Hosea Chapter 7 Discussion

  • Ann on Hosea 7 - 6 years ago
    When man is in sin, he is of no use to God. Sin stinks in God's nostrils. Shall we continue in sin, God forbid.
  • A disciple on Hosea 7 - 6 years ago
    "They return, but not to the most High: they are like a deceitful bow: their princes shall fall by the sword for the rage of their tongue: this shall be their derision in the land of Egypt." So much painstaking labor and care has gone into preparing for a good and solid foundation in Christ, and building it up with skill and understanding! Why then, at the day we're in, is so little fruit showing?
  • Erna on Hosea 7 - 10 years ago
    I think that Israel had turned their backs on God and only seek him when they were in trouble and needed Him, and even then their cry for help did not come from their hearts, it was superficial. However, God was still there waiting on them to turn back to Him.
  • Timothy Wayne George on Hosea 7 - 11 years ago
    Israel has committed sin, and God has not healed them. The thief cometh in, and the robbers spoileth without. God has said because of this he will remember all their iniquity. What a judgement, and they made their king happy with their wickedness. Also the princes with their lies. Pride testified to their face, and yet they did not return to the Lord. In the day of our king, the princes made him sick with bottles of wine. Ephraim is like a cake that is not turned. God is still patient with them, and giving them time to repent. Instead the acted like a silly dove, by calling to Egypt, and going to Assyria. It should be certain to them that only the Lord can help them now. Jesus said the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Yet only Jesus can give life more abundantly. God wants us to learn from the mistakes that they committed by not doing the same thing, and bringing the judgement upon us. There must be a turning to God before the day of the Lord comes upon the whole world as a thief in the night.

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