Isaiah 41:10 Inspirational Image

Isaiah 41:10 Inspirational Image

"Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness."
Isaiah 41:10 (KJV)

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"Thank God for His blessed assurance that He will NEVER leave us, nor forsake us!!!"
"This verse is engraved in Hebrew on a ring I bought when I was in Israel! I chose this verse to be engraved in it. <3"
"Praise Him on the celebration eve of His celebrated birth. I'm glad to be part of the Christ in Christmas. And when my fellow mankind takes time out of their lives to celebrate His life. Thank you Jesus. Amen."
"Hold me God."
"I thank you LORD for your strong right hand,I thank you for your protection and many blessings!!!"
"Amen, I needed that. Thank you lord."
"This is the scripture my pastors wife years ago Delores Benner gave me when I was going in for cancer surgery."
"My wife had a brain aneurysm on Friday and on Saturday morning my Daily Bible app sent this verse to my phone and now the King James Bible page that I "liked" here on Facebook sends it to me. Oh Lord I praise you and thank you with everything my soul has. In Jesus name, Amen!"
"Hi, I'm a christian and if you're a christian too, I would be very honored to be your friend on facebook, Please send me a friendship request and we can share christian quotes and bible verses with each other, May God bless you and give you more faith,hope,joy,knowledge,wisdom,grace and favor today. Merry Christmas everyone. :)"
"Let not your heart be troubled nor let it be afraid Amen!"
"Thank you God."
"Thank you Lord thank you J'esus Amen..."
"This held me together when I was falling apart!!"
"This Scripture has brought me through many a rough time!!"
"Yes very Real TRUTHFUL Written Words. For my OneHeart and my OneSoul and my OneMind Been There. Mahalo My and Our Precious Blessed Sweet Lord JESUS CHRIST and My Father GOD."
"......I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee;......... Wow! Thank u Lord."
"Amen! Thank you for reminding me heavenly father!!"
"AMEN!!!! C :)"
"Call on Jesus 24/7. He wants to here from You. He Loves you like no other can."
"God does not and can not lie. This is the true word of God Almighty from King James Bible so you know it is his words. Thank You God for loving us and sending your Son so that we have the chance for eternal life in Heaven. Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and start the New Year in His loving embrace."
"God is great and loves us unconditionally!!"
"If you got almighty God you shouldn't fear nothing in this sinful world. For he said he will be with you try him and see."
"I'm glad my god is real and not just some fake idol I pray to for self improvement . Make my way lord and show u are the king"
"Thanks god for speaking to me"
"Thankyou Lord"
"This is a verse to start a day with, may God bless us all today."
"A warmth sunshine and blessed sunrise to my family and also to all my Bro.& Sister in Jesus name... This verse reminds me of my firstlove. She is SOMEONE who open up my mind about God,loves, care,and teaches me the word of God and who lighten up my darkest way and touches my heart to know the meaning of love and the love of God. The one I love who gives meaning to my life in my teenage years in Hillside View College.....Im grateful and my heartfelt thanks to you for the sweet and loveliest memories in my entire life..."
"AMEN don't need a watered down version to undwestand those verses PEAISE GOD FOR THE OLD KJV"
"Amen god I know you never leave us alone."
"Amen god walks with me every day"
"Amen n Amen. Powerful is our Lord. .. Thank you Jesus!!!!!"
"Amen, thnx for be inspiratiol. please people pray for me, because i discovered that i have a gift and i want to use it, i do use it every day, but sometimes satan comes in the way and i often loose focus. my gift is preaching the of God."
"Amen,thank u lord 4 ur promises"
"Amen. Because the lord has said this, it is manifesting."
"AMEN. One of my favorite verses"
"Amen...Truely you are a faithful God..Be thou exalted foreva"
"At my sons furinal these verses come to my mind in may 2012 thank god for jesus"
"Beautiful ,"
"Can not help to be dismayed, Please Help me GOD, and protect my fam and all of US!!"
"God has certainly heard my prayers, and answered through this scripture."
"Good timing for U.S. As we see the time approaching we are not to be troubled. Look up for our redemption draweth nigh! :)"
"I like this. This was a really a blessing to me tonight. It has been a rough night; have had to take two different pain medications. The one I just took should knock me out. I have a real bad tooth or I should say part of a tooth that was under a crown that broke off about a year ago. Didn't have dental insurance so I kept putting it off;not a good idea at all."
"I love this Scriptue, the Lord is always there to encourage you."
"I needed to hear this today."
"I neexed that"
"I was trying to say this verse got me thru a lot of tough times! Praise The Lord!"
"In troubled waters i kep my eyes on You!"
"Isaiah 41:10... What an encouragement!"
"Joshua 1:9 "have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; Be not afraid; neither be thou dismayed; for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.""
"Lord, I Thank You. I really need you now!"
"My Lord God in heaven is faithfull."
"None of thy wordwl go back to u void. Amen"
"Please God heal my baby Ezcema . Amen."
"Praise You Father in Heaven."
"So be it. God's word is enough for me. Halleluiah."
"Thank God who create nd protects the work of His hands. He is so gracious"
"Thank you Father. For ur promises are yes and amen."
"Thank you Heavenly Father!!!!"
"Thank you Jesus Christ."
"Thank you Jesus. Amen"
"Thank You Lord for upholding and strengthening me, my family and friends."
"Thank you Lord God that You are with me all the time"
"Thank You LORD you alone knew exactly what I needed to hear today."
"Thank you my Lord and Saviour!"
"That is awesome of you Lord. Thank you Lord for being here with me everyday of my life."
"The Wicked flee where no man pursueth but the righteous are as bold as a lion."
"This see got me thru a lot of tough times! Praise God!"
"This would be a great scripture song. I have a melody starting in my head . :)"
"What's that saying we all use without really understanding...THANK GOD"
"Wow, this is MY Favorite verse! Amen!"
" Let your conversation be without covetousness, and be content with such a things as ye have, for He hath said; 'I will never leave thee nor forsake thee'. HEBREWS 13:5"
"(Isa 41:10 NKJV) "Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.'""
"A beautiful promise. thx U Jesus"
"A verse I have wrote down as a favorite"
"Aleluaaa!glory to our God"
"All I needed 2 hear."
"Almost forgot pastor cliff, is doing a lot better. he can hardly waiat to up and well and back behind tat pulpit on Sunday. Thanks for all of the prayers."
"Amen and Amen! My job actually prohibited me from saying ANYTHING about religion. I was told not to display anything on social media sites showing religious symbols or scriptures. Forgive me, Lord, for listening to "them." If it means losing my job, fine. I will NOT ever turn my back on my Lord and Savior. If I have to choose between my job or you, Lord, then I CHOOSE YOU! THANK YOU, JESUS, FOR DYING FOR MY SALVATION. Thank you, David, for sharing this. May God bless you! I will put this on MY page. ::-)"
"Amen and thank you for a bless day to be here."
"Amen dts my portion"
"Amen Lord! Thank You for alesys being right here with us!"
"Amen Thank You. Jesus! !!"
"Amen you can seeing the light Thank you Lord .."
"Amen! I held this verse close to my heart for a long time."
"Amen, God bless and keep America."
"Amen, I claimed it in Jesus name"
"Amen, in Jesus' name."
"Amen, Thanking you Lord for your love and many blessings!"
"Amen, ? must overcome d world bcus U????? r wt me (Jesus)."
"Amen,!praise da lord!!"
"Amen,,praise b 2 God..Love u Lord Jesus Christ."
"Amen,one of my favorite verses as well..."
"Amen. I needed this"
"Amen.. Thank You Lord.."
"Amen..... thankyou lord for your wonderful promises to us......"
"Amen...prais God"
"And God said,"Let there be light.""
"But why christians always fear the devil worshipers? Amen."
"Father I come before you to say thank you for everything, and things which are too come."
"For me and my family - all of us! I receive in Jesus' name."
"Gary Morris this pretty much says it all. Love ya."
"Glory Be To God..."
"Glory be to The Lord our God!"
"God does not break His promises. If He says it, He will do it. Just accept it! Thank You Lord. You are Awesome!!!!"
"God is awesome God He loves us no matter. What we do"
"God will, Amen!!!"
"He is my GOD my LORD!"
"He will neve leave you or forsake you ,Amen"
"I have this verse printed in a nice font with a beautiful border on it, framed & hanging on my wall. Love it !!"
"I Love this ??"
"I love this. I think the Lord is holding me, especially today."
"I luv u lord cz u wnt leav m alone thnk u lord"
"I really needed to read this today. Beautiful! !"
"I so needed that today, thank you!"
"I so needed to see this esprcially today thank you"
"I wrote this verse down and stuck it in my pocket and take it to work with me."
"I,m fear but u never give me fear life never but i.m still with you.."
"If God is God (and He is), then everything is going to be alright for His elect ! We can truly hang our hats on Romans 8:28 (KJV)"
"If I had to pick a favorite promise I would have to pick this one. The assurance that God is with me, the encouragement to not be dismayed, the promise of help, strength and courage."
"Isaiah 41:10 don't forget it. Hang in there"
"Isaiah Chapter 41 is one of my favorite chapters of the Bible! What a great promises of God to His obedient and humble children! Thank You, Lord!"
"Isnt he awesome!!!"
"It's the only one for me'"
"John 3:16 Part time work Full time pay! Message me for details!"
"Just trust GOD!!!"
"Just what I needed to be reminded of tonight. It takes away all my stress."
"Lord u are so God....."
"Love has found its way n me again."
"Love this, n claim this ;)"
"Memorized this verse years ago. He is always faithful!"
"My favorite verse (well, among so many more of God's promises)"
"My favorite verse!!!!!!!"
"My God is a promise keeper!"
"My God is faithfull. God is God."
"My life's verses are Is. 41:13-15"
"Need to read over and over again!! <3"
"Oh what a wonderful promise from GOD."
"One of my all time favorites The whole chapter is good. I went back and read it when I seen this and I needed very much right now."
"One of my most favorite scriptures"
"One of the 5 major prophets in the old testaments"
"Please Lord, I am so deeply soory & afraid for my sins. Hold me Lord in your arms. Send me your peace which surpasses all understanding, for I LOVE & TRUST in YOU with all that is in me. Give me STRENGTH & HOPE. In Jesus Holy name, AMEN."
"Praise be to Jesus , thank u 4 all my Blessings H eavenl Father"
"Praise Lord God Amen"
"Question who history records is the bible..."
"Remember FEAR IS - False, Evidence, Appearing, 2b, Real, it's a Lie!"
"Shiela Delfin Diola; Take care"
"So true!God knows always our heart & ready to save us..amen!"
"Thank u 4 ur promise my heavenly FATHER"
"Thank you Farther"
"Thank you Father Amen"
"Thank You Father! Amen!"
"Thank you GOD thank you JESUS in JESUS NAME Amen Amen Amen"
"Thank You God that I can trust You to strengthen, help and uphold me with your righteousness."
"Thank you Jesus for always being with me"
"Thank you Jesus for speking to me i needed this help me to keep my eyes on you and in your worded"
"Thank you JESUS I really needed this verse today. I'been feeling like my backs up against the wall!!!"
"Thank you Jesus, thank Jesus!"
"Thank you Jesus. I love you!"
"Thank you Lord for always being with me! :)"
"Thank you Lord for your loving Grace"
"Thank you Lord!!! I shall not be moved!!!"
"Thank you lord, for speaking your word to me tonight !"
"Thank you lord. <3"
"Thank you so much for posting that it really ministered to my heart."
"Thank you, Lord Jesus, for I claim this promise!"
"Thank you, Lord; I really needed that reminder on today!"
"Thank You,LORD!Amen!!"
"Thank you. JESUS."
"Thanks God for keeping is promise over me nd my family."
"That is one of my favoritr scriptures. God gave me that in one of my most trying times. ty"
"The 1611 KJV Ahh,Gods word as He spoke it!"
"The biggest and best assurance anyone could ever give you!. Our LORD AND SAVIOUR"
"The great I AM is in there and I WILL 3 times...a wonderful promise from God."
"The ONLY way to be acceptable to God is to be found in Christ!"
"This my Favorite verse... in the hands of God... Rest for the Restless, Hope the Weary and the sinner"
"This verse continues to bring me to tears knowing God has never left me, considering the numerous times I abandoned him. He is there all the time! I love thee oh Lord and look forward to being in your presence! I'a Vi'ia Ou lea Tua!! Amene!!"
"This was the scripture that got me thru when I had the cancer and other problems. Earl read it to me every day. God sure knows what we need and when we need it. Thanks.Lol"
"Thnk u Lord,u r faithful indeed..."
"Tjis is what I want to hear from the Lord right nw.Thank u Lord for giving me strength."
"??????????????ks! B ???? D@ name of D@ lord"
"With u o Lord on my side i shall never be discourage. Tank u lord for all ur promises."
"YEAH!!! I like this!!!"
"Yeah, Lord is faith to his word."


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