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  • The book of truth (mostly Daniel 11) - promised to us in these last days is open.

    Isaiah 11:11 is the rapture.

    Isaiah 26:19-21 tells us how soon HE's coming for HIS people
  • Mishael
    The tithing issue can easily be addressed.

    2 Corinthians 9:7

    Give it cheerfully. Not grudgingly. Not of necessity.

    God doesn't need your money. He just wants to know if we trust Him.
  • Mishael
    Charles: obviously you have strong feelings about women generally. News media has poisoned our minds daily in some aspects. Flip side there are many women doing the best they can with very little. Not all.

    I'm praying Malachi 4:5-6, on this generation of men.

    'And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.'

    Isaiah 59:21, a covenant.

    I have faith in God to perform this miracle.

    God needs workers to send into the harvest.

    This world system that makes us so angry at times is going to pass away. It cannot be fixed! We are on a rescue mandate. Like Noah, get them in the ark (who is Jesus).
  • Alex
    This Isaiah 11 is all 2 nd coming.The weaned Child and the sucking Child is th heavenly Child th Children of the kingdom that is gonna be born in humanity,All the animals are symbolic of humanity but the lil Child that leads them is the H.G. JESUS had said that the H.G was gonna lead us but the H.G is described as a Child simply b/c he has to be BORN in us via that good seed the WORD OF THE KINGDOM.When Isaiah saw the Kingdom coming he said unto US a Child is BORN,UNTO US A SON IS GIVEN, Only Jesus can initiate the heavenly BIRTH with his seed His WORD, A BIRTH implies a Child,The Church is gonna have a baby Which is the H.G. IMMANUEL GOD WITH US.TY JESUS FOR THE SEED OF THE SOWER TH WORD.
  • Alex
    There shall come a rod out of the stem of Jesse which was David and a branch shall grow out of his roots a man of much wisdom thats Solomon a great judge that God wd allow to build the temple,not David the son but Solomon the GRANSON which is prophetic of the H.G. that builds his temple in our body as the scripture says our bodies are the temple of the H.G. TH GRANSON,Thats y jesus said a greater then Solomon is here simply b/c the H.G. builds a greater temple then Solomon in humanity Remember Solomons prayer was for all of humanity even the Strangers that were NOT OF GODS PPL .Isaiah knew that Jesse/david n solomon had long beed dead but he uses them as symbolic of a kingdom coming last day
  • Alex
    O my God this Isaiah 11 is prophetic of the 2 nd coming,The Lord will set his hand AGAIN THE 2 ND time TO RECOVER the remnant of his ppl from All NATIONS.The 3 rd person is the great judge,he is describing these 3 men as a jesse david and solomon type of heavenly Kingdom.jesse david and solomon had long been dead but he is using them as symbolic language for a Davidic kingdom coming,ALL THE animals are humanity th lil Child that leads them is th H.G. That Jesus said wd lead you into all truth, the weaned child and the sucking child are th children of promise that is gona be born in us th H.G. via th seed of Christ the Word unless you receive the kingdom as a lil child etc the new
  • Obbie Beal
    Above we learn Jehovah GOD continue HIS work among mankind, building when HE desire, and casting down when HE desire. Showing mercy where HE desire and executing HIS wrath where HE desire. Nevertheless in the above we learn there is a REMNANT chosen by GOD for GOD. 2020 and being this late in the game of life I shall TRUST in John 3:16 - 21.
  • Rosanna
    Why were there so many paintings of the Lion laying down with the Lamb. Song, Peace in the valley, this has been changed, and more, some see and some don't, why I don't know.
  • Stanjett
    You all are remembering a famous picture by a famous artist which painting showed a loin and a lamb. It was always and still is a wolf shall lay down with a lamb. The devil can do many things but he can't change Gods word.
  • Rosanna Jackson
    Stanjett, I said 11:6reads The wolf shall dwell with the Lamb, not what you said, as I have told the rest of you, I was a Sunday school teacher, years back, I know what it said, Just like Moses wrote on tablets not tables, there are modern day language in my old KJV BIBLE, WAS NOT THERE BEFORE! I am totally blown away at all of this, you would have to see it, your mind would not believe it either
  • Rosanna
    I searched those paintings back to 1800s. There are so many other's. Moses did not come down with 10 COMMANDMENTS, written on tables, we all know better than that. In Luke , the theives beside Jesus , were never called malefactors, and we ALL KNOW THAT TOO. There is so much word changes and repeats, you or no one else can explain it. The way it is.
  • Adam
    Moses wrote 10 commandments on tablets tables of stone because the Bible says he did. Exodus 34:1
  • Roanna
    The Bible is leaving out tablets and saying tables, instead of tablets. I Amos 68 years old , have studied the KJV , all thru the years, not read, studied, never said tables, now it is multiplied. That's what I am trying to get across. What you just sent me has never been worded like that or in the KJV, read the same Bible since 1971.
  • Lisa M
    You are correct Rosanna Jackson, the bible is changing. It did say Lion and has been changed to Wolf. There are many changes. Revelation 22:18-19. Many will say but God would not allow the word to be changed. Well the very fact that He put that in Revelation 22:18-19 tells us the Word will change and look what is going to happen to the ones that change it. Very sad indeed. Stay strong in the Lord. The devil is full of deceit and is deceiving many followers of Christ.
  • Adam
    What changes? What Bible? If you're assuming the King James Bible meaning has changed that is false and easily disproven. Link It's always said the same wolf, leopard, lion in verse 6. The meaning of the KJV Bible has been preserved and is easy to see, because the original 1611 A.D. translation is also on this website, so someone has the entire 400+ year span to easily compare to. Did you even look up this verse before you decided to criticize it publicly? Let's just deal with the truth and facts. Satan wants to deceive people into distrusting the Bible and he loves using people to spread his lies.
  • David Orren
    Does it matter? The bible was put together on the initiative of the Roman Emperor as a founding story to unite the tribes of Europe in acceptance of their rule. Its got some useful metaphors and can be used to educate children in some useful moral codes, but needs to be used carefully by adults or their children may grow up believing it literally.
  • Bob Hilt
    Greeks gave us the new testament Bible, not rome. Rome often killed those who tried to have the scriptures in their own language. David Orren you do not know what you are writing about. The new testament was written in Greek, not Latin.
    Do the names of william tyndale, and John Huss ring a bell.
  • David Orren
    The Roman Emperor Constantine reinvented Christianity in order to save the Roman Empire form hostile tribes. His idea was to create a unifying religion and he saw Christianity as that religion that he could identify with. It was under Constantine that the testaments were selected and the history of Jesus was rewritten. They scrubbed out most of the testaments which conflicted with the story they wanted to portray. What we call the 'word of God' is in fact the result of realpolitik by Rome to save itself from disintegration. It is even doubtful if Constantine truthfully converted. As Christianity turned into an institution the church repressed anyone who questioned its contents, killing any one who translated it to mean something different. What eventually got translated into the KJB is just what the Roman Emperor decided was OK to write about. We do not have easy access to the much greater amount of remaining material on the real life of Jesus which is locked up in the Vatican vaults.
  • Chris
    David, there are some truths in what you share, but looking at it fully, it seems to smack of "The Da Vinci Code": The fundamental irony of Christianity! The Bible as we know it today, was collated by the pagan Roman Emperor Constantine the Great". Constantine, of doubtful conversion, did not reform or collate the Bible. In 306 AD, he became ruler of the Roman Empire. In 325 AD, he called for the Council of Nicaea: the first general conference of the 'Christian Church'. He had nothing to do in forming the Canon, nor did the Council refer to it. The Council formed decisions about the Canon in 397 AD in Carthage: 60 yrs after Constantine's death (274-337 AD). Important to note that 21 Books of the Bible were acknowledged by Christians long before Constantine. Yes, he did have some impact on Christianity, but when Christianity veered off course (as from the early days & look at the sects/splits we have), then this is not the pure religion of God, of His Christ & apostolic teaching.
  • David Orren
    There were many religions and variations on Christianity at that time. The Roman Empire needed an overarching religion that could integrate non-Roman people under a single creed. Christianity is the religion THEY selected. But Christianity had multiple variants and to be credible as a single creed, it needed to be 'streamlined'. That is why PEOPLE from multiple parts of the empire were selected and assembled to sift through and agree which parts of which texts would form the basis of the Christianity. IE, the Roman Empire organised the crafting of the bible deciding which texts were to be included for its own purpose. With much argument and debate, and repression of opposing points of view, the killing by the Church of many who were guardians of texts that had not been included. The KJV Bible is a translation of the documents carefully selected by that same Church under the political leadership of the Roman Empire. This is well-established by historians who do not dispute this.
  • Bob Hilt
    Orren all I know is the Greek church would disagree with you since they gave us the Bible, not rome.

    Rome and the unbelieving Jews tried to wipe out the church. The new testament was written in Greek, not Latin the language of the Roman empire. Since you want to believe Rome was more powerful than the Lord of Israel who was unable to keep his words pure, well that is up to you. Constantine is a nobody compared to the God of Abraham. I believe the Lord kept his words pure and you believe a roman emperor overpowered the Lord and corrupted the Bible. Even the unbelieving Jews admit Jesus existed and performed miracles.
  • David Orren
    I am not saying that Rome corrupted the bible. I am saying that the early Church was purposefully COMPILED under the stewardship of the Roman Empire out of fragmented factions from all around the Mediterannean, including what is now Turkey. So, the Roman Empire LED the compiling of the bible that is the KJV Bible today. They did this to create a single Church which would support the legitimacy and continued rule of the Roman Empire. And they killed a lot of people who wanted to preserve the many testaments they chose to exclude. The KJV bible we read today is the product of the political leadership of the Roman Empire. That is generally how religions are formed. By political leaders who need populations to submit to their rule. We can learn from this and ask ourselves questions about how we lead our lives, and how we treat each other, which is what I think Jesus was prompting us to do.
  • Patsy
    my bible reads like this: Hew thee two tables of stone like unto the first: and I will write upon these "tables" the words that were in the first tables, which thou brakest." It is truly a trick of Satan to get the saints debating over the word using all of these translations and interpretations of the Bible. It is to bring confusion and distrust in read to the word. Stick with the KJV original. and stay FREE. I don't even rely totally on the electronic bibles when studying. We have to humble enough to research to make sure we are reading correctly and reading from a valid source. God Bless us all.
  • Rosanna Jackson
    All I can tell you, is, my Bible is an Autorized KJV,,Thomas Nelson, and you would have to see it , and it is still hard to believe, when you have hundreds of new words from our time in it! I do not have a new version! Best thing for me to do is to take my Bible and show it to several Pastors, cause they will not be able to explain what thekr seeing, either.
  • Adam
    The KJV has been consistent on this word for 400 years since it's first printing. This is easily proven by reading the original text yourself available now or find any year in between at a library and compare. If your memory is perfect and you read a different word then it wasn't a KJV. You are welcome to try to prove this wrong by checking any one of billions of kjv copies. God bless...
  • Rosanna Jackson
    The kjv 1973 printed bible has changed, believe it or not, you would have to see my bible for yourself. new words, spaces between words in sentences, emojis, it is unbelievable!
  • Adam
    Your KJV Bible has emojis? Most of us have read KJVs for years and have never heard of that. Are you sure it's a KJV and who is the publisher? If you found a Bible with emojis somewhere are you assuming that all KJVs in the world are suddenly that way?
  • Rosanna Jackson
    First of all, the devil isn't fooling me, Patsy, I have studied out of the same KJV Thomas Nelson, Authorized Version, again , since early 1970s, taught Sunday school, my eyes see very well, my Bible says tablets, that's all I can tell you, but there areMANY WORDS FROM OUR MODERN LANGUAGE NOW IN IT THAT SHOULD NOT BE. 128591
  • Lisa M
    Of course I looked at the verse before commenting on it. We are talking about supernatural changes to the Bible. Look it up and see for yourself. Here is one: Mark 2:22. Wine skins has been changed to bottles. New wine bursts old wine skins, not bottles.
  • Adam
    Who told you this was changed? Did you conclude this from your own research or did someone tell you this and just assume it's true? This is false and is proven in seconds by looking at the original 1611 published copy here: Link - notice it says 'bottles' just as the KJV has always said for 400 years. Other translations use the word wine skins, not KJV. It never has, so to claim otherwise is false. Is this the only verse evidence you have to support your assumption? Please compare all verses to the original 1611 AD first to see for yourself before posting such assumptions.

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