Isaiah 64:8 Inspirational Image

Isaiah 64:8 Inspirational Image

"But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand."
Isaiah 64:8 (KJV)

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"I'm just a handful of clay, the potter found along the way! I thank you Dear Lord for saving my soul, so I can make heaven my home,to live eternally with you forever!!!"
"I want to be just like you lord ."
"BUGTONG at BUHAY na DIYOS ng mga diyos PANGINOONG JESUKRISTO, PINAKADAKILANG DIYOS, pag- ibig at kapangyarihan ang dala MO sa IYONG bayan, kaya naman kami ngayo'y tanggapin MO sa IYONG paanan."
"Even a cracked vessel can be used and light can be shown through the cracks."
"He's still workin on me to make me what I ought to be."
"I love how the Word speaks to me..I have been struggling with something that I could not understand.. this verse, at this moment, spoke volumes to me...Thank you for your ministry.."
"Amen...Shape and mold me Lord to thy will..."
"As 4 me i shall see thy face ,face to face when i am awake ."
"God pls forgive me if i have sinned against u father"
"Help me not to fraustrate grace."
"I am the clay and YOU are my p0tter oh LORD. .THANK YOU. .<3"
"I am the clay u r the potter mold me according to ur desire. make something out of my nothing life in Jesus name amen"
"I glad you are working on me"
"It is better to crack and break in the hands of the potter, for He can and will make the best of what He needs you to be."
"Its true. Lord just make me what you want me to be."
"Make me carlos james and mold me after thy will o lord my saviour and redeemer"
"My life is not my own, to u i belong ,i give my life to you lord"
"The Potter's Touch...Always there to shape us up to what we should be in Life"
"U gave me life & cause 2 live it happy. To me Lord, ur words are YES & AMEN!!"
"Yes Lord ,mould us to your liking."
"You know how a potter smacks the clay to get it right,,well today I need a lot of smacking. Right on the mouth!!!!"
"---" A M E N ---""
"?Amen ?"
"All god i cn nt campare maself 2U bez u ar great md might i ask dat u renew ma life AMEN"
"Amen Lord mould me and shape.. il do what I can for u ??"
"Amen! O Lord"
"Amen*!*** <3 Amen*!*** <3"
"God who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it."
"His ways are perfect!"
"I pray O Lord that I may stay in your hands."
"I wonder which vessel am"
"It is in you Lord we places our trust make us into how you have us to be! Always Love"
"Jesus...mold me and make me into thy will!!!"
"Keep working with me, Lord. Don't give up on me. I do not want to end up in the potter's field. I want to be of use and value to you, Lord Jesus Christ."
"May He mold us every day .......praying"
"Mold me and make me oh lord thou are the potter and i am the clay"
"Mold me and shape me into the woman you want me to be."
"Mold me Lord..."
"Mould all of us to your ways..."
"My redeemer ,Jesus Christ, is my maker . If you need more informations about me check Holy Bible as authentic manual or go to my manufacturer , his name is Jesus Christ ."
"Smack me right on the mouth too LORD PLIZ"
"Thank you Lord.Without YOU i am nothing.Let your will be done in my life.AMEN!"
"This has always been one of my favorite verses...I love the analogy!!"
"Why did you not captalize Father? He is The High athourity."
"Wow yesssssssss amennnnnnnnnnnnnn its very if we understanding in it, Amen hallelujah!!!!!!!!! praise the Lord who can destroy who can give life"
"Yes *I AM*"


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