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8/08/2015, 8:32am by "MockingBird": As the clay : Has no will of it's own : I do So as I submit my will into His will and allow my Lord God to mold me into a vessel fit for His use. Sometimes those lumps hurt when He molds them out of me : But : OH !!! The joy and peace afterwards :

8/08/2015, 2:37am by "trinity adwoa kwofie": He created us, so in any situation that we find ourselves we must remember that our creator will be able to create a good a way for us, as he was able to use the clay which is the ground that we walk for it to become a living being so is he able to make all things possible

5/11/2014, 4:57am by "MockingBird": God is the potter If I allow Him to make the necessary changes in my heart I will have a peace able and prosperous life. We prosper not as the world prospers but in the way God prospers. We are more rich than the world. I am His workmanship created in Christ Jesus.

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