11 mean about the islands? is it talking about us in the south pacific?
  • Sue
    11:6 Since when did the wolf dwell with the lamb? I was under the assumption the lion would lay with the lamb. I know this to be true.

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